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Brady's Ex -- Payback's a Bitch!

2/4/2008 1:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bridget Moynahan had her game face on at a pre-Super Bowl Party in Santa Monica, but we're guessing the smile got a lot bigger about four hours later!

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2456 days ago


Way to go GIANTS !!!! you were awesome. Congrats. ThePats deserverved toloose they thought they had it in the bag. the Giants showed them what true heart and determination can do.

2456 days ago


i am jumping for joy that tom brady is an unhappy guy this morning along with his giraffe of a girlfriend.... i hope bridget got some satisfaction knowing that he isn't a happy boy today....

2456 days ago


missy should talk ...brady and bridget were together for 3 years+
she had plenty of time to hook him BUT she didn't....

2456 days ago


Oh Tamara. you really set women back a century or two with comments like that!! How do you know the relationship was already OVER when they had sex ;last? She didn't announce it til she was 3 months along. And if they had an agreement during the relationship that she would take the pill, then why should he worry?? For God's Sake! I am a woman and I am amazed at the "poor Bridget" attitudes here!!

2456 days ago


#6 Karma who the hell do you think you are? Can you prove he is not supporting his kid? You don't know so stfu!!!

2456 days ago


How can a man be "tricked" if he uses protection?

2456 days ago


I wanted the Patriots to lose all along since the way that P.O.S. Tom Brady treated this woman. She was knocked up and probably MISERABLE - and he was whoring it up with that transsexual looking, big nosed, FUGLY giselle.

KARMA is a beooootch, Tom Brady. As soon as they lost, I thought- "Wow, payback is a BEOTCH!" and I thought of her!

Bridget is much better without that douchebag.. and I find it hilarious that Bridget didn't even give the baby Toms last name-- the babys last name is Moynahan

Brigettes a strong, beautiful woman. Tom really lost out when he picked that tranny, fug over the ever-so-gorgeous Bridgette Moynahan!!!

2456 days ago


LOL, Tom choked last night but yeah, I have a feeling this had something to do with divine retribution. He was still seeing Bridget when she got knocked up- considering she got pregnant from him. DUH! So, it's as much his fault, as it is hers.

Why do men always expect the women to take care of the birth control? Use a condom and control your destiny, losers. Stop blaming it on the girl. Birth control pills suck and so does Depo Provera--- Men should be using condoms anyway- ever hear of STDs, especially incurable ones like HERPES and AIDS?

it takes two to tango and it's as mch Toms fault, as it is Bridgettes- so stop the racist BS.

You don't want to knock a chick up- USE A CONDOM. Dont expect her to bare all the burden and take pills everyday.

2456 days ago


Shes an ugly b*tch.

2456 days ago


oops. I meant SEXIST, not racist.


2456 days ago


Hello Dani #21 - since you are someone who obviously knows nothing about family law, let me give you a brief lesson in reality - when a wealthy individual decides that he/she can have sexual intercourse without using contraceptives and then conceives an illegitimate child, attorneys are needed to create a trust for this child. When you are dealing with the kind of money that Brady makes, it is impossible to imagine that Brady and Bridget could just hash it out on their own. Not to mention the fact that Brady and Bridget barely speak to one another.

As far as it being "easier" not to go the legal route, Brady and Bridget are obviously not the same kind of people that your "friend" is. And no, I am not attacking your friend. She obviously needs a lot of prayer.

The bottom line is that Bridget should not be called a "gold-digger" until it actually is proven she is one.

And it will be real interesting to see Brady visiting his son. Actions speak louder than words.

2456 days ago


Im happy for Bridgett!! Giselle should have backed off but oh well, Payback is a bitch and so is Giselle

2456 days ago


Anyone ever think that Giselle might really be a man? I mean she certainly looks like one. I'd like to see some verification, like a birth certificate before I know for sure that she is truly a female.

Maybe Tom Brady is gay and couldn't keep the lie going any longer with Bridget.

That's why he decided to date that transsexual "supermodel", Giselle? Come on now, kids. Does anyone really think Giselle is female?

I think Tom might be "experimenting" with an alternative lifestyle. Which is fine, there isn't anything wrong with that. Too bad he couldn't have waited until his pregnant ex-girlfriend at least had their baby before he had to go around galloping around town with that amazon, man-faced, ugly skank,

2456 days ago


Good Lord.... I was in a 3 year relationship myself and I asked my boyfriend to stop using condoms. I hated them! And I had no problem taking the pill. So, if I break off the relationship and my partner goes on to date someone else and then I find out I'm pregnant, I expect him to run back to me?? I don't think so!! How do any of you know that HE dumped HER anyway? I've hear d since before they broke up that she is a bitch! And alot of people say that she knew the break up was coming...they had been having problems.... and she thought she could keep him around this way. Tom is supporting his son. Leave him alone.

2456 days ago
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