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Donald Sutherland -- Allergic to Kiefer?

1/28/2008 5:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Sutherland's publicist smells a rat! A rep for the Golden Globe-winning actor refused to allow him to be interviewed at the "Fool's Gold" junket last Friday -- after she got a whiff of cigarette smoke!
Composite of Donald and Kifer Sutherland
Donald has a "serious, serious" smoke allergy says the rep, and there are always strict guidelines in place to ensure he's not exposed to secondhand smoke. Just prior to Donald's arrival at the junket, some staff members had been puffin' away on the balcony -- and that just wasn't going to work.

Incidentally, Sutherland's son, "24" star Kiefer, is rarely seen without a cig. TMZ caught Donald hugging his smoky son last week, after Kiefer's release from jail. Perhaps he held his breath.

Sutherland's publicist had no comment on how he manages his extreme allergy around Kiefer.


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He's Boring now    

Hey #15 state your race, sex, age and familys place of origin...I'm sure than we can make judgements on you as you have on those who happen to smoke.

You are an awful human being. going through life with some kind of grudge, whats your view on the mentally challenged? Are they disgusting to you as well?

2430 days ago


I agree with you, liquidman666, that photo is so blatantly faked that it is pathetic ... for those of you that think it is real ... go quickly to the nearest optomitrist and have your eyes checked!!! What ever happened to truth in media??? I am so tired of doctored and fake, cut and paste photos!

2430 days ago

Go, Kiefer!    

#6 - Donald used to smoke, but he quit a long time ago. I've never seen a picture of Kiefer smoking around him and, as much as Kiefer smokes, I've smelled him up close a few times and he didn't smell like smoke. Don't know why, but he didn't.

2429 days ago

Go, Kiefer!    

Wait... no one here really thinks that we're supposed to think that's a real photograph, do they? Of COURSE, it isn't. That's obvious. How silly for anyone to even think that it's for real.

People, meet Common Sense.

Common Sense, meet People.

2429 days ago


Please keep in mind there is no smoking in jail. So Keith might not have had time to get to a smoke before hugging his dad. Maybe after 45 day Keith quit!! That would make his Dad give him a hug.

2429 days ago


Shape up Keifer. Quit smoking and drinking. Have some respect for Donald.
You are a talented man. Quit acting like a teenager.
There's been more than enough talented young people destroying themseves lately.

2429 days ago

April Fouels    


2429 days ago


Smokers are drug addicts. They would kill for that nicotine fix. Of course they don't respect the non smoker's right to breathe, they don't respect their own bodies.

2429 days ago

Dominique L.    

I worked on a film with Donald and though he only had 3 days of work, cigarettes were banned from the set once he got there. The whole thing was rather funny actually. There were "No smoking" signs all over the set, crew members would try to sneak a smoke out of view and so on. He even had to be driven in a car that had never been smoked in!

2429 days ago

Marlb Man    

Real men smoke!!!! Women that smoke are PIGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

2429 days ago


Donald used to smoke a long time ago, but he quit. His allergy developed after that.

Kiefer needs to quit smoking, drinking, glamorizing torture, and being a douchebag in general.

Donald did not raise Kiefer. He and Kiefer's mom divorced when Kiefer was very young. Kiefer's mom is Shirley Douglas, a respected Canadian actress, and his grandfather was Tommy Douglas, who designed Canada's health care system.

Kiefer came from good people. He has only himself to blame for the way he turned out.

2429 days ago

Go, Kiefer!    

Just not smoking (or not drinking or both) doesn't make you a good person and smoking and having a problem with alcohol (as Kiefer seems to) don't make you a bad person. If your world is really that black & white, Cynic, you have only yourself to blame.

2429 days ago


That's one doctored up picture, guys. That picture of a cigarette is not even in his mouth. How can anyone take y'all seriously with crap like that on here?

2429 days ago


I'm 29 and I used to smoke. I was fine for years until I became so allergic and sensitive to second hand smoke that my lungs physically hurt if I'm in it for any length of time. Not everyone's lungs are the same. But no smoking outdoors? Hrm.

2429 days ago


The cigarettes not even in his mouth. What kind of lies and disinformation
are you spreading, TMZ?

2429 days ago
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