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PETA's Worst Nightmare!

12/19/2007 3:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mary J. Blige and "Clash of the Choirs" star Patti LaBelle won't let the horrors of slaughtering animals get in the way of their seemingly real-looking fur-galicious outfits. Watch out for the red paint, ladies!

The pelted diva duo was snapped at Blige's record release party hosted by Target in Soho on Tuesday, looking like a pair of Siberian huskies. Mush!

There hasn't been this much fur caught on film ... since '70s porn!


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this isn't PETA's worst nightmare - it's why PETA exists. ignorance, cruelty and pathetic idiocy. how embarrassing for these 'stars'.

2460 days ago


Instead of going after PETA, that isn't the point. It has to do with the killing of an innocent animal. I am so sick of people who don't want to be told what to do and they say some of the stupiest things I've ever heard. I'm not saying you should be told what to do but get over yourself. Do any of you actually care about anything besides yourself? I'm going with no. YOU DONT NEED A FUR COAT TO STAY WARM! There are so many different animal free coats that are just as beautiful as real fur. Tell me why you feel it is ok to KILL an animal for your own selfish reason? Because you think people are jealous of what you're wearing? I am so tired of people saying HUMANS are better then animals. Explain to me how? Because we go to work? Because we talk? Because we evolved into what we are today? How is that the animals falut? Are you going to tell me that animals don't feel pain. They don't feel the knife cutting them, the slow painful death so YOU think you will look good? I've met more humans then I can count who have made me love my dog more and more each day. They are rude, selfish, greedy, and disgusting. At the end of your life, the one thing that will matter is how you've treated other living things: Not the clothes you wear, or the car you drive, or the house you live in. But this is just my opinion.

2460 days ago


The AR movement is full of eccentric, medicated, spoiled and creepy people that no NOTHING about animals except what they read from the lie machine...the AR movement. Wildlife issues should be decided by qualified biologists and experts...not pot smoking hippes that no NOTHING.

The AR movement is a farce and a money mamking machine.

Long live the outdoors and our proud heritage !!!!!!!

A trapper and outdoorsman, The Foxman

2460 days ago


As the top of the food chain, we should be allowed to do what we please! I wear my mink with Great Pride!

2460 days ago


I believe that people should wear what ever they want. This is why we live in the USA. If PETA people want to defend animals ,that's okay. However, they have no right to tell people what to wear. I have seen many PETA folks in NYC wearing leather shoes and eating meat. I say PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH AND LEAVE US ALONE, HYPOCRITES!

2460 days ago


I wear furs all the time and I live in the home of PETA and I wish one of the them would appoarch me. There will be slow singing and flowers bringing. I think they know who to bother with.

2460 days ago


Man has been wearing fur since the dawn of time. So now its fashionable to bitch about it. B/S get a life just because you cant afford it you want to deprive people of the nicer things in life. I'll tell you what, feel free to throw paint on my lady and I will claim aggravated assault and beat your stupid cheap ass into the ground and not feel bad at all. ANY of you Aholes eat fish, steak, bacon, chicken? oh do you now? shut up hypocrites. Man is an omnivore get over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PETA who incidentally because of there great wealth STOLE that name from the real PETA.....People Eating Tasty Animals. And DAMM proud of it.

2460 days ago


Oh I'll throw paint on you and your ugly butt old lady and come and kick my butt. I would love it! Because I'm not scared to let people know how I feel and I'll come right to your face and tell you how I feel. So go back to your trailer you red neck hillbilly piece of america trash and have a wonderful holiday!

2460 days ago


Initially GOD made animals to feed and cloth us so I don't get vegetarians, if you don't like meat don't eat it, if you feel it's inhumane keep it to yourself. It's not right for ppl to push thier opinions and beliefs on other ppl. As for the fur, well it is kinda gross to use it but it was meant to keep us covered and warm though the use for it in todays age is not needed, but again thier choice. These peta ads don't make me want to not wear fur they make me want to cover up. I am soo not a prude but it's just a stupid concept. As with everyone else they are using the human body to sell a concept. Sex sells.

2460 days ago


u know better but don't do better .crule dives go away

2460 days ago



2460 days ago


Kool, love it, u peeps need 2 get a life (PETA)

2460 days ago


Fur is trashy. And they very often skin the animals alive. It's horrendous.

2460 days ago


I want to thank...."Posted at 1:40PM on Dec 23rd 2007 by Youwearfuryoushoulddie!" For making my point. I for one have NEVER lived in a trailer and never will, nor have I ever lived in an apartment. I left my parents house right out of college with a VERY good paying job. Have always since owned my own house. I don't own a pickup I don't watch nascar. I have an above average IQ. Hummm I guess when lower mentality types try to snipe at people they have to shoot below there own very low belts. Being scared has nothing to do with it, I'm not normally a violent person by nature, but if you assault me and my lady you will feel my wrath, As I said, get a life. You do NOT have the right to dictate what I can or can not buy. I see you did not mention you DO NOT wear leather, or eat chicken, steak, bacon etc etc etc. Are you an extreme vegetation? I seriously doubt it, even most vegetarians are not. They still have their shoes and purses etc etc etc. Sorry your cry baby antics will not swade someone grounded in reality.

2460 days ago

Who wants to know    

I have no clue who you are talking to. I can tell you now I have pets I take very well care of and when I am not able to do so I have someone that will I trust when I'm gone. I'm not the type of person that would throw anything at these people for wearing fur not unless I was defending myself against one of them. Half the people that wears fur have no clue what the animal endured before dying and they should know!

FYI................ Not only have I gave towards the homeless, I gave towards the needy with money, food, sheltor, toys for kids, clothes and sooooooooooooooo much more!!!!

Another thing...................... Who has to be a Christain or Godly to support and give towards any cause? I don't claim to be either one.

2460 days ago
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