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Heigl on Chambers: Say What?!

1/31/2008 8:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ broke the news to you today that "Grey's Anatomy" star Justin Chambers had checked himself in to the psych ward at UCLA Medical Center this week. Then we broke the news to Katherine Heigl.

Katherine was shopping on Robertson Blvd. with her mom when our photog asked her if she knew how Justin was. Check out her reaction.


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appauled by the stalkarazzi    

16. Hey appauled by the stalkarazzi, i think its hilarious that you have a problem with the paparazzi when you are currently on a site that publishes photo and video taken by them

Hey SaoirseM grow up and learn the facts about profiting from the gossip mills in the USA This site makes pennies in comparsion the the rags in print. When a person goes to the new stand and buys the BS is when the mammoth profits kick in for the gossip machines. Dam straight I come in here and post my anger at the paparazzi and rumor mills, and the trend is growing. If you don't like what is being said in retaliation, then do not read the posts...easy concept.

2455 days ago


So what....Katherine Heigle smokes....last time I checked she lives in a free country and can do what she pleases. It's her life and her choice and it's not like she's doing anything the majority of celebs do. And just a side note for all you TMZ watchers, she said, and I quote, "I am quiting smoking, HOPEFULLY for the New Year." That is not a New Year's resolution....more like a thought....give her a break!

2455 days ago


She's so fake. I don't know why TmZ even bothers to take her pics. Nobody cares about her. She's nasty!

2455 days ago

Jessica SImpson    

poop smells like tuna and vicodin!

2455 days ago

Dr. K...POOR fresh out of med school medical examiner!    

I agree 7:52. I love Katherine Heigl as well. She is friendly to everyone, paps and public alike. She seems to be a real person who is very aware of how lucky she is to be where she is. Do I like smoking? LOL Absolutely NOT...see way too many BLACK lungs in my field of work, BUT it is her choice. Everybody has some bad habit, and if Katherine's is smoking, so be it! She's beautiful and sweet. Unless you have to sleep with her or kiss her, what difference does it make? Her awesome new hubby obviously has no problems with her. She's happy. He's happy. That's enough for me. PEACE

2455 days ago

Dr. K...POOR fresh out of med school medical examiner!    


7:43, how generous of you to offer yourself to Katherine... LOL You WISH you had to worry about having the problem of having to sleep with beautiful Katherine....smoke or otherwise!!!! PEACE

2455 days ago


I don't watch her show, but if her acting is as bad on Grey's as it is in this clip, I'm surprised she's even on a TV show !!!

2455 days ago


She's starting to get the telltale smoker's wrinkles around her lips. Soon, she'll look twenty years older than her actual age. Such a waste, just for the pleasure of puffing on a little white burning stick I still can't believe these things are legal.

2455 days ago

Bob. My name is the same forwards and backwards    

I would walk a mile to eat the corn out of her poop. However, I wouldn't kiss her though. She's a smoker and that's just gross.

Have a great day!

2455 days ago


Forward and backwards, this talk is gross!

2455 days ago


ok, so...i really love those sunglasses. i want them.

2455 days ago


Grow a brain KATHERINE! Why stand facing a window where paparazzi were recording her every move and facial expression while on the phone to verify if what she just heard was true? Saying she just spoke to him last week and then practically giving it away by her reaction to what was being said to her on the phone, was plain stupid.

2455 days ago


What the hell do you EXPECT her reaction to be? She wouldn't be happy about it, for Christ's sake.

2455 days ago


You people really need to get a life. "Oh, I wouldn't sleep with her" or "Oh, I wouldn't kiss her" - she's a smoker - that's nasty - meanwhile she's probably entirely out of the league of anyone saying such things and most of you probably have body odor, cellulite, dandruff and smell like McDonald's french fries. Why are all of you so worried about how well she ages? She's not spending her life with you. And she's way more attractive than most girls in Hollywood. She doesn't even need very much makeup. She has a natural beauty. She looks hot with makeup but it's not even necessary.

She's obviously a very real person. She's never a diva with the paparazzi, even in situations like this when it was obvious that she was just hit with this news about a friend/co-worker that she cares about and needed some time to gather her senses and check on him.

But... instead of saying what a sweet girl it's a bunch of comments about her being icky and damning her to hell because she smokes. You know, like that's the worst vice out there when so many of young Hollywood are abusing prescriptions, have eating disorders, drink too much, snort coke, do heroin, etc. The poor girl steps outside for a smoke and is met with a hundred flash bulbs going off like crazy - like it's news, like they are catching her shooting up or something - with a bunch of dweebs asking her when she's going to give it up, she said she'd give it up for New Year's, blah blah blah.

What would todays media have done with Betty Davis or Audrey Hepburn? Oh, call Walter Cronkite, Betty Davis is smoking a cigarette - EWWWW!

2455 days ago

Steven Segall PIMP # 1    

WOW! This town has a short memory. I recall a story about Katherine ,16-17 at the time ( falling under the spell of Steven Segall....HASBEEN or is it never was?. If memory serves, her Mother tried to get her away from him. He told her to lose weight or she would be fired.
She became anorexic because of him.

Her judgment is clearly clouded. Katherine Heigl.... around 5 years from now? Probably not.

Surprised that she's here now. Pretty but very bland.


2455 days ago
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