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Brit to Jamie Lynn: You're a Hot Mama 2 B

12/20/2007 2:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hot Mama 2 BTMZ has learned Britney Spears just spent $500 on a gift basket for her newly pregnant unwed teen sister Jamie Lynn. Hey, sis, you gone have a booboo too!

We're told Brit called up West Hollywood celeb baby emporium Petit Tresor late Wednesday afternoon and ordered Jamie Lynn a Tuni & G tank top with the words "Hot Mama 2 B" on it, along with a bunch of all white items including a blanket, a stuffed elephant with a white satin bow, onesies, socks and sneakers. According to our sources, the note attached read: "Dear J.L., We love you! Brit, Sean and Jayden." Auntie Brit luvs y'all!

Now that she's pregnant and famous, Jamie Lynn really is following in her big sister's footsteps. Marriages, divorces, panty flashin', rehab, head shaving and custody battles to follow!


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Oh Jamie you are trash like your mama and best of big sista.

2494 days ago


Why are you all so judgmental of Jamie Lynn? She acknowledged the fact that she's going to be a mom and encourages her fans and other girls to wait, she's not flaunting her teen pregnancy, TMZ and other celebrity obsessed magazine are making this a WAY bigger deal than it should be. Girls get pregnant every day, it's not right by any means, but it happens. Isn't it better that she's trying to step out of the limelight to give her child a shot to grow up normal? Or that she chose to NOT have an abortion and even give this kid a shot at life?

Give her and her parents some privacy and stop making such a big deal out of this.

2493 days ago


Good for the spears girls at least they have the money to support their kids.

2493 days ago


You know what's funny? If any other 16-year-old on the planet got pregnant, we wouldn't judge. Just because someone is famous, sure doesn't guarantee they're going to be perfect.

2493 days ago

What are you that Stupid?    

Just for one day let it go people and sit back and look at your lives and see how many people can judge your for your actions while you judge others for theirs. Merry Christmas

2493 days ago


Velchampion, are you calling the boyfriends and spouses of these girls "losers" because the relationships didn't last? Then according to your logic, 50% of the population are "losers". When did you get to be so saintly and perfect?
Chismosa, how do you define "trash"? Are you a virgin? Were you a virgin when you got married? Must be nice, knowing how to walk on water and all.

2493 days ago


Looks like Momma Lynne raised a matched set of bookends. And this is a woman who is going to write a book on PARENTING????????? OH sides hurt from laughing!!!!!!!

2493 days ago


AttitudeDude.....if someone posted, "So projects", or "so ghetto", I'm sure your self-righteous self would be the first to accuse them of being racist. Congratulations, you're racist towards white people, ya bigot. You're no better.

2493 days ago


as Eminem sings "2 trailer park girls go 'round the outside, round the outside......."

2493 days ago


So what give them a break I'm not a fan but don't we all have some sort of issues. The tabloids could make the virgin mary into a bad mother. As for jamie yes she is young but life isn't over and britney just needs to grow up some.. The children will be spoiled beyond belief and will not go without material things. Spears may not be prim and proper but who always wants to be perfect. Life would be dull. Hopefully both girls will work through their issues and their children will grow to be adults in the tabloids. good or bad

2493 days ago


LeeAnn, could your Mama write a book on parenting? Look back on your past behavior, and tell the truth now, you self-righteous, pious, holier-than-thou, hypocrite.

2493 days ago

I love white moms    

I would love to pop my nut in her

2493 days ago

Cooter T. Bass    

she should have bought a chastity belt and some birth control pills so this mistake does not happen again.

2493 days ago


Sorry but this is still nuts. There is no way that I would have been ready for a baby at 16.

2493 days ago


who cares, most girls ar having sex zt this age

2493 days ago
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