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16-Year-Old Jamie Lynn Spears Is Pregnant

12/18/2007 9:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jamie Lynn Spears, 16, has confirmed to OK! Magazine that she is pregnant. Oh. My. God.
Jamie Lynn
A source tells us the interview, which hits stands tomorrow, is six pages and is on the record with Jamie Lynn and her mother. She tells the mag that the father is Casey Aldridge, who she has been dating for some time and first met at church. Brit's younger sister, star of Nick's "Zoey 101," says she's keeping the baby.

Sources tell us that she has not yet told her older sister. Well, she knows now.

UPDATE: Nickelodeon issued the following statement this afternoon: "We respect Jamie Lynn's decision to take responsibility in this sensitive and personal situation. We know this is a very difficult time for her and her family, and our primary concern right now is for Jamie Lynn's well being."


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Kay R F    

Yes this is a sad situation. But I believe this is Jamie Lynn's discision. I'm nearly 19 years old and still watch 'Zoey101' and will honestly admit that during my boy band phase Brittany was a favorite of mine. However, Jamie-Lynn is not Brit!

She's human and like all of us - prone to mistakes. I respect that she is rsponsible enough to decide to keep this baby. At 16 she is too young. But this is life, not some magic storybook where all children are innocent until the veil is 'lifted' at the 'grown-up' age of 18.

But I'd love to see your reaction if Jamie-Lynn's dicision was to abort!!

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2462 days ago

sam frost    

Everyone thinks this is shocking, it is not. The only thing that the spears family could do to shock us is go to college

2462 days ago


I think she had a responsibility to all the young girls who watch her show and look up to her. She knew she was idolized by all those young ones and should of took it seriously. I had to explain the situation to my 9 year old who heard it in school. She should of had better judgement. no 15 year old is mature enough to be having sex. She had ruined her career as a respectible young women. Zoey 101 won't be on much longer thats for sure. I know lots of parents who won't let their girls watch anymore. Lets just hope she can be a better parent than her sister and show the world one Spears sister takes responsibility for her actions in a mature manner.

2461 days ago


way 2 go jamie u got knock up big stupid dumb ass whore...u will turn out jus like ya sista ya dumb ass

2461 days ago

john poore    

jamie why would you do that if you know it is wrong?

2461 days ago


I agree with many of you that some of the negative, anti-Jamie comments are excessive and unnecessary. There is a reason for such outrage and indignation, although perhaps it could be more eloquently vocalized.

I disagree with many of you however, who believe that this is 'no one's business'. This is a high profile case, out there in the full public view. As such, it will set a legal precident either for or against the 'age of consent' laws. If the legal system determines this to be a legal pregnancy instead of a case of statutory rape, they will certainly let the public know by their action or inaction against the father of Jamie's baby. Of course, their decision will create dire social consequenses, one way or another, and this is what the real argument is all about.

Many of you seem to think that Jamie Lynn's pregnancy will NOT effect this country. Perhaps you aren't old enough to remember the 80's. Who was Big Sis Britney's BIGGEST idol? Madonna. That explains a LOT right there. Britney is obviously taking up the cause of her 'former mentor'. In the 80's, Madonna told the impressionable female youth of this country to be whores. That resulted in a major increase in teen pregnancies. How many of those teen pregnancies were a direct result of Madonna's actions? Probably not all of them, but all of them can be attributed to the relaxed social standards that Madonna promoted. Not too many, if any, teen girls followed Madonna's lead and tried to sleep with an entire professional basketball team (Chicago). But it did infiltrate their sub-psychie enough that there WAS a tremendous leap in teen pregnancies.

Jamie's pregnancy and high profile WILL cause still more teen pregnancies. The only real argument, one that can never be answered, is just how many of those future teen pregnancies will be a direct result of Jamie's current actions.

