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Britney Sprung from Joint

1/5/2008 3:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has confirmed that Britney Spears has been released from Cedars-Sinai hospital, following an explosive morning in which she was done, done, done with it!

Sources say the hospital released her without notifying any of the principals involved in the ongoing kiddie drama. So, you ask, how could she have been released so quickly, given that she had been declared a danger to herself and others?

We're told the "5150 hold" means that she can be held against her will for a max of 72 hours, but if the hospital determines she is no longer a danger, they can release her before that.

UPDATE: Additional sources now tell TMZ Cedars absolutely made the decision on its own -- without consulting any of the lawyers in the case. We're told it is Cedars policy (and the policy of other California hospitals) to evaluate whether the "danger" has subsided at any point during the 72-hour hold.

As we have reported, even though there is significant evidence that Brit has a bipolar disorder, Cedars cannot hold her against her will to treat such a problem. If doctors determine she is no longer a danger, they must let her go -- pure and simple.


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Why is anyone surprised? Britney knows exactly what she is doing. Momma and little sister make a cool million dollars promoting little sister's pregnancy. Little sister is in the headlines. Little sister is the topic of celebrity news programs. Everyone is debating whether Little Sister's TV show should be cancelled because she's proven she's a skank at the tender age of 16. Where does this leave poor Brit? She had to do something to get the media attention back on her. Driving around LA drinking lattes just wasn't going to cut it. The girl is a publicity whore - she's pathetic, as is the rest of her white trash family. Enough of the Spears - been there , done that. Let's move on to more interesting and important concerns.

2481 days ago

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be slut-whores    

It's like this all over California, and it's not just famous people who receive this special treatment.

I know someone who went to her ex-husband's house, broke a plate glass window and then threatened him AND their child with death via messages left on an answering machine. She was released from her 51/50 hold in less than 12 hours. The hospital actually had the nerve to call the man she threatened and ask him to give her a ride home.

I do hope the judge is watching. That she is refusing mental health care, when she so desperately needs such care is, hopefully, another nail in her loss of custody coffin.

2481 days ago


The crazy cooze needs a cage, not a hospital.

2481 days ago

jack bauer    


2481 days ago

keith witt    

Brit is out and looking for some justice!!! She is going to even the score with some people!!! LOCK AND LOAD!!!! BTW Overnight trading in STARBUCKS is expected to ROCKET!!!!

2481 days ago


Its fun watching her meltdown because she is such a LOSER !!!!!!!!!!

Let's hope she does something really stupid like drive off a bridge or OD - headlines for days!

2481 days ago

Voice of Reason    

Tragic. Hopefully nothing horrible will happen to her. The woman clearly needs help. Watch, she'll sell her story to OK magazine or something with a trip to Starbucks and every public toilet along the way.

2481 days ago


break 5150 hold= arrested!! hopefully she'll be locked up for good!!

2481 days ago

Pete Best    

... and the Britney Death Watch starts! Sorry, folks, if it sounds uncaring and heartless, but I honestly believe that the way she is going, it is only a matter of time until she becomes the Anna Nicole of 2008. She's in desperate need of help, but I truly fear she's not going to listen to anyone until it's far, far too late. She's already lost her marriage, and possibly her career, now her kids. What else is left?

2481 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

hey first, nearly had it on that one! keep edging in!

2481 days ago


This is so wrong of them to let her go. They should be arrested. This girl is of danger to anyone around her including herself and if they were doing their jobs they would have sedated her in the first 24 hrs. and kept her on something. They are not professionals in Psych if they are letting her go. She's going to kill someone or herself.
Get ready TMZ to cover a funeral.

2481 days ago

I'm just sayin    

Dx: Boderline Personality Disorder. Google It.
Dx: Boderline Personality Disorder. Google It.
Dx: Boderline Personality Disorder. Google It.
Dx: Boderline Personality Disorder. Google It.

2481 days ago


freak needs mental health help as well - he's as narcissitic as they come - sick, sick people on these boards. They 'know' she's sick and mental ill but hope she dies. Wow - such uneducated stupid people,

2481 days ago

W T F ?    

SWEET! Hold onto your hats, everyone! The entertainment will begin shortly! Thanks, Brit! You never fail to entertain us, God love ya!

2481 days ago


Look. They cannot involuntarily commit someone just for being mentally ill. Not even if they are *severely* mentally ill.

They can only hold someone without their consent if they are "a danger to themselves or others". If she isn't suicidal or homicidal there is no legal basis for holding her, no matter how much she may need psychiatric care. They cannot even force psychotic people to take medication. Causing emotional damage to her children doesn't meet the standard for involuntary commitment either, it must be physical danger.

There is probably nothing they can do to keep her.

2481 days ago
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