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Britney Jumps Between Personalities

1/17/2008 12:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In a very "Sybil" move, two of Britney's inner voices were fighting for control last night -- bouncing from British Brit, "Whea's the cah?" to Southern-fried ding dang Spears in just seconds. My troops!

Before the high speed paparazzi chase that ended with four paps under arrest, Britney and Adnan ate, once again, at Gaucho Grill in Studio City. Brit was heard saying of the paps, "Why they out here like this?"

Maybe they can't resist the Chorizo Argentino either, y'all -- er, you theah.


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That is just totally insane....I would be nuts too!

2474 days ago


27. Britney Spears or NOT, she is a total embarrassment to be around & I wouldn't want to be associated with anyone remotely like her. For the record, with that MOUTH she has, even the Muslims wouldn't take her! Well as long as Adnoid is lining his pockets AND getting laid by a trainwreck, all is good in her imaginary world. I would hope that ANY woman he gets with after this fruitcase FORCES him to have an HIV/STD test. And lose that mohawk already its totally ridiculous on a Muslim in the first place. Shes trying to turn him into Kevin!

Posted at 11:26AM on Jan 17th 2008 by CindyLooWho

Did you read your own post? you talk about that MOUTH she has, yet in the next sentence, "getting laid.." LOL nice work - and i'm sure no one would want to be friends with a trainwreck, or someone like you who is a hypocrite. lol

2474 days ago

Lori B    

24. Brit has lost her children, lost her career, lost her friends, lost her family, lost all hopes of any respect....
Brit has lost her mind....
What a sad pathetic person, what a sad life.

Posted at 11:24AM on Jan 17th 2008 by Monica
But she's having such fun. Seriously check out X-17, she's having a blast!!

2474 days ago


I believe that's it - MPD - multiple personality disorder. I got that feeling last week when I first heard the British thing. How many are there. I feel so certain inside that it could be none other than multiples. God help her.

2474 days ago

Democrats are evil    

TMZ and the other so called news sites are responsible for this chaos. How utterly irresponsible it is for this uncontrollable behavior of these paparazzi. Time to quit feeding the beast. Goodbye.

2474 days ago


Lock her up and throw away the key.

About the chase.

If they were doing 100 mph, she was doing 100 mph.

I cannot understand how come the LAPD let's her slide all the time.

Arnold should get involved.

2474 days ago


Personally, I think she is messing with paps for fun. She is exaggerating her role and playing for the cameras.

2474 days ago


If Brit is so sick of the paps Why doesn't she just stay the hell home? Simple solution to the problem I would say. She has more than enough money to send flunkies out to do stuff for her.

2474 days ago


In all seriousness though, how can you expect someone to stay home 24/7? I mean, I get cabin fever after 3 days of being home - people should be entiteld to go out. I dont think the solution is "if they are taking your picture, hide" - what kind of life is that? do you think that could possibly make someone that is "sick", better? how many pics do people really need? with all that high-priced equipment, you would think they could hide in some bushes and take some distance shots. sure she is messing w/the media - i'm sure you would get to a point where you would, too. although i think her 2am shopping spree is odd, perhaps no one would suspect that that would happen - yet guess who's there to report and take pics... ahhhhhh

2474 days ago

Vanity Killz    

47. TMZ and the other so called news sites are responsible for this chaos. How utterly irresponsible it is for this uncontrollable behavior of these paparazzi. Time to quit feeding the beast. Goodbye.

Posted at 11:37AM on Jan 17th 2008 by Tired of it all

Don't let the door hit you in a** on the way out :p

2474 days ago


Ok, up until now, I just thought she was doing coke and stuff with this dude, but I think I see what's going on now.. this broad is truly ill. I feel kinda sad now. If they quit taking her picture, she'll have nothing to come out for.. eek, this is a tough one.

2474 days ago



2474 days ago


I don't know which is more sickening, Britts mental state or the paps. I think they are even.

2474 days ago


Everyday we get a couple of videos of Britney walking to her car with about 30 photographers surrounding her. How much can these guys be making? It's always the same thing! Are they just waiting for her to go completely bonkers and hoping for that money shot? But won't there be 29 more with the same money shot? I just don't get how they make money. Who would pay for the same pictures/videos day after day?

2474 days ago

cat b    

ello govna Im Britney spears and im messin with you...because its a excercise who is the mentally unbalanced person here...who is the hunter who is the prey? is a interesting study in human behavior of how far the paps will why do they care if she goes to taco bell and what she eats?,,,why isnt the world more obsessed about our young men and women dying in a war across the water there?...why instead of trying to get help or commital for a pop star we arent demanding a end to the war or cure for cancer?...Maybe I should be labeled crazy and locked away for be concerned about real issues....

2474 days ago
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