Some of you seem 'shocked' that a 15-16 year old girl was allowed to have a live-in boyfriend. I'm not shocked by it. I live in an inner city in this county. I know the results of the relaxed morality this country has gone through over the past generation or so. I know of 5 situations where under-aged girls had live-inboyfriends. Here are some interesting facts about those events. Not one of the 5 'couples' are still together today. Only 2 of the 5 resulted in teen pregnancies. And both of those babies were born into the welfare system, with just a little additional support from grandparents.

Want some more interesting facts, based upon my inner city observations? Every inner city girl I've met and gotten to know has told the same basic story. They all started having sex BEFORE the age of 16. In more than half of the first-time stories told by these girls, their first sexual experience was an outright act of rape. The rest of the first-time stories were all stories of statutory rape, where the male was at least 19 or older. Of every woman I've met from the inner city under the age of 30, I can say that they were all infected with HPV, Human Pappiloma Virus (sp?), BEFORE they even reached the 'age of consent'. HPV is an STD. It's not the worst one, and it's impossible to tell which guy is contaminated and spreading it, it can only be detected in infected women. HPV doesn't even cause any serious problems immediately, but it is a leading cause of cancer in women when they get older. This isn't to say that 'all American women under the age of 30 are contaminated with HPV', but it is an epidemic. To quote Billy Idol, "there's nothing pure in this world."

Is this story "anyone's business"? To those who say it isn't, tell that to all the guys who ARE sitting in jail for statutory rape. Hey, if it's okay for celebrities and other people, just because they can 'afford' the baby, well, you can't randomly apply a law to one group of people without enforcing the law fairly and equally. If one person gets away with it in the public eye, there are going to be a thousand or a hundred thousand more who feel that it's okay, and they WILL be trying to get away with it. As for the people currently imprisoned for statutory rape, people who will carry the label 'sex offender' with them for the rest of their lives, explain to them how it's fair that they're in jail being punished, while others are getting congratulated for the exact same behaviour.

There WAS a reason for the age of consent law. Teen girls are supposed to be using their teenaged years learning to tell guys 'no', learning that they are in fact allowed to say no without fearing violent repercussions. They are supposed to be learning about themselves and what they want in life, before they get a life they never wanted, against their will. Just as teenaged boys are supposed to be learning to accept the word 'no', and accept rejection. Teenaged boys are supposed to be learning to be self-sufficient

2461 days ago


Hey you're bit young but I think you could manage.People say that your family is disfunctional but I've seen worst so give her and her family a break!!!!!!Such perfect people out there!!!

2380 days ago


i have no faith in teen celebrities anymore!
i used to respect her!
so much for that idea!!!
again, OMIGOD!!!!

2461 days ago


get real. You guys act like she is the only 16 year old to get pregnant. I'd doubt that she's the first 16 y/o in Kentwood, LA to get pregnant.
And stop acting like it's her parents fault. At 16, could you date? How many of you guys had sex at 16?? She just made a mistake and is doing the right thing. If she had a abortion, what example who that have on young girls? Have fun, have sex and you can always kill it!! No problem.

A bunch of hypocrites.

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2461 days ago


first of i want 2 say congrats NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU A BIG WHORE LIKE UR SIS ONLYSHES HOT NOT YOUR A BITCH!!! want TO SLEEP WIT ME SLUT.

2422 days ago


Well at least Britney had kids at the RIGHT age....Jamie Lynn isn't a very good role model for young girls these days.....shes a skank and a b....well Im not gonna even say it...I DOUBT she'll even be a good mom. Who knows? In 17 years Jamie Lynn's child will get pregnant too 3 years Jamie Lynn and Casey Will divorce.....parents are supposed to care and nurture their child (ren) until they are 18, and Jamie lynn is 16....think about it>>>she is a kid having a kid. Doesn't that sound a little wrong to you? I think so. And if you think that there is nothing wrong with that, then there is something wrong with you.

2461 days ago


Casey here....stop bugging Jamie Lynn...its not nice and i don't respect that. I want to spend the rest of my life with her and that baby...:)

2461 days ago

Just another celebrety    

They all want to be in the spotlight and lets face it the spears should not be allowed ot have kids it will just produce more screwed up whores. I dunno thats my opinion

2380 days ago
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