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Kanye West: Back in the Good Life

1/2/2008 3:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

His mother died after a breast reduction/tummy tuck surgery disaster late last year -- but Kanye West managed to go on with the show and sing about "The Good Life" at a New Year's Eve bash at the Palms Casino Resort.

The pumped up rapper performed after midnight at the Vegas hotel's Pearl Concert Theater early Tuesday morning, rocking the crowd into a frenzy as confetti and balloons flew from the ceiling.


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Love his music! Glad he's having fun.

2453 days ago

White America    

Did he rob anyone?

2453 days ago


It is sad that there are too many people who either do not know nor care that they are listening to a computer generated rhythm track dominated by a drum machine and that any vocal is in the form of a repetitive monotone drone. If you listen to rap please keep it to yourself and spare the rest of us. Use an IPOD with headphones that completely cover the ears and keeps the noise from coming out. Even when you are driving.

2453 days ago


Kanye West hates white presidents.

2453 days ago

how dumb    

I'm not a fan of Kanye's personality (and constant cries of racial discrimination), but I sure would like to learn some coping mechanisms from him. I give him a lot of credit that he has been able to move on with his life after the tragic death of his mom. No joke - maybe he should share with others his methods of grieving and coping through this hard time... I fear I would never recover from a parent's death

2453 days ago

Wasn't this guy a pimp ??    

God bless Kanye . This poor man has been through hell and it is nice to see him able to smile again :)
We love you sweetie xxo

2453 days ago


Good For You Kanye....You're pretty great...Shake off the haters and keep going. Your real fans are here and will always be here.

2453 days ago


Yay!, Kanye's back..welcome back to the Good Life!!

2453 days ago


I love this story TMZ! Setting him up for criticism for managing to work and put on a show in spite of his grief. He was clearly very close to his mother and clearly must be devastated by what happened to her. I suppose he's supposed to craw in a hole for a year - huh? I give him credit for getting back to work and keeping himself busy. He probably needs to do this.

2453 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Courageous Kanye is putting on a brave face and still managing to take care of business, and that is the biggest tribute he could ever pay his Mom; that, and living well. To the former blogger who thought they might fall apart if their parent died, know that coping with a parent's death by working at something you know or love is more difficult but therapeutic, as sitting around too long feeling miserable is less effective than keeping yourself occupied with another task to give your mind a break.

2453 days ago


He had all my sympathy when his mother died. I lost my father three years ago and it was a long, long time before I could appear in public with eyes that were not red rimmed. Now I'm wondering just how much he sympathy he needed, did he grieve her passing at all?. IF I could sing on tune, there is not a sum of money large enough to convince me to sing a song about the good life two months after Dad died. I could never be a fan of this cold man.

2453 days ago

Dawn Day    

For some the plight of a paycheck conquers all.

2453 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

to number 11@4:17 PM - Whatever manner that any individual chooses to cope
with a death, is O.K. Every one copes in dramatically different ways.
You are unfairly and unthinkingly judging him, and can't expect that
if another copes differently than you, that they are cold. Nonsense.
All souls take refuge in whatever works for them, and can still be
suffering tremendously in spite of appearances to the contrary. I
cope the way I saw my parents cope, and perhaps your parents coped
more emotionally as you state you did. I was devastated, but could
not cry for two whole years after my mom died. I worked and worked
and kept busy until the emotional pain subsided enough to deal with.
Other people go to bed and sleep for 3 days straight. Yet others go
away to a beach somewhere, and are not celebrating, but are vegging
and trying to get their thoughts together, and cope by going off and
being alone. Yet others seek company, any company. You get the idea.
Don't judge the book by the cover. His mom was an esteemed
academician and a doctor, so I highly doubt she coped by crying her
eyes out and walking around for months with red rimmed eyes. There
are some that might find THAT self indulgent, so you see how it's
incorrect to judge how anybody chooses to cope with grief.

2453 days ago


Well said #13, and sounds strangely familiar.

2453 days ago

Bob. My name is the same forwards and backwards    

This guy has to be the most egotistical prick to walk this planet. I think he should have tied Rosie for the most annoying celeb.

He is a waste.

2453 days ago
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