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Brit to Kids -- Pick Up the Phone, Y'all

1/28/2008 8:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears can reach out and touch her kids -- by phone.
Britney's minute order
TMZ has obtained a minute order from the hearing last week. Commissioner Scott Gordon ruled "Petitioner is to have telephonic contact with the minor children in accordance with the parties' oral stipulation this date."

Spears was denied physical contact with the kids after her various meltdowns.


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OOPS lap not laps

2397 days ago

Vintage '51    

Sunset Said: Kid-Go To Bed. Past your bedtime, moron.TMZ has been notified.

2397 days ago


So. What are the chances we'll get to hear the recording of these phone calls? You know they're going to tape her crazy ass.

2397 days ago


BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2397 days ago


Give it up with the insults on how she speeks, ya'll is gettig old. Makeing jokes as to the slang of being country is rediculas.

2397 days ago


Bitch? Skank? Trash? You're all sicker than she is. And by the way, in case you haden't noticed, this young woman IS ill.
Decent people don't ridicule those who are sick.

2397 days ago


Parental rights should be severed. She should not be permitted to add to the children's confusion and trauma with these phone calls. She has had more than enough chances. Now the children should be given a chance to heal from the effects of this monstrosity posing as a mother.

2397 days ago


A has been at 26 what a looser , stop with all this Bs who want to Know at about this Train Wreck ,just send her to the scrap yard. and let's forget about her and Wait till she appear on MEMBA HER? blurb.

2397 days ago


What a great idea! Now she can call them at all hours of the night and screw them up even more! Maybe next they will allow her to talk to them via video and she can strip down naked just like old times. Those kids are so lucky! Maybe she can talk to them in her fake British accent and tell them how she loves the paparazzi, gas stations and Rite Aid more then she loves them. Now JJ can relive the night she held him hostage for 3 hours, I'm sure that will just warm his little heart!

2397 days ago


35. No matter what, no one should have the right to take children from thier mother. So what if she's going through hard times. Welcome to the world of being a woman. You'd be depressed and feeling crazy as well if you had two kids back to back, with an IDIOT. Sorry for what you have to go through Brittney. There are alot worse mothers out there, and there are way more kids in the world that have legitimate problems, problems bigger than being born as Brittney's kid. How hard can life be, come on now.

Posted at 7:07PM on Jan 28th 2008 by jessyjane


Leave it to a Britney fan to say something STUPID! Get a brain already and stop posting asinine things on here! Besides it's getting late, shouldn't you be in bed by now so you can go to school tomorrow? That is unless you are a dropout like your fallen hero Britney!

2397 days ago


for god sake, please get a life. not everything britney does, "its oh god look at her", please its not like we don't do stupid things like that. we are the ones who are crazy by watching her and judging her. maybe that is why she acting that way. i don't like britney, but this is not fair and it is not right. who are we to judge?

2397 days ago


Hahaha!! OK next will be the Enquirer that will obtain her last cell phone bill and show out of the 5621 minutes - 2 minutes and 13 seconds of that was with her kids!!!!

2397 days ago


They are far wost mothers walking the streets right now while there kids are god know swhere, What are your kids doing while you sat and read brits problems, Leave the girl alone broke ass.

2397 days ago


The reason for Britneys "meltdown" is because of the pap's, TMZ, and poor news reporting. You are constantly in her face 24/7. I personaly feel she should file a defamation and harrassment lawsuit against you pieces if crap at TMZ. By the way, all the BS you SPECULATED about Heith Ledger was bogus too, all you want to do is report anything without getting the FACTS first! You snot nosed little brats should be shut down.

2397 days ago



2397 days ago
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