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Spencer Has Nametag But No Montag

12/26/2007 12:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Spencer Pratt did his good deed for the day; serving up a little veggie delight at the Los Angeles Mission in downtown L.A. on Christmas Eve. How corny is that?!

The question is: With that grin, and those eyes, is the name-check really necessary? Does anyone in the developed world not know who this man is?


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I've heard the name.. on TMZ but I couldn't pick him out of a line up and have no idea what's he's done. I like TMZ and all but why do they waste time reporting on people that half the population has no idea who they are?

2462 days ago


#21 - yadayada - Wow!!!! Can we hang out together - you sound like fun!!! And so insightful too!!!

If you want to get into a battle of wits, be my guest, we are both reading this loser site, so neither one of us has anything better to do at the moment.

"Joanie loves Chachie" chime in at anytime, I may need some assistance with this dimwit

Your move

2462 days ago


Spencer should not be serving the homeless,He should be recieving food, the jobless loser

2462 days ago


If he didn't have a name tag on, NO ONE, would know who he is.

2462 days ago


Who is he?

2462 days ago


Jen1126---Forget it. It's not worth arguing with someone (yada) who knows not the meaning of condescending! I thought your post was hilarious, and right on!

2462 days ago

grossed out.    

Who the hell is he, and why are you making fun of someone doing charitable work?

2462 days ago


Great Joanie - I was ready to start trading insults with this knucklehead and then you show up and ask me to act like an adult??

Ok, I will, but grudgingly...

Happy New Year everyone (even you Yada!)

2462 days ago


Are you kdding? I'm in my 50's and I loves me The Hills. I even felt sorry for Pratt in the last episode. Once Heidi decided he was a drag on her "career" ( I know too funny right?) she dumped him. She totally bet on the wrong horse and decided she better cut bait and run.

2462 days ago


Hello???....WHat is so corny about serving meals to the homeless. He might be a jerk but it doesn't matter if its for publicity he's at least serving to the homeless something I'm sure most of you have never or will do. It's still a good deed.

2462 days ago


I am not sure who this is... but, did his lips fall into the stew? I smell a non lipless lawsuit here.

2462 days ago


Who in the hell is this guy? and why is the dumb jerk off smiling? Oh I get it, I can help out for a couple of hours get free press time and then go back to my piece of crap life trying to be a SUPERSTAR!!! Please I hate Christmas time with d-list stars. They act like they really care but every other day of the year they are smoking crack in the back alley with the other pieces of crap..

2462 days ago


I swear I still have no idea who this is.....and I don't live in the middle of nowhere!!! I live in Cali and that face is not one I recognized!!

2462 days ago


Better question - Does anyone in the developed world care?

2462 days ago

Jennie from the Rock    

Honestly though, I don't think he does this for the publicity because everytime he's helped out at the homeless shelters he's gotten dinged for it and nothing positve is posted about him regarding good deeds so maybe he's doing this because he actually wants to out of the goodness of his heart?

Just Maybe.

2462 days ago
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