Thar He Blows! Von Ahole Explodes at the Ivy!

1/30/2008 8:35 PM PST
TMZ caught that nutty Teutonic ninny, "Prince" Fritz von Anhalt, at his favorite watering hole again this afternoon, doing what he does best -- being a twitburger. Our photog asked him what he thought of Francesca Hilton's letter. First, he denied receiving it -- then he addressed her with, "If you don't want me to do what I'm doing -- kiss my ass!"

Ahole, 65ish, is the 9th husband of Zsa Zsa (who will be 91 next week), and is known for his curious appearances in West Hollywood, for claiming to be Anna Nicole's baby daddy, for being found naked in his Rolls, for his outrageous tirades against Paris Hilton, and for tormenting Zsa Zsa's only daughter, comedian Francesca Hilton.