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Brit/K-Fed Lawyers Hash It Out in Court

1/4/2008 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan and Brit's attorney, Tara Scott, have been meeting with the Commish in chambers about Britney's meltdown. We're now told they have left, but will be back in court at 1:30 PM PT today.
Tara Scott and Mark Kaplan
We're told they've just finished and Kaplan is on his way down to talk to reporters. We'll stream it live.

Sources say Kaplan planned to ask the judge to strip Brit of visitation while she's on a mental hold in the hospital after last night's craziness.


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MAMA jugs TO you    

Everyone should seriously just leave Britney Spears alone. This is not rocket science, people. This girl is in really bad shape and she needs our love, prayers and support. She needs to be with people that love her for who she is and not what they can get out ot her. Her family, the media and all these comedians are making money off her break down, ( including Chris Crocker).

All of you keep calling her these terrible names and making awful jokes, but can't you see Britney is in serious need of medical care, she just doesn't realize it.

I cringe to think of the backlashing that I will get for posting this, but you know what they say about opinions!!!

Pray for this girl that she gets the well deserved treatment and help she so desperately needs!!!

2482 days ago

Dawn Day    

Well of course she'll be stripped of visitation rights after last night's episode. Britney needs to take care of Britney. She's in no condition to care for even a house plant at this point.

2482 days ago

just my input    

No back lashing from me...I agree 100% w/ what you are sying.......she needs love not macking!!

2482 days ago


I do not pray but my thoughts are with her.

2482 days ago


we all need to pray for this girl... BUT ill tell you one thing folks those sweet babies need to be taken away from her indefinately, until she gets the help she needs. Someones going to end up hurt and its usually the most innocent.

2482 days ago


wow, kick a girl while she is down

2482 days ago


I remember when the eye candy in a britney story was britney, not her soon-to-be-ex-lawyer...

Maybe if every brit-brit story didn't end up being the most-commented on story, tmz wouldn't cover her every move...

Police yourselves and stop commenting on this idiot already. For god sake's I haven't gotten an amy winehouse or mary kate update in SO long...

2482 days ago


Wow....Brt's atty is hot. TMZ should follow her around rather than Psycho Brit.

2482 days ago


I pray for those that really needs it like people who have no food to eat, people living with AIDS, and/or people especially kids that are terminally ill from cancer.

2482 days ago


I'm with you. I'm a mom and I look at this poor girl and it makes me cry. The pleasure people are getting out of this boggles my mind. This is a sick girl (whether from addiction, mental illness or both) who loves, loves, loves those babies and just has no clue as to what she's doing. She is not in her right mind and she's surrounded by people who are trying to ride some sick coat tail of "celebrity" who do nothing but enable her.

This young girl needs to leave L.A. and get out of sight for awhile. Away from these fake, so-called friends and surround herself with people who truly care about her well being. I believe Kevin would support her and help her to see those kids....he doesn't want to be a single dad but he has no choice. Shame on the attorneys' "press conference" to update us as to her nervous breakdown. Like it's our business?!?! It is out of control; completely out of control.

The only people who are going to backlash against your post are the idiots feeding off of this frenzy because they don't have a life of their own.

2482 days ago


everyone is on the "take the babies away" from their mother theme, kids need a mom, even a not perfect one

2482 days ago


Yea Kaplam. can't miss a day without speaking to the media..Talk about a attention whore. Kaplam needs a tv show of his own..he loves that camera. so much..

2482 days ago


That girl needs SERIOUS help!!! Those poor kids. What are they going to do when they grow up and see what kind of mom she is at this time. She needs to help her self, and hopefully she has finally hit rock bottom.

2482 days ago

from Canada    

I am afraid she may try to kill her children and commit suicide.

2482 days ago


Man, this girl needs help. The paps need to leave her alone, and maybe she would get help. With all the attenion she has on her, she is probably afraid to go into a doc's office for fear of someone saying she is having a sex change. Cause we all know how honest and correct the tabloids are. They got camera's shoved everywhere but up her butt. Do you think it is amusing to watch someone in total melt down? This is not just sad for Britney, but sad for people on a whole as to what we think is entertainment.

2482 days ago
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