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Dogg's 'Heart Attack'

Chillest 911 Call Ever

1/16/2008 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call that was made after Nate Dogg -- cousin of Snoop Dogg -- suffered what was described as a "heart attack" ... and you're not going to believe how nonchalant the caller is! It sounds like she's calling in about a hangnail -- not for a guy whose life's on the line!

Since the original incident, it has emerged in reports that Nate actually suffered a stroke, rather than a heart attack. The 38-year-old Dogg cousin is currently in a medical rehabilitation facility recovering from the stroke, after being released from a hospital on December 26 -- no other information on his condition is available.

But seriously -- you gotta hear this (unidentified) woman. The 911 operator is a helluva lot more animated than she is.


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She was probrably stoned out of her mind so she wasnt trippen!

2437 days ago


41. He's pretty young to have had a stroke.......

Posted at 8:09PM on Jan 16th 2008 by lango
Thats my point ,Strokes know no age ,creed or color .There a very few warning signs and you just never know how it'll turn out !A friend of mine had one also ,left her without a leg !The clot lodged in her leg .

2436 days ago


TMZ, on this one you're trippin'. There are scores of 911 calls in which the caller is in such an excited state that the operator can't get the correct information and can't give out possible life saving instructions. Thisis more on the lines of how a caller SHOULD respond.

Get bent TMZ!!

2436 days ago


42. Since when does the 911 operator get off the phone with you BEFORE help has arrived?!?!?!?!

Posted at 8:28PM on Jan 16th 2008 by angela868
I knew my Mom had a stroke and told dispatcher so ,they did same thing .Not sure where Nate Dogg lives ,but I'm in California .

2436 days ago

Luther Lackey    

I grew up with him in Mississippi. We even sang together in the Church Chior.
"Buddy",I'm still here if you ever need me....

2436 days ago

she comments    

It sounds like the female that called it in is sad. That is what you are describing as her sounding as if she doesn't care. She sounds said..she said it was her bf.

2436 days ago


You guys are ridiculous and don't know nothing. Know the facts before you comment. You are all going by hearsay. No one was high or baked. She was mellow because that is her persona. Why is the media putting extras on this situation? The title said
Dogg's "Heart Attack" -- Chillest 911 Call Ever what was so chilly about it but it got everyone’s attention. I am a personal friend of Nate and it is funny to see how all of this is unfolding and the media will do anything for a story and they twist your words to make it interesting and most will take info from other sites or news reports and throw them together to create something. Please! Be more original. They don't report the positive things where is the report that Nate has a Gospel Choir go to you tube and look at the videos. Send your prayers to

2436 days ago


Get well soon dog ur in my prayers.

2436 days ago


she sounded like she was High of drugs!! she was very slow and calm. BUT maybe that was a good thing because the operator could help her better... TMZ get it together report about other stuff like Crime!, FIGHTS you know the good stuff!

2435 days ago


?????? seriously......did u take the time to read.....I happen to agree with '10'

2434 days ago


Thank the LORD she was there....period

2434 days ago

Cathy Henderson    

I think that she did exactly what she was suppose to do she was calm and collected. Screaming and or crying would not have helped him at all.

2432 days ago


How should have the caller reacted ? Acting irrational will not resolve the problem any faster.

2431 days ago


As a former 9-1-1 dispatcher. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with her call. TMZ or whoever is dumb for even trying to make a big deal out of it. To be honest, it sounds like she was aggravated and or exhausted. "Unidentified Lady" U did the right thing. Screw any1 else that says different.

2430 days ago


Oh, U and ur family are in my prayers.

2430 days ago
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