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Brit Probably Bipolar

1/5/2008 1:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

BritneyTMZ has even more evidence now that this is NOT a case of substance abuse. As we already reported, we're told Brit has all the symptoms of what appears to be some sort of bipolar disorder. This is becoming the universal operating theory from people in both Brit and K-Fed's camps. They are privately hoping the docs properly diagnose her at Cedars.

Also, there are reports swirling about all the people in Brit's home who came to her rescue; who broke the door down, who just lingered. You would think she was having a pre-pre-pre Super Bowl party.

In fact, we know that aside from the monitor, there were a grand total of two others in the house -- aside from Brit and the kids. The two were both hired help.


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Oh you mean you might have gotten a story wrong....that's amazing.

2481 days ago

I'm just sayin    


2481 days ago

Brad is a Tool    

Let her get the help she needs without cameras shoved up her face

2481 days ago


Ridiculous. Why would the judge not have ordered a mental evaluation long ago? The judge even said there is evidence of substance abuse. What does TMZ know.

2481 days ago

Mitt Romney    

First bitches !

2481 days ago

rockin' johnny    

This whole saga is too sad. The authorities must keep Britney away from those children before she hurts them. It's too bad that she won't get the help she obviously needs.

If the skank wants to harm herself, that's her own business, but she must be kept away from the children.

2481 days ago


Can one just become bi polar like that, or has she always been mentally ill and no one noticed?

2481 days ago

I called it all along!    

I knew this 2 years ago when she started acting like a loon! It's very clear to everyone on the outside she's bipolar and it was brought out more most likely because of the birth of her children. She's got issues and I hope she gets the help she needs!!! She can't help herself for acting how she does. She needs meds and therapy and her children will be better off right now without her. Hopefully, she gets help so she can get back to being a mom, even if it's supervised.

2481 days ago


My own sister WHO IS BI-POLAR and suffered from severe Post-partum depression has said many times to me that Brit Brit is the same way, and that the drug abuse is not even the bigger issue here. Some people with mental issues often use more than they need to (drugs) to calm the demons. So what was once recreational because necessity. My sis went through the same drama here and was hospitalized and finally got treatment. Has good and bad days but she is alive and my family is greatful. Prayers to Brit!

2481 days ago


Please dont't kill yourself yet WE (TMZ and the pozzis) hasn't made enough money off of you yet.

2481 days ago

Dave the pig    

There are a million pictures out there and you find the one that makes her look the part.

Shame on your staff for doing this to someone who is unstable - show some bloody compassion!

2481 days ago


A nervous breakdown is not a clinical term, but can apply to many different situations in which someone begins to exhibit symptoms of different mental illnesses, or heavy emotional stress. The term nervous breakdown dates from a much older diagnosis of particularly women who suddenly became unable to function in their lives. Usually first symptoms are or were ignored, prompting what is now known as a psychotic break from reality, or a psychotic episode. This may show up in the form of an attempted suicide, or extreme behavior that requires hospitalization.

Since many different illnesses can cause what many term a “nervous breakdown,” it is difficult to describe symptoms. Perhaps the greatest predictor of nervous breakdown is familial history of mental instability. Those who have family members with major depression, bipolar, anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, or schizophrenia are more likely to be at risk for these mental illnesses. Undiagnosed illnesses in family members from the past may manifest in alcoholism or abusive behavior.

Those undergoing high levels of stress, for example after the death of a parent, spouse, or child, or who have been through a messy divorce are more likely to have a “nervous breakdown” if they are predisposed toward certain mental illnesses. As well, even those who do not have a predisposition toward mental illness can have a nervous breakdown if they suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD can manifest years after a single traumatic event, and may be triggered by a situation that seems similar. With those who have undergone trauma, early counseling can help prevent a nervous breakdown.

Thus symptoms may differ for describing a nervous breakdown, but one can look for the following behaviors as possible symptoms that might precipitate a psychotic episode:

Disinterest in work or family life Disinterest in social life or alienation from previously close friends and family Sleep disruption or much longer periods of sleep Significant changes in appetite, such as eating too little or too much Paranoid thoughts, such as the thought people are trying to harm you Thoughts of grandeur or invincibility Feelings of persistent anxiety or panic attacks Hearing voices Seeing people who are not there Thoughts of dying or wish to die Exhibiting strong or violent anger Having flashbacks to a prior traumatic event Increasing dependence on alcohol or drugs Inability to pursue a normal life, normal activities or normal relationships
The above list is only a few of the possible symptoms associated with what might become a nervous breakdown or psychotic break. Any and all of these symptoms suggest seeing a psychiatrist for diagnosis, and also possibly a therapist to talk over difficult feelings. All people, at one point or another, may experience extreme emotional changes due to grief or to life changes like losing a job. These are good times to get the assistance of a therapist, as talk therapy can be tremendously helpful in dealing with significant emotional overload.

Now can we please see this is not drug abuse or alcohol. She has simply just had to much and needs a break. Please pray for her and give her family peace.

The press needs to back off and all of us in the public need to show her support. Do not buy any media which who display negative factors on her life.

Enough is Enough

2481 days ago


I am convinced that she is Bi-Polar. The erractic behavior, being up at all hours, never stting still or staying at hom.e, the crazy driving. I believe that she had this breakdown so soon after the new year because the stress of the holidays pushed her over the edge. She was away from her children and family. The holidays are stressful enough for the average person. She surely did not seem to be ejoying herself. Also, her disregard for court orders , etc.. It is now up to her and her team of doctors and therapists. But I don't expect any miracle. People with this disorder often go on and on their meds. Street drugs make it worse. Any stimulants will spin her straight into a manic episode. This young woman is lucky to be alive. It is time for all the jokes to stop. NO, she can't take care of her kids, she can't take care of herself. When a plane is going down , the instructions are to put the oxygen mask on yourself before your children. If your 'out of it' you can't take care of them. It's up to her now, she needs to educate herself on her disorder, and when she feel out of control, contact her doctors. I am sad to say, I don't think the future is looking up for her.

2481 days ago


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2481 days ago


It could also be post partum depression. She had 2 kids in a year. Hope she gets better.

2481 days ago
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