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"Moment of Truth" to Catch a Killer?

1/29/2008 2:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A well-placed source tells TMZ that reps for suspected wife killer Drew Peterson have contacted the producers of the new show "Moment of Truth," asking to hookup their client to a lie detector test on national television.

Peterson's fourth wife Stacey has been missing and presumed dead since last October. Peterson's third wife, Kathleen Savio, was found dead in a bathtub in March 2004. At the time, her death was ruled accidental, but since Stacey's disappearance, Savio's body was exhumed for forensic examination and officials determined her death to be a "homicide staged to look like an accident."

Stacey's family has continually asked Drew to submit to a lie detector test -- which he has repeatedly refused to do, until now.

Peterson denies any involvement in Stacey's disappearance, insisting she left him for another man.

A FOX spokesperson had no comment.


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B. Moore    

Where is the waterboard when we need it?

2456 days ago


Ric Mims, you are as sickening as Steve Carcerano! I would not believe a word that comes out of your self-serving mouth! You just make up anything you think will get you on TV. Drew Peterson is a MURDERER. Steve Carcerano and YOU are Liars. Only difference is that Steve Carcerano is lying to cover for Drew Peterson, and YOU are lying for money and your 15 minutes!! I cannot stand to look at your smirky face!!!

2456 days ago

James ledford    

I Believe Peterson has a friend who has a warehouse. He put the container in that warehouse and it is most likely on the bottom of many containers. He was to steady while they were dragging the water. Find that warehouse and you find the body.

2456 days ago


Don't know if he is innocent or guilty that is for a jury to decide somewhere down the line. However, I am curious about the exhumed third wife.....Considering she was probably embalmed prior to burial and her body passed through several hands, how good is this evidence?....I am having an issue with the homicide-staging part being proven without a reasonable doubt....How can they disapprove contamination from third parties etc.....know what I mean?

2456 days ago


Because, RazzleADazzle, they should be able to determine if the head injury was before or after death. They are also looking at the pictures taken of the crime scene at the time of the death. She had suspicious bruising when she died and there are pictures of that as well. In addition, people on the scene said she had blood in her hair and the tub was dry except for blood. This is suspicious if she drowned, the blood should have been mixed with water, the tub should have had some water in it.

Either something suspicious is up or Drew Peterson is the unluckiest man alive.

2452 days ago


Nice one thanks the for the good info

2451 days ago


Everyone..............Drew Peterson is a very clever man. Therefore, I think that when he had his relative carry the blue barrel out of the house and put it into the truck for the neighbour to see.........isn't that just a little too blatently obvious for him??? Only a real idiot would have had someone help carry Stacy out in a barrel from their bedroom.....I think that was a setup sham. I think that he had already disposed of her body.........look under the swimming pool in the backyard............dig down a little.....


2444 days ago


Thanks for the news

2393 days ago


I know how cops are as well. They protect each other and don't give a dam* about corruption as long as they dont get caught. None of this CRAP surprises me. It is ashame a young woman was caught up in this and paid for it with her life.

2438 days ago


Hook his fat a** up to it and send about 1,000 volts through his body unti lhe confesses!!!!!

2459 days ago


Oh please - he is a cop and a darn good killer. You think he hasn't "learned" how to fake this test? That's why the evidence is so hard to gather - he KNOWS what he is doing!

2459 days ago


It'd be interesting for sure. I'd really like to know what's going on in Chicago with the female body they found Friday near a blue barrel about 20 miles from his house. Remember, two truck drivers said that Drew asked him to transport a blue barrel for him and it was rumored that her body was in it. Now, the Chicago police are saying there was no blue barrel, just a female body with reddish-blonde hair - yet the news footage definately shows a blue barrel - is it another cover up?

2459 days ago


That Moment of Truth show has got to be b.s. Why would he refuse a legit polygraph, but agree to do it on the show? Give me a break!

2459 days ago


Ok.. if Stacy ran off with someone else do you not think she would have come forward by now? I mean... if you knew everyone was out looking for you or your BODY you would come forward and say YOOHOO I am here. I think he is guilty.. how many wives does he get to kill before he gets caught?

2459 days ago


I am a true believer in Karma and I pray that this a$%hole will get what’s coming to him!

2459 days ago
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