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Brit Could Be Involuntary Commitment Candidate

1/31/2008 10:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources at UCLA Medical Center tell TMZ Britney Spears has been classified as "G.D." -- Gravely Disabled. That is a huge and dangerous deal. That means the patient is unable to take care of basic needs, such as the acquisition of food, clothing or shelter. Being G.D. is one of the criteria for involuntary commitment.

Several health care professionals tell us Britney has fallen into a "manic state" due to her bipolar disorder. We're also told she arrived at the hospital this morning at around 2:15 AM, but wasn't admitted until 4:15 AM because she was causing such a scene in the hospital.

We first reported that Britney accused her mother of sleeping with her boyfriend. Now we have more. We're told Britney screamed, "The only reason she's admitting me is because she wants to be alone with her boyfriend! She wants to sleep with my boyfriend!!" Britney never said exactly who she was talking about.

When Brit calmed down, she talked about her kids, how much she misses them and how it's unfair that she doesn't have them.


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She sure is fat for somebody that can't feed themselves.

2426 days ago


Who exactly is offering this information cuz last time I checked if you're a patient at any hospital let alone a mental hospital nobody can know anything about you unless you want them too. Its soo sad let her get better. Its not fun when the person is sick and going crazy for real.

2426 days ago

Susan B    

This is worth repeating:

It appears that HIPPA laws have been violated. The public should not have access to Britney's medical records.

The children should be returned to Britney..........I hope that nut of a judge will get it right the next time. No wonder Britney is having such a bad time. She is a good mother and the babies should be returned to Britney. That's all!

2426 days ago

The Research Bug    

To all the morons saying HIPPA laws, IT'S HIPAA. HIPAA, HIPAA, HIPAA!

2426 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

Great post research bug #174, but remember those symptoms mirror many other forms of mental illness too.

I've always thought Brit had an adjustment disorder, since her bizarre behavior manifested itself after her and kfed split. And, now with losing custody of the boys she's right back in a low again.

Adjustment disorder occurs when a person develops emotional or behavioral symptoms in response to a stressful event or situation. The stressors may include natural disasters, such as an earthquake or tornado; events or crises, such as a car accident or the diagnosis of a major illness; or interpersonal problems, such as a divorce, death of a loved one, loss of a job or a problem with substance abuse. Adjustment disorder usually begins within three months of the event or situation and ends within six months after the stressor stops or is eliminated.

Put in the stress factor of the press...and it isn't too hard to imgaine how and why Brit is in the state she's in today!

What ever her true diagnosis I wish her well. And, hope she also wakes up and realizes she needs to flea the prying eye of the paparazzi in LA if she wants any chance at normalcy!

2426 days ago



2426 days ago


My goodness, FIBiker lay off your booze or take your meds. You are not usually this rude. Whats with the anger?

2426 days ago


Hopefully Britney can be freed and commit suicide. She has become tiresome.

2426 days ago


It's "Gravely Disabled", not Greatly Disabled, dumbasses!!!

2426 days ago


It is a sad situation. She is mentally ill and needs medical attention. She needs strong and loving family members to stand up and get her the help she needs. If she is truly bipolar - then she can get the right meds and get her life in order which then can help her build a relationship with her children.

2426 days ago

April Fouels    


2426 days ago


SHE SURE IS SKINNY FOR SOMEONE WHO EATS AS MUCH JUNK FOOD AS SHE DOES............oh wait,laxatives,in that case she sure is fat for someone who takes ten laxatives a day:)

2426 days ago


The children should be returned to Britney..........I hope that nut of a judge will get it right the next time. No wonder Britney is having such a bad time. She is a good mother and the babies should be returned to Britney. That's all!

Posted at 10:09PM on Jan 31st 2008 by Prada

Hmmm, please provide examples of her "good" mothering? Details please. Was it when she refused to go into a courtroom to fight for them? Sorry, not even God himself could stop me from walking through an ocean of every sordid human being, to fight for my kids. Was it when she goes out to the store and manages to "fight" for her Starbucks coffe and donuts? Was it the time she manges to "fight" to get laxatives at a convenience store? Was it the time she manages to "fight" to buy a new car? Ohhh, wait a minute, she forgot to "fight" for her kids! Sounds like she does have the ability to fight for the things she "wants" but obviously not enough fight to fight for her kids!

2426 days ago


Like everybody I used to this she was a idiot. Having a kid myself I couldn't understand why and how you can go so far South when you have a kid who looks up to you.
I have changed my mind. I now feel really bad for her. I hope that people who surround her will stop trying to take the spotlight onto them and will help her and support her.
People and magazines should give her peace and privacy until she gets better, they are driving her crazy (ier), they would drive anybody crazy. This is not human to treat anyone like that and a limit to paparazzis rights should be drawn here.

2426 days ago


she really needs to be left alone, you'd be crazy too if photographers were following your every single move. i'd be totally paranoid. she is a human being all things considered.

2426 days ago
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