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Restraining Order

Claims Sam Drugged Brit

2/5/2008 5:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a copy of the restraining order issued last Friday in the Britney Spears saga. We've reported on the order but we just got a hard copy. The documents allege Lutfi drugged Britney.

Read the docs
The order requires Lutfi to stay 250 yards away from Britney, UCLA Medical Center, her parents' homes, siblings' homes, childrens' homes and Britney's homes.

According to the document, "He has cut Britney's home phone line and removed her cell phone chargers. He yells at her. He claims to control everything."

According to a declaration filed by Lynne Spears, on January 28, Lynne and Jamie arrived for an intervention -- "Sam had told Britney that she was an unfit mother, a piece of trash and a whore, that she cares more about Adnan, her current boyfriend, than she cares about her kids, and that she does not deserve the kids."

The documents claim Sam said, "Adnan is gay ... Britney came into the room looking for Adnan ... Britney then asked me, 'Is Adnan gay?"

At one point, Britney "picked up a bottle of pills and read part of the label and asked us, 'What does insomnia mean?' Sam told her that the pills will help her stay awake." Lynne continues, "Sam told Jackie and me that he grinds up Britney's pills, which were on the counter and included Risperdal (an anti-psychotic drug for schizophrenia and bipolarity) and Seroquel." The docs continue, "He told us that the doctor who is treating her now is trying to get her into a sleep-induced coma so that they could then give her drugs to heal her brain."

According to the docs, Sam then encouraged Brit "to do tequila shots." The document then claims Sam said, "let's all do toasts with wine." Brit refused to drink.

Lynne claims before leaving for the drug store that night, Sam gave her drugs upstairs "to make her more light-hearted, happy, and fun."

During a dispute later that night, Sam allegedly said, "If you try to get rid of me, she'll be dead and I'll piss on her grave."

The docs claim Brit "changed her three dogs' clothes many times" in an agitated state."

Brit said, "Can I see another psychiatrist so I can see my babies?" Sam responded, "If I told you to take 10 pills a day, you should do what I tell you to see your babies."

At one point, Brit allegedly said, "I want my Daddy up here. I want to talk to my Daddy."

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April Fouels    

POST IT...............POST IT...................POST IT.................POST IT...................POST IT................POST IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2422 days ago


Wouldn't surprise me a bit

2422 days ago

Case Should Be Solved In No Time    

Did I call it or what? Geez, I should open up a psychic hotline.

2422 days ago

Oh boy    

HANG HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2422 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

.............The PLOT thickens...............
I do believe, always have, that Lutfi wasn't as he appeared! Slime will find it's own level.....Then may he drown in it!

2422 days ago

Shawn Covington    

He needs an ass kicking!

2422 days ago


I wouldn't be surprised if this was the truth. It wouldn't be the first time a manager was a Svengali over a younger female celebrity. Such things have happened for more than 100 years, and unfortunately will continue to happen as long as there are people who are exploitative and those who are exploitable. I just hope Britney finally gets the help she obviously needs. Bravo to James Spears for being there for his daughter.

2422 days ago

just a thought    

Why is it these people keep getting away with the crazyness for so long, she's lucky they haven't found her dead somewhere, get rid of the idiots that are in her life..

2422 days ago


She sure knows how to pick good friends.

2422 days ago


adnan was right about this creep sam.

2422 days ago


When you have no street smarts you are an open target for predators like this to get in your life.

2422 days ago


Britney you crazy b! need to check out on life.

2422 days ago


he is an arab gipsy....and this would be the ultimate score for him and his family...or more palm readings....this is the big game hunt...and she is the prey....she is to unsophisticated and uneducated to see the play....these people have been grifting...scamming...stealing...around the world for a thousand years...sam lufti is the king of the gipsys....and brittney is no match for his cunning....he is ruthless....and a pro.....

2422 days ago


Breaking news TMZ? I hope I can type through my laughter. Brit drugged herself. I mean come on! Who the f**k cares anyways? We all tune in for a daily Brit laugh. That would be all.

That girl's so far beyond gone ... there ain't no coming back. Well, unless she totally gets a ride from one of her paparazzi friends.

2422 days ago

Oh boy    

I believe if you cut someones home phone line that is a federal offense. He could go to jail for that one.

2422 days ago
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