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Kiefer Still Doing Time -- And Laundry

1/11/2008 6:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Keifer SutherlandTMZ has exclusively learned that Kiefer Sutherland will not be released early -- he's gotta do his full 48 days. He checked in on Dec. 5.

According to officer John Balian of the Glendale PD, Kiefer's not gonna get the Michelle Rodriguez treatment. His release date is scheduled for January 21.

Kiefer is still behaving well, and is considered an A+ type of inmate. He does not complain about anything and is still on laundry duty. He was never assigned to kitchen stuff.

Sutherland has not received visitors throughout his stay in jail -- no one came during the holidays -- or his birthday, but he gets tons of mail from fans all over the world.


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800 pound gorilla fart    

Yes indeed we do love that show . You , sir , are in our prayers for your effort to rccover from the drink . Alot' of what problems actors or Celebs have is kinda' creepy to know , i mean , I know much more about them than they ever will of me . But some actors do strick a chord... Keifer being one of them
.Much like my admiration for the Baldwin brothers , who are entertainment sub-genuises as far as I am concerned , do have problems , I , maybe unlike others , try to look at the whole person .
Good luck on your progress . As always ... I enjoy the show to no ends .

2476 days ago


I am very proud of Kiefer for the way he has handled this whole situation. He is a perfect example of how to conduct yourself when you make a mistake. Love You Kiefer.

However I believe the court and the guy in charge of the jail there in Glendale should let Kiefer out early. If anyone has every deserved time off for good behavior, it is Kiefer. I'm sure if he was a she, he would be out by now. It's situations like this that make me see how unfair the "justice system is"

2476 days ago


To #14 - EB...

I agree. No doubt, he asked his friends and family not to visit in order to avoid the media frenzy, etc. Kudos to Keifer for taking this responsibility seriously and privately, and staying under the media radar. He's no saint, but his actions certainly have class. How unlike Hilton, and the rest of the brat pack media twits.

2476 days ago

Jannie Baby    

Rock on, Kief! I've been a fan ever since I saw you play the thug big brother in the movie "Stand By Me." It's not easy, but you're showing all these trashy, whining crybabies how it's done. You're a class act, an adult in a world full of spoiled little brats. We're with you!

2476 days ago

sara anne    

i also heard that he did not want any vistors....the only names he listed were his lawyer and a doctor, and only the lawyer has come.....i hope he can sneek out with out being hounded by the press to much....kiefer is a great actor, and ive been in love/lust with him for the last 20 years!!!his dui were spaced out over a great period of time....i think the first one he was like 19, the 2nd was in 2004 and then this one...i dont care if he partys with his pals ....hopefully he just wont drive....i also dont think he is drunk all time...he could act the way he does...with the 24 never hear of anything but good stuff from the what if he lets off steam with guys or some very luck ladies! i saw him in la, the weekend he went in on the sunday before....he was with a very built brunette...and clearly not rock kiefer!

2476 days ago


What about his dad? Are they not on speaking terms? Incredible that a father would not visit his son in jail. for Christmas or his birthday! SAD!

2476 days ago

sara anne    

once again , he asked his family and friends not to vist him!

2476 days ago


I will glad when this is over for Kiefer. He's a great actor and I have been a fan of his for over 20 years. So what if he lets off a little steam every now and then. He got a DUI and did his time without complaining or putting his family and friends through the ordeal of coming to visit him. The photogs and especially TMZ would have been all over them. He's a stand up guy. Love you Kiefer.

2476 days ago


Kiefer please note the correct spelling, K*I*E*F*E*R. is a great example of someone who made a mistake but apologised and took the punishment with dignity and grace and without one single word of complaint. He is a shinning example of how one should behave when you’ve messed up. As other posters have stated the reason he didn’t have visitors was because he chose not to have visitors, his choice OK. When Kiefer is released it’s entirely his business whether or not he continues to drink, the only thing he needs to do is drink responsibly and not drive. Drinking isn’t illegal again his choice his life his decision. Do any of us have a right to judge him? Go Kiefer you rock.

2475 days ago


Keifer is an alcoholic. He's messed up big time, but the media ignores him. TMZ et al would rather exploit the Hollywood girls' minor indescretions than expose a male star's failings.

Posted at 6:17PM on Jan 11th 2008 by toomanydoggies

Ignores him? They were all over this story when he was arrested idiot. At least he is being a man and doing his time without complaining, which is more than I can say for any of these girls you are talking about. Get a grip, man-hater. Loser.

2475 days ago


THe good news is that this guy will actually have to be sober for the entire 48 days, which is probably something of a record for him.

I agree with an eirlier post that said that "the media" follows every move of Paris Hilton or Britney Spears. What a difference between the coverage of Paris's imprisonment and Keifer Sutherland's! And Keifer actually did soemthing really bad with a major DUI.

Posted at 8:01PM on Jan 11th 2008 by QE2

And Parisite didn't? She broke the law too a-hole. Grow up loser.

2475 days ago


thanks for the address of where he is.
i have been a fan and collecting of kiefers for over 18 years. i am glade he is serving it all. i am proud of him. now i can send a card to him. he has been great all these years. he is humane and he makes mistakes like we all do. i want 24 back. going threw a huge with drawal and tired of watching the other 6 seasons.
kiefer is the man. he is so gorgeous on top of it.

2475 days ago



2475 days ago

kathy c    

doesn't seem fair that the girls all get off and the men have to serve their time. i think it just shows what a good man he really is. i think of him and pray for him every day. i am his biggest fan in the world. love you kiefer.

2475 days ago


You know I don’t want to make any personal comments against other posters here, I believe that we can all make our points without resorting to name calling. I think that if Nichole, Paris et al had shown the same integrity and good grace that Kiefer has, they would have earned themselves a lot more respect than they currently enjoy. Kiefer has won a lot of respect and kudos with the media because of the considerate and courteous way he always treats everyone. What goes around comes around and I think the press have treated him in a more considerate way than some others because he is a decent stand up guy trying to do the right thing. We shouldn’t judge someone solely on their mistakes but view the person as a whole. I understand Kiefer is a very hard working, polite, kind and generous person who contributes a lot to society and shouldn’t be compared in anyway to the other whinning celebrities previously mentioned, he is in a different league altogether.

2475 days ago
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