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Behold! Newest Scientolodroid Debuts!

1/15/2008 4:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David Letterman made television history yesterday when, for the very first time, he welcomed an android as a guest on his show. It did not jump on the chairs.

When the KH-9878 Scientolobot™ arrived, its Sociability Module had not yet been uploaded, and it entered the Ed Sullivan Theater without greeting the waiting press and gawking public. Note its remarkable Wintour-o-Bob Cranial Headgear!

As the KH-9878 was properly configured, it demonstrated remarkable human-like dexterity with an ordinary pen -- not to mention a fetching set of "gams."

Watch the world-premiere demonstration.


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SG, NE    

Why does your writing staff feel the need to be so cynical? Why is our society always looking to pick at something. She is beautiful, seems happy in her life, marriage and has a gorgeous child and by all accounts seems to be a great step mom. I say live and let live and stop trippin on her religion. You are only perpetuating intolerance and hate.

2443 days ago


A former boss of mine was a Scientologist. When he left, they harrassed him by phone for years. Creepy.

2443 days ago

Amy Silverman    

She has turned into a robot-a shell of a person-looks empty to me,very plastic,guarded and fake and sad

2443 days ago


I saw the show last night. It was uncomfortable to watch for some reason. I agree with the other poster that said she was very cautious during the interview. I'm sure she is "coached" before she goes on. The fact that she tried to ask Dave questions like she was really interested made it obvious of Tom's influence.

Oh, and forget Amazing! Her new word is MAGICAL! Suri is Magical, life with Suri is Magical. I guess so when you can leave her with a nanny whenever the going gets tough. Oh Please!

With all this Magical talk, maybe she is Willy Wonka!! Too funny whoever wrote that!

2443 days ago


I think she has just grown up and isn't a little girl anymore. I think she and Tom are very happy, as she said it just keeps betting better and better. I don't for the life of me understand how you people cannot see and accept that. They are happy, read my lips. She is not a stepford wife she just grew up!! End of story.

2443 days ago

TV on DVD    

I think Albert Einstein is there god and Newton is the saint.

2443 days ago


This is completely wacky, but on topic. I was at the Letterman taping as a guest of a CBS employee and got to go backstage. Natalie Portman was backstage and was there with Katie Holmes. HUH? Is Natalie turning to the dark side too???

2443 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

She always has her arm around his neck like he's her little boy. I think Tom and Katie are boring boobs.
Tom and Nicole's adopted children are home schooled at Tom's house so his crazy sister can teach them the cult religion.

2443 days ago


HAHA! KH-9878? that's SO funny. yes, she is very droid-like.

2443 days ago


Makes sense...she was at the wedding. Pix were on

2443 days ago


Her interview with Dave last night was Very awkward. Did anyone else catch her expression when he asked her about having more kids? That conversation was extremely stilted and you could tell Dave changed the subject quickly. To have to be so utterly cautious about every word you say is very sad. I hope she's happy... but something in her eyes and expressions make me think not. IT's like she's trying to "convince" herself that she's happy. You look at earlier interviews of Katie (before Tom) and she was so cute and bubbly... what happened to that part of her personality? :(

2443 days ago


Sure she's acting robotic, her personality has changed since meeting Tom and they look weird together. Many girls (mostly high school) change personalities and drop friends when they meet their dream guy. Tom and Katie are a perfect in that they are both immature. That being said, they both are happy it may be fleeting but folks should stop judging and let them be.

2443 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

I love people that reinvent's so theraputic..Britney can you hear me?????

2443 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

They look so fake always kissing and slobbering on each other in public. She just married the Midget for his money. I don't plan to ever spend my money on their films. They are so has-beens.

2443 days ago


TMZ, you're taking things much too far. If someone matures and behaves like a charming young lady, she has been brainwashed? She has grown up, and is now a happy wife and mother. Please, stop this.

2443 days ago
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