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Mischa's Idea of a Good Time -- Pot and Pills?

12/28/2007 12:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Misha BartonA West Hollywood police source tells TMZ that when she was arrested, Mischa Barton blew a .12 on her breathalyzer test, admitted to smoking marijuana earlier that day (which cops found in her car) and had what cops say looked like prescription drugs in her car -- in an unlabeled bottle. What's the problem, officer?

Barton was popped at 2:45 AM Thursday in West Hollywood. Cops pulled her over after they witnessed her "straddling two lanes of traffic and failed to signal when making a turn."

She was arrested on suspicion of DUI, possession of narcotics and driving on a suspended license. Barton was taken to the West Hollywood Sheriff's station and was released on $10,000 bail.


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Another so-called celebrity drug addict/alcoholic WHORE BAG.....She should go to prison....

2460 days ago


Ms. Barton did such good work on The OC. Sorry to hear about these troubles for her. But these Hollywood starlets getting busted for seems to be becoming a "copycat" crime. Are they doing it to get the free publicity? In the old days, they'd have drivers take them around Los Angeles.

2460 days ago


About that Rachel Bilson comment, I don't think Rachel has any plans to drink and drive because she nearly died in a car accident when she was a teen. She's learned her lesson I guess.

2460 days ago

Greg Solo    

Man, I love pills and booze.

2460 days ago


Like someone said, these hollywood girls are young, rich, and famous yet clearly they are still not happy with their lives and feel needs to do drugs, drink and drive, and get plastic surgery! geez I'm a 20 year old college student and starting to think my life is better than their's...clearly...and I used to idolize these girls! but it seems like they need to get their lives in order! it's funny you always think the grass is greener on the other side but maybe not

2460 days ago


u ppl act like you don't go out and party, just because they're celebrities it becomes a big deal, gime a break, everybody goes out and gets messed up and parties, not a big deal, you people are pathetic if you don't, get a life

2459 days ago

Ralph Garcia    

To quote an old classic Motown song, "shame, shame, shame,-chain of fools!" Boy, how unhappy can these celebrities be as this seems to be an epidemic today. It was justice that Paris Hilton's grandfather left her out of his will. She would have just spent it on drugs and partying.

2459 days ago


tell her if she needs to replenish her pill supply to gimme a call.

2459 days ago


How is it that all these chicks have suspended licenses? Then they go get all hammered and drive....amusing.

2459 days ago


That's what they have to do when they don't eat!

2459 days ago


If you would just legalize heroin she wouldn't have to smoke pot and take pills. Give the girl a break and legalize the drugs. At the same time we can help the other train wrecks- Britney, Paris and what's the other one? Oh yeah, Lindsey

2459 days ago


Young, stupid with too much money and time on her hands!

She, along with all the other young Hollywood types that have been in the same predicament recently need a reality check and appreciate what they have. Where are their parents, do they automatically relenquice their parental guidance when these starlets make it big?

2459 days ago


Sentence her to hard time at a facility to be named later (okay, it's my place, but I'll be sure that she's punished for her deeds).

2459 days ago

Ralph Cramden    

The way her driveing is described, Sound's to me like she is the only one on the road !!!
What a jerk !!!! And what an IDIOT, Driveing like that and your drunk, and you are holding ?
She sound's like a real brain package !!!
Of course, She will not have to do more than a hour in jail !!!

2459 days ago


With such limited funds and space to have the best of a controlled prison/jail environment for these hard criminals,marijuana should be at the bottom of the list for any amount of sentencing. If all a person gets caught with is "personal stash" as far as marijuana is concerned,which would you rather see get sentenced...the person with a bit of a pot problem or the crack/coc/meth users and pushers?! I am not saying I agree with letting criminals escape justice,send these weed/pill abusers to rehab or something. Meanwhile,here in the State of TN we have bars where anybody can walk in,and I do mean anybody.Last night I observed a high profile crack dealer stroll right in the back door,take his position (seat),send his "workers" all through the bar so that this dealers customers were aware of his presence and then I sat back and watched 15-20 addicts swarm to his seat in a matter of 4 minutes! Funny thing is,there were 2 seperate autorities of Law Enforcement right outside @ the front door,unfortunately they were caught up in handling the drunkards fighting as these crack/meth addicts strolled out the back door where they proceeded to hit their "stems" (crack pipes). Oh,a friend and I saw this happening as we then observed them from the parking garage that is directly above the City courthouse! So,having said this and hopefully bringing awareness to those that are clueless to just how bad these problems are,it's like voting for a President,you have to chose between the lesser of the 2 evils. It's about time we start addressing and handling more problematic issues/behaviours as well as the entities who are nurturing this type of existance.

2459 days ago
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