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16-Year-Old Jamie Lynn Spears Is Pregnant

12/18/2007 9:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jamie Lynn Spears, 16, has confirmed to OK! Magazine that she is pregnant. Oh. My. God.
Jamie Lynn
A source tells us the interview, which hits stands tomorrow, is six pages and is on the record with Jamie Lynn and her mother. She tells the mag that the father is Casey Aldridge, who she has been dating for some time and first met at church. Brit's younger sister, star of Nick's "Zoey 101," says she's keeping the baby.

Sources tell us that she has not yet told her older sister. Well, she knows now.

UPDATE: Nickelodeon issued the following statement this afternoon: "We respect Jamie Lynn's decision to take responsibility in this sensitive and personal situation. We know this is a very difficult time for her and her family, and our primary concern right now is for Jamie Lynn's well being."


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just wondering    

Brian...ahhhh...she doesn't live in Hollywood...just sayin

2493 days ago


well...what c u say oher than i hope she is happy and is a good parent

2493 days ago


WOW Look at her boyfriend did he rape her or sumtin becus he looks way older than her and she looks like she is cryin ehind dat smile 2 Ha LOL a BALD JAMIE SPEARS THAT WILL BE FUNNY

2493 days ago

Matt Garden Plattsurgh NY    

Oh,how nice, she's being responsible and keeping the baby. When I was 16, the responsible thing to do was not be a whore. Thanks Jamie for being such a great role model for kids everywhere.

2455 days ago

Fred Spoons    

Those Spears girls should have been taught to keep their panties on, and knees together?

2493 days ago


she personally told youu she was on the pill? Do you like, know Jamie Lynn Spears? :)

2493 days ago


LOL!!! I knew someone had to be hittin' that.........

2493 days ago

Get Real People    

Okay guys. REALITY CHECK - 16 year old girls all over the United States are sexually active. Get used it. It's society and it sucks. If you don't like it, stop buying the tabloids, watching celebrity gossip crap and oh yeah... stop coming to TMZ. She didn't do anything different than 60 percent of 16 year olds in the US. Oh but she is keeping her baby. So why don't you try looking at that for a change. Instead of walking into an abortion clinic and 'taking care of it'... She's going to have the baby, risk her career, and take care of a child at her young age. This is a bad situation. Do you think JLS is at home saying 'wow being pregnant at 16 is cool. I rule' No. She knows that she screwed up and she's trying to do the right thing.

Also a lot of people on here who are so self righteous and want to claim how these girls should not be role models and trailer trash and calling names... go check on your 16 year olds. See what they are up to.

2493 days ago


I have a feeling that this little girl isnt pregnant. I just think that she is trying to get the publicity off of Britney so she is making this up. And if it is true wow her mom must be very proud!

2493 days ago


what a whore, I'm just wondering why her boyfried isn't in jail for statutory rape...he's what 17 or 18 and she's 16 didn't that used to be a crime what about the black kid who spent time in prison for a bj from his girlfriend. Looks like a double standard to me

2493 days ago


I've never really liked her, but thank God she is being a responsible adult and keeping the child. I respect her for the decision, for not making another mistake by aborting the child. The only reason ppl are making such a big deal about this is cuz she is famous. Tons of 16 year olds get pregnant all the time! My highschool had freshmen pregnant okay, so it happens all the time. So give her a brake, she's young. But she made the muture adult decision!! I comend her for that!

2492 days ago

katherine Lerz    

I don't believe that this is her fault.... i believe that its the publicity that she gets. All the stars have had something bad happen to them because of all the attention there getting. I do support that she not getting abortion and that she not raising the baby in L.A. Im also glad that she taking care of the baby and that her boyfriend is willing to do all he can to help take care of the child.

2492 days ago


jus because she made a mistake an got pregnant it dusnt make her mad or stupid. i think she is great and respect her for taking responsibility and keeping her child when i bet most girls in her position wudnt be so brave. also, 16 isnt really that young, when i was in scool there was a 14 year old who kept her baby. also her age won't determine whether she is a good or bad mother! u can hav amazing teen mothers jst like u can hav terrible mother who are older so leave jamie lynn alone!!!!!!!!!!

2492 days ago


Cut her a break guys. It coudvehappned to any of you!!! She doesn't need any more stress with people talking about her and her sitution, It must be terrifing enoug already for her. Anways, I too hope she learns fom Britney's mistakes and takes better care of her baby.

2492 days ago


also, just because someone makes the decision to have sex it does not make them a slut.
It is a natural part of life That is needed and is a natural instinct.
Don't be so immature and critical,
in other parts of the world, almost all people start their families beore 16

2492 days ago
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