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Brit Ordered to Sit -- For Depo

12/21/2007 7:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained an order in Brit's custody case -- you have to read between the lines, but based on what we know, Commissioner Scott Gordon has ordered the popwreck to sit for her deposition.

Britney failed to show for her depo a little more than a week ago, claiming she was ill. But TMZ got shots of Spears later that night partying it up. In fact, K-Daddy's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, subpoenaed our tape. In court, the Commish accepted our story without viewing the tape because neither party questioned whether our video was the real deal.

We're told Spears will take the oath and submit to the depo the first week in January. That is, if she doesn't get "sick" again.

Stay tuned ...


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Standards are badly needed.    

"Britney, SIT!"

2463 days ago

Stop Blaming the Paps For Everything Brit Does    

My Opinion: Understandable. I looked at my own postings, with all the typos and grammatical errors, and my only excuse is thas my fingers were cold and not working properly. Don't know why, cuz I live in the desert, but for some reason the chill is getting to me. Well, come to think of it, some of my postings were made while I was in Atlanta, and let me tell you, they have been having some bone chilling temps there this past week.

To those debating the K-Fed income issue, just be careful you are talking about apples and apples. He has income, just not enough. Both parties had to file financial statements with the court a few months ago. TMZ posted links to both K-Fed's and Britney's. K-Fed's financial statement was based on his 2006 income tax return (something Brit's attorneys brought to the court's attention) and reflected that he had GROSS INCOME (i.e., he had earnings from record sales, promotional events and TV appearances) but after expenses he had NO NET INCOME.

2461 days ago


Its about time

2465 days ago

saggy titty    

SPEARS= hillbilly

2465 days ago


For all the S--tney ass-kissers out there who were complaining about the judge not even looking at the tape, well, the article explains why. Perhaps now, you will quit your beatching.

2465 days ago


bring your sister too

2465 days ago

the lost    

BRIT: I cain't! I'm shopping fer babyclothes fer Jamie Lynn, y'all!

2465 days ago

Britney Supporter    

Who cares anymore........I am so bored with Britney...........

2465 days ago


You watch. She will come up with another excuse. Dumbass ho. They should have the sheriff on stand-by to arrest her and escort her in, in handcuffs, if she doesn't show this time, or if she is late. Perhaps, if they do that, maybe she will finally start to realize that the world does NOT revolve around her.

2465 days ago

tuna marie    

when will she be ordered to bath and see a dermatologist?

2465 days ago

Shitney, please drop of the face of the planet.    

does anyone blame the Judge for not looking at her skanky a** in the vid?

2465 days ago


Oh, let's hope Britney is "not well" again and ends up in the clink.

2465 days ago


Ha, you watch. They will have to bring her in and she will be like "Oh, what are you doing. You can't do this to me. Don't you know who I am. I'm Britney". Ho needs to be taught a hard lesson, starting with the complete loss of her kids until she wakes the f--k up and gets a clue, which will be never.

2465 days ago

Shitney, please drop of the face of the planet.    

man, they need to cuff her and slather on the proactive ASAP.

2465 days ago


Twitney has "meth face"

2465 days ago
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