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Britney Sprung from Joint

1/5/2008 3:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has confirmed that Britney Spears has been released from Cedars-Sinai hospital, following an explosive morning in which she was done, done, done with it!

Sources say the hospital released her without notifying any of the principals involved in the ongoing kiddie drama. So, you ask, how could she have been released so quickly, given that she had been declared a danger to herself and others?

We're told the "5150 hold" means that she can be held against her will for a max of 72 hours, but if the hospital determines she is no longer a danger, they can release her before that.

UPDATE: Additional sources now tell TMZ Cedars absolutely made the decision on its own -- without consulting any of the lawyers in the case. We're told it is Cedars policy (and the policy of other California hospitals) to evaluate whether the "danger" has subsided at any point during the 72-hour hold.

As we have reported, even though there is significant evidence that Brit has a bipolar disorder, Cedars cannot hold her against her will to treat such a problem. If doctors determine she is no longer a danger, they must let her go -- pure and simple.


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I have my popcorn ready!!! This is like two trains headed towards each other on the same track!!!!

2485 days ago


If she isn't suicial, homicidal or intoxicated above the legal limit and a shrink won't commit her, she has to be released. It's the law, people, and while far from perfect it does protect some people from being taken advantage of (example: the rich housewife "put away" by her hubby so he can get at her money.) Maybe Cedars-Sinai was able to arrange outpatient treatment for Brit. Of course, he current outpatient obviously isn't working, but ...

2485 days ago

ill tell you dr phil tells somebody he is her personal doctor, and gets her released , so when the crazy women kills herself blame doctor phil. lol

2485 days ago






2485 days ago


It's such an admixture of a public and private matter. It's public because the police and EMTs were summoned. Yet no charges have been made. And it's private -- absolutely private -- because this is a medical matter.

A person's state of mind, let alone the possible mental illness, is endlessly arguable.

And if Ms. Spears was married and was acting identically, there would be no court-appointed monitor. The general family court approach to married and divorced parents has a stark divide: divorced parents are hugely peccable and prone to a greater range of immediate actions than married ones.

As for anyone who declares that the hospital has to keep or that she absolutely needs mental help: they don't. For whatever reason, if the report holds true, she's out.

The woman has lived through marketing since she was in puberty. A lot of it has been revealed as lies. This could be another one or so speculates Bonnie Fuller who has posiitioned herself on HUFFPO and not her mag as an elevated sort of snarokologist. Fuller claims this may be a huge, planned stunt by BritBrit to reclaim attention from her sister.

This is BritBrit's career of choice. Maybe the choice is demented. Maybe it's stupid. She took this direction on her own with her home video show "Chaotic". She marketed her CD not with touring or interviews but by buying gas lattes on TMZ.

What I like is that it took 24 hours for the MSM to even look in her direction: Iowa mattered more.

2485 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Isn't she just sick to death of all this drama already?

2485 days ago


Kevin needs to have his security on high alert....I think she is capable of anything at this point!!!

2485 days ago


This is so sad. She is in a total state of D E N I A L (Don't even no it all lies) I pray for her, Kevin, the boys and their parents!!!!

2485 days ago

keith witt    

She is heading to Vegas to celebrate busting out!!! NO PRISON CAN HOLD BRIT!!!! GUANTANAMO BAY LOOK OUT!!!!

2485 days ago


You know, the whole situation gets more and more upseting as the days go on. I used to be completely against this girl and would think when will she go away, but now I have nothing but pity for her. She is obviously suffering from some sort of mental disorder. I agree that she got herself into this mess by being pretty irresponsible ( hanging around with Paris, 24 hour marriages, no undies, and all the other bad choices she has made), but she is clearly asking for help in her own dimented way. I know first hand, what having 2 kids back to back can do to you as far as PPD goes. Thankfully, I got the right treatment and meds and came through on the positive end. My husband and I couldn't have been more ready to start a family. Even so, we were still over-whelmed with the amount of a challange it all was. Now, we have three children and they are so worth my life! I don't get why Brit hasn't taken any actions on her own. I would give my right are and die for my kids! No 2nd thoughts about it! Anyways, I used to smile at the way the media would make fun of her, but now I don't because there is obviously something more serious going on here. She needs to get out of town, go somewhere private and get her life together. She's not going to do it in LA as long as there are people invading her. We all just need to respect that she has some serious mental issues going on and to just leave her alone. I know that won't happen because this is the kids of news that our society thrives on. I wish Brit well! I hope she can straighten things out for the sake of her children. It's all about the children! I just had to spew my thoughts:)
TMZ, you all appear to be some pretty heartless individuals! How about reevaluating your own lives!

2485 days ago

as long as he takes the responsibilty for britney the other doctor will sign off so he wont be sued if he lets her go home.

2485 days ago


Why not just hand the kids over to her, so she can get busy drowning them? She'll get a pass on that, too.

2485 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

If she was causing an out of control ruckus, they wouldn't spring her. Which story is true?
Did she threaten them legally? With bad behavior, it wouldn't hold water anyway.
If she was disrupting the entire floor, they would have rooms for that.
I hope someone, somewhere cares enough for her well-being that they ensure that she gets the care she so obviously needs.

2485 days ago

Sleeping with Boyfriend?    

We'll see her later tonigh driving around looking forAdnan panty and bra -less of course. what nut job

2485 days ago

You're Killing Me Larry    

another website reports she left through an underground tunnel possibly with televisions DR. PHIL. Oh this is great; Dr. Drew Pinsky on Larry King last night looked like he was biting at the bit to get his celebrity-doc two cents in. Everybody is looking for an angle to make money off this goof-ball woman.

If they break into the NFL play-offs to report Britney Spears news that is a good indication the world as we've know it is over.

2485 days ago
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