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Donald Sutherland -- Allergic to Kiefer?

1/28/2008 5:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Sutherland's publicist smells a rat! A rep for the Golden Globe-winning actor refused to allow him to be interviewed at the "Fool's Gold" junket last Friday -- after she got a whiff of cigarette smoke!
Composite of Donald and Kifer Sutherland
Donald has a "serious, serious" smoke allergy says the rep, and there are always strict guidelines in place to ensure he's not exposed to secondhand smoke. Just prior to Donald's arrival at the junket, some staff members had been puffin' away on the balcony -- and that just wasn't going to work.

Incidentally, Sutherland's son, "24" star Kiefer, is rarely seen without a cig. TMZ caught Donald hugging his smoky son last week, after Kiefer's release from jail. Perhaps he held his breath.

Sutherland's publicist had no comment on how he manages his extreme allergy around Kiefer.


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Hey--doesn't he know that smoking KILLS?

2426 days ago

She looks like hell    

Well, whoever smokes will be dead soon enough. Can't you just wait it out? Gawd, cigarettes stink and the people who smoke them smell like musty old people. BLECH.

2426 days ago


Difference B/T Business and Family. Enough said.
This website is like poison: drink up

2426 days ago

hot snot    

My dad has a sneezing reaction to smoke

but i smoke like a chimney...but not around my dad. the scent of cigs on a person doesn't do it, it's the smoke...well, that is what makes my dad sneeze.

anyways, i don't think that made sense.

2426 days ago


I know someone who works on Dirty Sexy Money, and Donald does indeed have some sort of "no smoking" clause in his contract.

2426 days ago


This is actually funny since i have seen several movies where Donald has had a cig hanging out of his mouth...example Kelly's Hero's...I find it funny how TMZ can make up these stories

2426 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

Daddy sure taught him right. . . addicted to smoking, DUI drunk, bet he's real proud. There's a lot more problems here than his kids smoking!

2426 days ago


Will you stop with the smoking comments already! It is getting really old!

2426 days ago


2. Well, whoever smokes will be dead soon enough. Can't you just wait it out? Gawd, cigarettes stink and the people who smoke them smell like musty old people. BLECH.

Posted at 3:56PM on Jan 28th 2008 by Nonsmokers rule

You are such a moron! I can only imagine what you smell like and it is probably a mixture of an unwashed ass and a stale fart! Get a life loser and GET OVER IT!

2426 days ago


The only thing that stinks around here is that horrible Photoshopped pic!

2426 days ago


It's your son, schmuck-take a Benadryl! I'm allergic to smoke, too-half this town SMOKES, but I just take an allergy pill. Usually I have allergy shots every spring. I hate the SMELL of cigs and cigars, pipes, etc., but others have to live, too. I can't give up all my clients, friends and family because of the Smokin' thang.

2426 days ago


I always had enough respect for my parents not to smoke in front of them because I knew they didn't like it. Kiefer should have enough respect for his dad to do the same.

But hey, thank the Good Lord I quit!

2426 days ago

David McNamara    

I think he is blowing smoke up your ass. Lame excuse!

2426 days ago

She looks like hell    

4:24, I have a life and it's living FRESH and CLEAN with no stink in it. I smell like roses honey and taste like strawberry wine. I have a life and it's going to last longer than yours. From your immature tirade I can only assume that you suck on the cancer sticks. Grow up and do your homework...bedtime comes soon at your age. HAHA

To the person who said enough with the smoking comments. TOUGH, it stinks, it kills and NO one wants to smell like a musty old person so keep that skanky smell away from us normal, healthy people.

2425 days ago


I need a cigarette.

2425 days ago
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