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Jamie Lynn's Back-End Deal

12/19/2007 1:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Jamie Lynn Spears was not paid for this week's magazine interview ... yet. We're told the money will change hands down the road -- when the baby is born.
Lynne and Jamie Lynn
Just how did the deal go down? Rewind. Sources close to Britney's family tell TMZ it all started when Britney melted down on an OK! Magazine photo shoot. Britney's mom, Lynne, read the article (who didn't?!) and called OK! personally to thank them "for handling it so well." She stayed in touch with OK!, and called them this week when she learned that news of Jamie's pregnancy was about to break. Her only requirement? Keep Britney out of it. This is about Jamie Lynn. "She trusted them to do it in a way that would be sympathetic to her daughter," our source says.

We're told Jamie and mom did not want money, but OK! has agreed to pay $1 million to the younger Spears for a photo shoot when the child is born. Why so little when others have commanded several million? We're told it's because Jamie Lynn is not an international star and it's not worth it to the mag to pay big bucks for something they can't sell overseas.

Another interesting note: We hear Jamie is further along than the 12 weeks she says in the mag's article. Expect a spring baby.

(BTW: It appears that the OK! servers have crashed because of the site traffic.)


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Please, this young girl says she was surprised. I'm sure she is aware that having SEX can and will bring forth a life. What the hell was her mother thinking letting her live with this 18 y/o and didn't she think her daughter was having Sex. Suprise my Ass.

2466 days ago


I would have to say that Mamma Spears forgot to teach her children birth control! This family is the definition of WHITE TRASH!!!! The whole family should crawl back into the cave they came from!!! I have never seen such a screwed up family before! The money should be put into a college fund for the child and make sure he/she uses the money for education but knowing the Spears family it might be used for the child's rehab stint when she/he is 12!

2466 days ago

Stormy DOG    

This is Entirely Pathetic !!!
Jamie, I wish you the best Honey, Just "DON'T" follow in your sisters foot steps !!! Please !!

Your mother is a two bit Trailer tramp looking to gain from these pics as well as Brits B.S.
Guaranteed shes laughing ALL THE WAT TO THE BANK !!!!! (Think about this Darli'n) !!!!

Think TWICE and take care !! I wish Both You and the Baby a Good and Happy Life !!!

Don't lose your job Bebe... Your doing good , you made a mistake, The Good Lord WILL LOOK AFTER YOU IF YOU ASK !!!

2466 days ago


While this is very sad, I have to say that Spears should get a huge thumbs up for doing the stand up thing and having her baby. Knowing it would wreck her Disney image, she could've taken the easy way out and had an abortion. She chose to have the baby and I think that's comendable. That being said, where the heck was her mother?! Who lets teens so much freedom that they can hook uo?

2466 days ago


Leave it to trash magazines for the uneducated like this one to glamorize being irresponsible and in the case of Lynne inept parent.

2466 days ago


Most peoples outrage with the OK Magazine Cover/article isn't the actual pregnancy it's that she sold her story to OK Magazine. I hope the Spears family doen't try and act as if they want privacy for Jaime, or people to respect her, or even for people to feel sympathy for her...not after the sale of your pregnancy story to OK Magazine? Don't get me wrong, OK Magazine is not that bad, but isn't that what Britney and her family try and escape all the time the Paparazzi.....but you sale your story to a Magazine that use Paparazzi shots? This is a really tacky move on the part of the Spears family as a hole...pimpin out your daughters pregancy for money. SHAME ON YOU!

2466 days ago


One million? Whopee-that will be blown through in a year,paying her mortgage,mamas' mortgage,daddys' mortgage,brothers' mortgage, her cars,mamas' cars,daddys' cars,brothers' cars. For all the star-struck uninformed that have posted,'She's worth ZILLIONS!!'-if that were accurate,why would she & her disgusting mother be pimping out the baby already? Perhaps their dim minds,in a moment of clarity,realized the Hollywood money ride is over.

2466 days ago


Statutory Rape, press charges

2466 days ago


Well, you can take the girls out of the white trash but you cant take the white trash out of the girls

2466 days ago

disgusted mother    

I had already banned Brit in this house and now I have banned the show Zoe 101 as well. Why do all these little teenie boppers ruin their role model image? I refuse to let my daughter watch shows promoting people that live their lives in this manner. I had heard the mom said that she was shocked because this was her baby and she was never late for curfew. Is SHE KIDDING??? She honestly thinks that they do it only AFTER curfews? This mom has a screw loose and should be banned from gandchildren who can be saved from the likes of her. Clearly she can't raise kids with morals and values. Jamie Lynn was the one on TMZ with the foul mouth when with her sister Brit and told the woman to F off. I think they are cut from the same cloth. but I bet her big sis is SO proud of her. As far as the money for pics is concerned...why would anyone care? I believe her bf is a no name and she isn't exactly top on any list. They need to all crawl in a hole and find some common sense.

2466 days ago


Wow. this is just sad. i guess it's somewhat brave of Jamie Lynn to actually go through with it and have the baby at such a young age...but seriously, what a horrible situation. babies having babies. this girl should have definetly looked at her sisters lifestyle and decided to wait a while to have sex. 16 is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO young for that. i hope that kids aren't getting the wrong idea from this girl...i feel like there are so few good role models for girls nowadays as it is, and now this....really sad.

2466 days ago


I know the idea that I'm talking about this that this website as well as OK magazine is getting their way but I have to be honest and say this is a really sick incident.

I wish the boyfriend would be charged with having sex with a minor even though it's obviously consentual. That said this whole thing is so wrong and I guess I'm shocked that she's going to get a million dollars for showing it off.

I'm not a parent but I feel sorry for every parent who's minor child is a fan of this show. I never even heard of this girl or this show until today and Nicolodian should kick her off at once and take a real stand. She's only lucky that late night shows are reruns as they would trash her and she well deserves it.

I'm in shock at how many people are celebrating this news, it's horrifying to say the least and somebody needs to step up to the plate and say it. I know she has the money to raise the child but SHE'S A CHILD HERSELF. I know this mother of her's must be so proud but people grow old and your fifteen minutes of fame fade and yours will be up soon.

2466 days ago


What is wrong with Amerca, I sixteen year old gets pregnant and sheis been glorified what is the matter with this country. He parents or guardian should be arreste and her parental rights terminated and the guy should be arrested for statutory rape.

2466 days ago


What is so unusual about a 16 year old getting knocked uo? ??

2466 days ago


I was knocked up when I was 15, but my parents and I had enough common sense to know that an abortion was my best legal option.

2466 days ago
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