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Jamie Lynn Advised by "Zoey" Co-Star, 15

12/21/2007 1:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Knocked up Nickelodeon darling Jamie Lynn Spears is bound to get advice from anyone within earshot -- and TMZ caught JL's former "Zoey 101" co-star Alexa Nikolas giving her two cents worth -- and then another nickel's worth!

It's unusual hearing life advice from a worldly 15-year-old -- who also chats about why she left the show and whether the two young stars talk anymore. Juicy!

In 2005, Page Six reported that Britney stormed the set of "Zoey 101," and "screamed at a 13-year-old co-star who had been feuding with Jamie Lynn -- leaving the traumatized tweenster in tears."

After Britz chewed out Alexa, calling her "evil little girl," the source added, "Alexa was in tears. She was sobbing and totally upset." Now Miss Alexa has some advice for Jamie!

Alexa is moving on up from "Zoey 101," we hear she's got a new reality show with Lionsgate.


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Unfortunately Brittain......Jamie Lynn WILL NOT be getting up at all hours of the night and morning to feed that baby! She has money and WILL hire a nanny. You can bet your butt on that! She definitely needs to get canned from the show though! Not only did she have unprotected sex that resulted in a pregnancy, but what about unprotected sex that results in STD's. Surely JL was not this boy's first lover!! This is how teenagers spread STD's! She was totally reckless in her choices, so she should pay for it by losing her job where she was playing a role that little kids everywhere looked up to!

So now Nick is going to do some kind of stupid show on teenagers having sex or something??? Can her.....that's a far better message to send to the kids who watch the show! My kids are now banned from watching it and if Nick doesn't get rid of her, they will be banned from watching Nick all together!

2497 days ago


They were comparing JLS to Vanessa Hudgens. Vanessa took some nude pictures three years ago. She didn't get pregnant and announce it to the entire world. She publicly apologized, and Disney stood by her. JLS is a role model to little girls everywhere, and this doesn't look good at all. If I had a little girl, I would ban her from watching Zoey 101. I'm sorry, but I cannot condone reckless behavior. Yeah, a 16 year old getting pregnant is supposedly no big deal, but it is a huge deal when you are in the eye of the public and a role model. I suggest that Nick fire her because thus far they have already received several protests and angry letters from parents. Rightfully so, though. I would do the same. I strongly disagree with Nick for doing a special on teenage sex. It's not their job to educate little girls on sex. JLS needs to be released, but the problem with that is she might come back and file a lawsuit like Hunter Tylo from the Bold and the Beautiful did against Aaron Spelling. She filed a lawsuit because she was pregnant and she lost her job. She actually one the lawsuit. It was worth several million dollars. The whole situation is a sordid mess. It is also not fair to her co-stars for Nick to cancel the show. They didn't ask for any of this to happen. Either way it goes, the whole situation sucks. If the show stays on the air, the ratings will drop drastically and the hate letters and the protests will constantly keep pouring in. If the show gets canceled, her costars will be out of work as a result of her behavior. Nickelodeon has one hell of a decision to make. They better make one quickly or my child will not be watching anything on there.

2497 days ago


Yuck , did this girl say she was going to have her own reality show????? Who would even want to watch , she is very annoying to listen to. Her facial expressions are way over the top & tries to act too much like miss woman of the world . Oh please just who is going to want to watch this obnoxious teen. She seems soooooooo FAKE!!!!! I am sure this show will flop big time!

2497 days ago

Marianne Chitter Chatter    

You people don't know history too well. Jamie Lynn is 16 years old. She's old enough to have children and in pioneer days, would have been married off by now. Young women these days wait too long to get married and have kids. They think they need to work and be rich or something before becoming finding a man. Let me tell you girls, if you wait too long, you won't find a man worth having. My mother had me when she was 18. So what if Jamie Lynn starts a couple years sooner. Don't you people know that if you wait until you are too old to have a baby, you will have one of them Mongaloid babies, with the big head and little eyes. Duh!

