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Jamie Lynn: GED Not IUD

1/7/2008 11:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jamie Lynn Spears was out and about this weekend in Louisiana with her mom -- the first time we've seen the child star since she announced to the world she unfortunately failed to grasp the idea of contraception. Wrap it up, kids!

Brit's lil' sis (with papa Casey close by) was spotted on Friday as she left an adult education center with a GED book in hand. She could have used some adult education four months ago!


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2478 days ago

the guy who killed howie in broken arrow    

that is the dumbest headline to a story ever. I saw your show and i see the meatheads you have reviewing your material, so instead of unclever sayings, go jump off a high tree and hope every one of your daughters and sisters get knocked up at a very young age. You people are morons.

2478 days ago


Why are you criticizing her getting an education? This is ridiculous. The hatefulness of people is unbelieveable. There is nothing wrong with Jamie Lynn getting a GED. I got married and pregnant at 17, and I took the GED test. I then enrolled in community college, got an Associate's, enrolled at a University, got a Bachelor's (with a 3.9 GPA and Honors degree) and then got an MBA. I'm 34 with 3 children and make close to six figures. I certainly don't deserve ridicule and scorn, so why not give Jamie Lynn the benefit of the doubt? I am very impressed with how well she is taking on her responsibilities.

2478 days ago

Lori B    

Jamie Lynn is 16. She is not 12, she is not 14, she's 16. She made a decision, and now she's living up to the consequences. She has a hard road ahead. Raising babies is NOT easy. Thankfully she at least has more than other young ladies in the same situation, she's got the big $$$. I do think it's B~LLSH~T that Lynn was apparently allowing the boyfriend to live with her. And Lynn has written a Christian parenting book? Ummm...that was idiotic. This young lady can do just fine with a GED. In most community colleges, she is of age to begin taking college classes. If she does well in that, she can transfer to a university if that's what she decides to do. It's a little too late to keep dwelling on her "mistake". Unless she's like Britney,I'd imagine in a few years she won't be able to imagine life without her baby. Life will no doubt be rough, and she's going to grow up real fast. I think she's going to be ok :o)

2478 days ago


GOOD FOR HER! This is NOT a bad thing people. She's going to get her diploma earlier then she would have if she'd never been famous. I'd bet a million she's going to take some college courses. This is a good kid. Cut her some slack, just because her sister is a wreck doesn't mean she's going to be....let her have the chance to prove herself instead of setting the kid up for failure!

2478 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Dr. Phil was on ET tonight defending his talking to them after his visit with Britney. What a jerk he is. He should never have talked to the media - especially when Britney didn't want to talk to him. He really likes publicity,doesn't he? He is doing the Spears family more harm than good with his arrogant ego. Britney needs help with a real Medical Doctor not some TV media whore looking for ratings. He makes me gag!
Britney has bad taste in men - dirt bag, money moocher K-Fed and now that new ugly guy who is probably after her money, too. Girls frequently choose guys alot like their dads. Britney's father was an abusing alcoholic. With a dad like that and a mother like Lynn, Britney didn't have a chance.

2478 days ago

I THOUGHT YOU WOULD UNDERSTAND WHAT HAPPENED, BY MY CLARIFICATION COMMENT UP THERE! DAH! Thanks too for your concern deary....blood pressure is GREAT! Couldn't be better.

And nope, no fan, just hate to see injustices for any underdogs, and will spit out whenever I feel like it, or feel it is necessary. LOL

2478 days ago

just me    

I'm sure she knew about STD's, birthcontrol, contraception everybody. It's obvious she wanted this baby.

2478 days ago


Definite college student in her future. I already see it.
Jamie-Lynn seems to be the only sane and logical one in the fam with a good head on her shoulders. When a person gets knocked up by mistake in their 20s and 30s like most celebs- that is unacceptable.. this is a child so mistakes are a given.
It's not how many mistakes you make (because everyone makes many), it's how one WORKS through those mistakes that shows what character and grace they hold. She'll be fine.

2478 days ago

I'm sure she knew about STD's, birthcontrol, contraception everybody. It's obvious she wanted this baby

2478 days ago

just me    

#69 is Doctor Phil trying to justify himself.

2478 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

When Dr. Phil was on Jay Leno promoting his book on "Dieting", Leno nearly fell out of his chair laughing. We should have known right then what a FAKE Dr. Phil is.

2478 days ago

#69 is Doctor Phil trying to justify himself.

2478 days ago

big jim    

Leave her alone. She`s just a girl...........

2478 days ago

April Fouels    

when al-kaida makes their next attack, none of this will matter

2478 days ago
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