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Rebecca Gayheart Has "Car Issues" ... Again!

1/28/2008 12:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Car drama seems to follow Rebecca Gayheart wherever she goes.

Although "car issues" almost kept Rebecca and her "McSteamy" husband, Eric Dane, from getting to the SAG Awards last night, luckily -- it was just the battery that died.


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Jessica L.    

Wow. Just when you thought TMZ couldn't make a more tasteless comment, they surprise you. That last line was completely out of line and the jackass who typed it should be reprimanded (yeah right). It's clear that noone in your offices has experienced the unimaginable loss of a dear child and that you have no empathy whatsoever.

2427 days ago


Are you guys at TMZ ever going to stop the car-cracks towards Rebecca Gayheart? It was an accident, and it's really distasteful the way you keep making the same obnoxious "jokes". She's going to be haunted by it the rest of her life, and it really is something that can happen to even the best drivers - someone runs out in the street.

2427 days ago


Rebecca, Steer away from the car stories, you wackjob!

2427 days ago


That's a low blow even for TMZ standards....You feel ashamed. Your words are not funny at all, just hateful and coldhearted

2427 days ago


pffft. so where's the story?

2427 days ago


Wow, that was tacky.

2427 days ago


That's low TMZ...even for you! Leave her alone, it was an accident and the parents were mostly to blame for letting their small child cross a very busy road (not even at an intersection) without any supervision. Accidents happen all the time and unfortunately for her, her accident had a horrible outcome. But you would never catch me letting one of my children cross a street like that without me helping them.

2427 days ago


Sweet couple! Hope their parents taught them enough about marriage and relationships and how to deal with things that occur in relationships. Life is a series of tests and problems. It's not the probs, rather, how to solve them. I hope they stay together.

2427 days ago

Women R Hizoes    

Nice job TMZ!! I'm sure the parents of the kid who died from her accident appreciate it when people make jokes about people dying when she drives. They must love that.

What a bunch of mornos you people are!!

2427 days ago


TMZ- shame on you. I hope Ms. Gayheart rises above this latest cruel joke from you. You've just lost this reader.

2427 days ago


Rebecca Gayheart is a really nasty person.

We were at a coffee house one time where she was sitting and smoking up a storm - one cigarette after another.

We were trying to figure out amongst ourselves another table to move to because of the cigarette smoke.

Rebecca Gayheart eavesdropped on our conversation and loudly started mocking our need to get away from the smoke, and she kept making really exaggerated childish mocking faces like 5-year-olds do on the playground. Clearly she was defensive about smoking.

She was really weird and nasty. One of our friends was being treated for emphysema, and another was pregnant. We didn't say anything to her but her extreme rudeness and invasiveness momentarily tempted us to approach and ask her if she has to kill everyone in her path.

Instead, we ignored her and quietly moved to another table. A minute later, she left. Nasty person.

2427 days ago


That was just wrong! I don't expect a lot of class, but some decency would be nice.

2427 days ago


That's not cool!!

2427 days ago


Really low, TMZ. You just lost a reader. Bad enough when you made fun of this the first time. The blurb writer should be fired and you should offer an apology to Ms. Gayheart and your readers. Disgusting.

2427 days ago


TMZ-very cruel and disgusting comment. She made a terrible mistake. A child had died for it. For you to joke about it is DISGUSTING. I am ashamed that I visit your site when you guys can joke about a child's death. The joke was NOT FUNNY and in bad taste. You should really think about fire the person who wrote that. To the person who made this joke- GO TO Church and FIND SOME COMPASSION!!!!!

2427 days ago
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