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Order in Brit Case -- Visitation Suspended

1/4/2008 8:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Commish in the Brit case just issued his order and we got it first. -- K-Fed gets sole legal and physical custody. Brit gets nothing.
Read the order!
Brit's visitation has been "suspended pending further order of the Court." The order is in effect until January 14. There will then be a hearing to determine where the case goes.

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Wow, now he gets more money from britney. When your in dying need of financial support you would do everthing after you have run out on alimony and go after custody of your kids. Exactly, what kevin did, no talent and finacial income coming in, except for child support. Its disappointing they couldn't work out something between them without court. Its really damaging the kids not having to see their mother.

2484 days ago


Her kids are not better off without her, she is their mother. Having said that...she needs help and to get herself well so she can be the mother that they need. Her family should just bundle her up and take her back to Louisiana and keep her there forever......she needs normalcy and stability in her life right now. I do think finally the Commish has done the right thing, it was only a matter of time before this happened, in fact I'm surprised it hasn't happened sooner.

2484 days ago


Judy, dear....I have quite a life, thank you. One that you would DIE to have. One that allows me the true knowledge of what is REALLY going on with Britney. The truth will come out, you bottom feeder.

2484 days ago


Thank goodness. This is the right decision. Hopefully Britney will take the time to get some competent counseling for her problems.

2484 days ago


put a fork in yourself britney- you are done!
you had the chance to get help, but sadly many mentally ill people (who have co-morbid sustance abuse issues-think self-medicating) reject help, it is part of the illness. it will be interesting to see if they hold her longer than 72-hours, unless she is truly a suicide risk, i bet they will release her and then once again it will be voluntary if she gets help. however, i imagine mental health treatment will be court ordered if she wants to have contact with her kids. but knowing her she will not follow up and eventually after probably a few more years the courts will permanently sever her parental rights-having worked a mental health professional in family court, that is how it usually goes down. the court has given her every chance, while attempting to protect the children, to become healthy, and it didn't work, sad sad sad.

2484 days ago


Is everyone forgetting this is their mommy, she needs help so that she can be a mommy to them not taken completely away from them. Any kid will suffer without their mom. Pray instead of damning this young woman we've all made mistakes.

2484 days ago


#9 - You sound a bit nutty. Do you think you actually know Brit or something? Are you guys pals? Like only in your head?!?!? Are you 12?

2484 days ago


She knew better but maybe she just doesn't care. I seriously think she lacked attention as a child and is out to get it now.
But to put her kids at risk is another thing. She is a mother and she should have been acting like one instead of cruising around and going to clubs and hotels with who knows who at all hours of the morning. She should be acting like a responsible adult and mother instead of a cheap little Ho. She had plenty of chances to prove herself and she messed it up good this time. No sympathy what so ever!!

2484 days ago

Joshua Smith    

She must have just found out last night that Jamie Lynn's baby is K-Fed's also.

2484 days ago

Stop the insanity    

Finally..She may get the help she has been crying out for the past year or so. The girl is manic and god knows what else hopefully someone in her family can step in and make sure she finally gets the help and medication she needs... Someone get her out of LA LA land fast before she's dead...

2484 days ago


Judy, you are pathetic. Go on a diet--------fast.

2484 days ago


This is rediculous. If it was any of us there would be no more chances. In 'normal' custody cases you don't get this many chances especially after last nights episode. They need to take the kids from her.... Enough wasting tax payers money.

2484 days ago

britney is in the right place she dont need rehab she needs the mental ward of the hospital , amen Glory to God Thank you jesus and baby jesus

2484 days ago


anon- could not have said it better myself!

2484 days ago


I hope we don't see Mr. Spears out partying while his little ones are at home. After all, that is a sign of parental neglect, according to TMZ.

2484 days ago
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