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Pam to Rick

I'm Pregnant

AND Divorcing You!

1/10/2008 1:59 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

010908_pam_rick_filmmagic-1TMZ has learned the divorce between Pam Anderson and Rick Salomon is back on and Pam is pregnant!

You'll recall Anderson filed for divorce last month, but called it off just days later. But sources tell TMZ she is now moving forward with the divorce, even though we know she's pregnant with his baby.

Salomon has told friends he believes she is "acting crazy" because of the pregnancy and hopes she will settle back into the marriage. Interestingly, in her divorce petition, Anderson asked for spousal support but not child support.

The couple were married in Las Vegas on October 6.


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lusty lady    

I think that many of your comment are sick and gross. You sound like a bunch of frigid women or gay men and make me gag,vomit. yuk to all of you. Rick probably wants all her money anyway, and she wants to take care of the baby without all the male baggaqge.

2415 days ago


Looks like Pam is dringing the same water(???) as Brittany. The entire entertainment world needs t total rehabbing. What a bunch for our next generation to look up to.

2415 days ago


Shoudn't she pay him spousal support? I mean, I had never heard of this guy til she married him... How much money could he have?????

2415 days ago


um people learn about hep c before you go throwing around what you can and cant do ... and im sorry but i am so sick of hearing about this soap opera lives of celebrities.. big deal.. they have more issues than most and honestly its truly makes our society look STUPID... then you read the comments some make and its scarey that these are everyday individuals who will type anything on one of these things just to get attention and a rise out of others.. REALLY is awfully sad

2415 days ago

Stupid drunks    

I am not sure why people on here think they are smarter then what they are. If you are going to swear up and down about this and that you should at least check your facts or at least know a little on the subject.

5% chance a baby will get infected if the mother has Heb c. It's not rare or uncommon...that is 5 out of a 100 babies. one in a million now that is rare or uncommon. I for one would not be as selfish as to take the chance of infected an INNOCENT unborn child. I am happy for anyone that beat the odds but a babies health would not be worth that risk in my eyes. I dont' think playing russian roullette with children is smart. There are enough unwanted children that need homes. Why endanger a baby for no reason other then to fill a maternal need. That is selfishness.

And as nurses being just below a doctor...come where not serious where you??? I know if I was dying or severly hurt it would not be a nurse I want...they are good for giving the pain pills and changing bed pans...but not medical advice. I am not saying nurses are not valuable...they are needed greatly and provide service to people that need it. But they are in no way comparable to a doctor. You probably get your accountants secretary to do your taxes....or the vet assistant to fix your dog...way to go!

2415 days ago


She must have a brain the size of a walnut. I mean DUH! Too bad her brain isn't at least half the size of just ONE of her breasts.

2415 days ago


One good thing,,,at least you don't see her children being dragged around in the press daily,,,,,

2415 days ago


Side Note : Rick is already the father of 2 daughters, by his first wife Elizabeth Daily.

2415 days ago

Im just sayin    

She needs to be careful she doesnt drown the little baby with her milk jugs

2415 days ago


What is the deal with this woman? She has no idea how to stay married to one man for more than a few months, but calls herself a great mom? You don't subject your children to all this drama and call yourself even a good mom. And here comes another baby!

2415 days ago


You cant transfer hep C to the baby for one, and this girl is one messed up lady, when will these ladies like Pam and Britney grow up and act like adults and mothers to their children. Never as long as the media report on them everyday.

2415 days ago


i wish she would just stay married for more than 3 months at a time.. some things get old and pam's divorces is one of them.

2415 days ago


HEP C is not transverable to the baby via the Placenta. The baby will be fine.

2415 days ago


My question of the day.........does anyone ever really grow up????? Really????

2415 days ago


#169 bite me- I am not sure why you think people on this message board are stupid. Of course the baby has a chance of getting hep C. I know myself, I would never take the chance either, but she has and will have to take the concequences that come her way. Also being older she has the possibility of Down's syndrome. Or twins for that matter.
You must have either had some very dumb nurses or extremely bad doctors. Believe me, I am in nursing (pediatrics) and have seen stupid doctors, nurses, and even really dumb parents. The dr or rn after someone's name doesn't make them smart or dumb. It is the individual. Also, there are a lot of stupid vets out there so don't think they are any better. It is up to the individual person to find a doctor who fits their needs, not for the doctor to conform to yours. Don't be so cruel to professions where we work our butts off to help make people better.

2415 days ago
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