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Brandy's Ma to Kim K

You Screwed My Girl, Too

2/4/2008 9:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brandy's mom is suing everyone Kardashian, claiming they raped her financially.

According to a lawsuit filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Sonja Norwood, the mom of Brandy and Ray J, claims in 2004, when Kim K was a stylist, she was given permission to use Sonja's American Express card to make "one (and only one)" purchase on behalf of Sonja.

According to the suit, Kim allegedly gave the card to other members of her family -- Khloe, Kourtney and Robert Jr. The suit claims in 2006, the Ks racked up $62,793.83 in unauthorized charges. And, in 2007, they blew another $57,841.82. The total: $120,635.65!

And get this for audacity: the suit claims the Kardashians charged thousands of dollars in their own stores, Dash and Smooch.

It's unclear why Sonja didn't just cancel the card.

UPDATE: TMZ got the following statement from the Kardashians: "The charges against the Kardashians are meritless. Both Kim and Khloe were employed by the Norwoods and never used their credit cards without their express authorization. The Kardashian family looks forward to proving the absurdity of these claims in a court of law."

UPDATE: TMZ obtained this statement from Sonja Norwood: "I did not want to commence litigation against the Kardashian family without conducting an exhaustive investigation into the charges, and discussing all options, including criminal prosecution, with my family. After Ray J and Brandy urged me not to file criminal charges because of their prior friendship, I decided to afford the Kardashians an opportunity to resolve this matter without a lawsuit.

When the fraudulent charges were brought to their attention, they apologized profusely, and advised us, through their attorneys, that they would pay the debt in full. However, they have since reneged on that promise. The investigation has revealed that the Kardashians used their two stores and other stores that I have never visited to take advantage of me. I very much look forward to having the Kardashians account for their misconduct in a court of law. I also welcome the examination of any so called evidence to determine whether it was fraudulently obtained or whether it constitutes a forgery."


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LMAO @ Amy Amy.

But I'll be following this story VERY interesting

2414 days ago


Kim I know you are reading this. The world hates you.

2414 days ago


BRANDY WE LOVE YOU We need a new album.

2414 days ago


Kim no one cares for you unless you are having sex on tape. You have no talent and why you are on tv i'm confused. Your dad helped a murder go free. Nicole Brown Simpson is problally haunting your existance. You mom looks plastic and your sister looks like China Doll and tell Bruse LAY OFF THE BOTOX....YOU TOO.


2414 days ago


Lol @ the kardashians. You should all be ashamed of yourself. You are nothing but media hungry sluts that need money bad.
why are you a stylist for Brandy if you so rich, paris hilton was never a stylist. If you are so rich why don;t you hire people to run your payroll maybe?

why did you settle out of court for the sex you needed the money so you let the tape be jenna jamiison she might have some tips for your non moving self.. step yo head game up too, in the video you looked lifeless. I hope your little sisters end up just like you...and ur mom....she should have swallowed you but since she did not at least she got a job out of it cause i know she needs the money cause who manages thier grown child...someone who needs the money...thieves,.

2414 days ago


Sonja I loved how you never let Brandy turn into Britney or Kim. I love how you stood back from the spotlight unlike some other moms, once Brandy was an adult. I love how we don't see you trying to do nude photo spreads and be full of cuts from plastic surgeons and botox in the face. I love how Brandy has a talent and a purpose. I love how you were Brandy's manager all her life and not when she got to be a grown adult just so you could cash the checks like some moms do they daughters. I'm thankful your husband is still the minister he always was and acts that way. I love how you made sure Brandy would never have to resort to some of the games these wanna be's resort too. I am so thankful Brandy makes music for my ears. Her voice is much more than just a sound it is a way of life a culture. Brandy has a voice of an angel and when I die I want to hear it. Brandy means so much to her fans and she is our afrodiasic we are addicted to her. We support her no matter what. Brandy 08 is your year. I wanna hear you in the club, radios, tv and all inbetween. Brandy fansNEEDbrandy.

2414 days ago


What a coincidence. I just found out last night that Benny Hinn, the Evangelist, is Armenian. He was really a good-looking kid.

2414 days ago

Dirk Diggler    

Reggie Bush you a gonna be one broke ass ex-football player after Kim cheats on you THEN takes all yo money's homey !

You marryin a ho...yo!

2414 days ago


im not suprized i watch that show for like 5 min and kim is trash yeah shes got money but money cant buy you class shes a hoe and her mama not any better so you go girl brandy get her trailer trash @ss in court

2414 days ago


why would anyone hire that hooker to be their stylist?
For God's sakes look how those whores dress! Skin tight dresses that come in all colors that they recycle amongst themselves.
Thosse bitches needed money to maintain their plastic surgery funds.
Fake asses noses boobs hair lips botox restylane COST MONEY

Their whole family is nasty hairy smelly fake unclassy will do anything for money!
This story does not surprise me.

2414 days ago

Hey KK, what are you doing with your sisters and step sisters? If you spent the money, why not just pay it up. Why would you want to go to court? Do you think if you go to court and argue that you had authorization for the whole of your family to loot the Norwoods that you would fool the judge and he/she will let you go without paying? Do the right thing baby and pay up. You say you are a Princess but in this situation you are not acting like one.

2414 days ago


Someone worte here on your comments about the Kardashians that Evangelist Benny Hinn is supposedly also Armedian. According to Wikipedia, Benny was born in Jaffa, Israel. I know he was raised in Israel, because he frequently mentions it. However, I believe his parents are possibly Syrian. If it's not posed on Wikipedia, you can contact his ministry to find out for sure.

I wonderwhy TMZ hasn't written or put anything on your TV show about the fact Benny's Wife, Suzanne Harthern Hinn, filed for a Divorce several months ago?

1579 days ago

Nina Rhodes    

Whether she took the card back or not, it's still illegal and they're still a bunch of devious washed up has beens.

894 days ago
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