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Britney "Frantic" Over Sister's Baby News

12/18/2007 11:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A source close to Britney Spears tells TMZ that the popwreck is "frantic" over the news that her baby sister, 16-year-old Jamie Lynn, is pregnant.

We're told that before the news hit today, Britney was not aware of her little sis' bun in the oven. Oops ... a Spears did it again.

Recently, Britney was estranged from her mother Lynne, but has spent time with Jamie Lynn. TMZ cameras caught the younger Spears defending her older sister against an angry neighbor last October. Those hormones are a bitch!

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either the whole brit debacle is a massisive genius pr campaign or the woman is a car crash waiting to happen the jury is still out on that one.. first off, she releases a single with the lyrics..gimme gimme gimme and its a hit??????? she gets more press and column inches than any public relations outfit can buy beg or steal from the media outlets all over the world. she loses custody of her sons and she still keeps going ??? now, her sister comes from out the woodwork and steals her thunder by getting herself knocked up thus upping her own media profile a thousand percent and making mucho dinero into the bargain..!!its amazing but brit brit is making more moolah being the bad sad show your punana girl thn when she was miss disney, clean as a whistle cutiepie america back in the late 90's. lesson: mothers stop pimping your kids to showbusinazzz!! this is what you get, stupid girls come to life...

2496 days ago


and for all you deadheads who think being pregnant at 16 is no great shakes as you where in that condition blah blah blah, well, here;s the thing.. you are not public figures and kids dont look up to you. at least brit brit got married before she got knocked up unlike her sister who all of a sudden went all ghetto on the public with this bit of nonsense. she is no example to anyone and considering she earns her living portraying innocent childhood on zoey 101, its a bit rich... its not normal to even consider an adult sexual life at 16 let alone motherhood . she is fortunate in that money is not her problem,she will have the care and attention that her mother and money can buy but, its ridiculous, the message will go out to young girls that its okay to go get yourself preggers at this tender age.. i know a lot of you will say so what.? girls are more mature body, but not in mind.. at least the father is there, so that makes it less ghetto .hopefully he will stand by her and not abandon the child..
what a terrible example to set for the youth of today.

2496 days ago


Well at least britney was married the first time she got pregnant and jamie lynn well thats no one's fault but her own and now she'll be dealing with that the next 18yrs +...people make poor choices but who are we to think these are our role models..I certainly grew up during the mickey mouse years and never looked up to anyone...First of all nobody should look up to celebrity's, socialites, or whatever else as role-models

2494 days ago


Hey #152 aka beefcakes???? remember me? U R messed up!!! Hanna Montana will prosper and she wont get preggs!!! But I know in my opinions that Heroes cheerleader could be next on the preggers list at a 85% chance!!!

P.S: LC(Lauren Conrad) is hot!!!! Go Patriots Beat Team LiLo!!!!

Patriotfan1237 (*Tom Brady #12 QB, *Rodney Harrison #37 SS) *my fave stars!!!

2494 days ago


I think if Briny want to help take care of Jamie's baby then she needs to get her act to gether that means with her kids her job.

2483 days ago


I cant bleave it

2482 days ago


I hope she can find the energy to get out to The Four Seasons and score some coke.

2500 days ago


Maybe she will be the God mother!?

2500 days ago

stay away    

the spears clan is now in the running with the lohan clan for most retarded family ever

2500 days ago



2500 days ago

Susan GK    

GOD!!! why?!

2500 days ago

Sick of It All    

Stick a fork in them................they be DONE

2500 days ago


The only way this story could get better is if K-Fed was the baby daddy....

2500 days ago

Julie G.    

#1, she probably will so, Fibiker!

2500 days ago

Susan GK    

i thought she was a role model but i guess she doesn't care. poor little girls that looked up to her.

2500 days ago
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