2497 days ago


Is it just me, or does she seem a little upset, like she's jealous she's not in Jamie Lynn's life anymore? "I didn't get to meet the boyfriend. I didn't get to meet the boyfriend. I didn't get to meet the FATHER." I agree with the comment below about her being over animated. She seems like she's really interested but trying really hard not to show it.
I'm not a Jamie fan, but this girl really does need to learn to put a cork in it. She's pretty annoying.

2497 days ago


Wow, she is lit! Notice how she never blinks, and how loud she's being, laughing constantly...

2496 days ago


Uhh, she was really weird. I've seen her on Zoey 101 and she acted pretty much just like that. I couldn't stand her on the show and I can't stand her here. She needs to tone it down. And she's 15, she doesn't need to be giving anyone advice. I can see why her and JLS aren't friends. I'm not a fan of JLS, but hey, what's done is done, it's God's plan and everyone needs to leave her the hell alone.

2496 days ago


I had my son when I was 20, almost 21, he'll be 2 in 2 weeks, and he's the absolute most perfect thing that has ever come into my life. He was unplanned, and we weren't ready, we were scared, not married yet, not financially set, but now we're good, actually, we're great. He has made our lives WAY better than it could have ever been if I was a millionaire living in a huge mansion somewhere. I wouldn't change my life for nothing in this world, my son is my angel...although WE didn't plan him coming into our lives, GOD did, and for that, I'm blessed and so very thankful. Sure, she's 16....big deal. She'll be fine. She has her mom and anyone else she needs. Everyone needs to give her a break. I'm not a Spears fan at all, but dang, these girls get way too much criticism. If everyone would leave them alone for a while, I bet they'd get back to normal, at least a little.

2496 days ago


Where is her parents? She's fifteen, and I understand a parent can't be around her 24 hrs. a day, but she is walking around at night, talking and inviting strangers to dinner. That wasn't very responsible! Just last night, a friend and I went to the movies, when the movies were over (the movie ended a little after midnight), we got into my car, started it up, and waited for it to warm up (doors were locked too; can't forget that), and a car pulled up next to our parking space. I didn't notice since they were next to my side of the car (drivers side) and my head was turned to my friend, but she mentioned that the kids in the car (four or five of them; all guys around our age). They stayed in their car, but rolled down their window and tried to get me to roll down mine. I thought I recognized one of the boys from my Psychology class, so I rolled my window down about three or four inches. As soon as I heard one say, "Hello", I realized that I didn't, rolled the window back up, and drove off. I didn't stick around to chat, didn't talk about my job, or gossip about my ex-coworkers. No, I simply left. Instead of talking trash about someone's unfortunate situation and giving useless advise, maybe she should take some, because we all know how child stars end up when their careers go south, and she seems to be the poster child for that (Seriously, we last saw her was in ZOEY 101!). I doubt her stupid reality show will even get aired...

2496 days ago


SET UP! Nobody knows who this girl is, yet paparazzi is following her? Hmmm. Sounds like she called TMZ herself..maybe to mention her "reality show"...oh yeah, that SHE created. Haha. This is the most acting she's done in 2 years. BITTER MUCH! Sounds like she's still trying to get some fame off the Spears family. PATHETIC. Annoying, phoney, wanna be JL, trying to be cool with the Vegas comment...uh, you're 15, who cares! Why on earth would she have a reality show? Oh yeah, those shows are for people who can't get real acting jobs...

2495 days ago


emm all u people thats 'dissin' alexa stop it yeh her nd jamie got into a fight but tbh they might of made up if that drugged tart britney didnt get involved cuz alexa and jamie might of made up and the show would carry on but no alway a bitch ruins it nicole was a fun character it wudnt be the same without her i heard that no one on zoey 101 actually likes jamie because of how demanding she is and they were all disapointed of alexas leaving and they were shocked with britney so alexa quit and then jamie told a few people she quit then her bitchy sister britney got involved again and told everyone they fired her cuz britney said if she didnt quit and leave jamie alone she would make sure alexa will never get a job in hollywood again which left her crying

814 days ago
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