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Heath Ledger Remembered

2/9/2008 9:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Over 300 family members and friends attended a 2-hour tribute to celebrate the life of Heath Ledger today in Australia. Heath's 2-year-old daughter made an appearance in a video montage, which included a song written by Ben Harper just for Matilda, called "Happily Ever After in Your Eyes."

Close family members later traveled to a small chapel where an emotional Michelle Williams paid tribute to the father of her child and read Shakespeare's Sonnet 18, "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?" The family then joined fellow mourners at a restaurant on the beach. According to People, the actor's remains were cremated later in the day.

Ashlee Simpson Hearts Romo

Ashlee Simpson Jessica Simpson may need to keep an eye on her little sis. Ashlee says Tony Romo, Jessica's latest boytoy, is "really cool" and that she "loves him."

The face-changing poptart gushed that the Dallas Cowboys QB makes her big sister "absolutely happy" (Via Us). The Love doesn't stop with Ashlee; boyfriend Pete Wentz has a man crush on the Cowboy, calling him a "cool dude."

Way to man up.

Boston Squashes the Little People

Earlier this week, oompa loompas from Beacher's Madhouse performed in Boston at an event for Playboy's new energy drink. Everyone was having a good time until police crashed the party and threatened to arrest Beacher because he was breaking a law that prohibits the promotion of albinos and little people, according to the General Laws of Massachusetts.

Police left with a warning, but the little people are outraged, and Beacher says he will "orchestrate the largest little person protest and performance" with 1,000+ little people set to hit the streets of Boston next month.

Party Favors: Is Hayden an Obama Girl? ... Hillary Clinton not Pimpin' ... David Beckham has a 25-Foot Package

Hayden Panettiere really loves whales and expects Hillary and Barack to work hard for her vote, according to Us. She already got a call from Obama about what he would do to save the whales and is waiting on Hills. ... Senator Clinton, meanwhile, is not laughing after learning that an MSNBC anchor asked a panel if the former First Daughter was being "pimped out" by her presidential campaign. The host has since apologized and been suspended (via NY Post) ... Soccer dude, David Beckham, proves his assets sell. Since filling up the Armani briefs for a new ad campaign, sales have risen 150% in one London department store (via Showbizspy).


No Avatar


I understand how Pete Wentz feels. I have a man crush on Romo to.

2445 days ago


-the hayden story is a joke right? hillary better not call her,,,or im going with mc cain...

2445 days ago


i hope people now leave this family alone and that Heath can rest in peace,

2445 days ago

Lenn K.    

Of course the Clinton are pimping out their daughter, they think they shouldnt even have to be elected, the should be given to them because we own it to her.

2445 days ago



2445 days ago


Tony Romo will get tired of Jessica after awhile and then dump her. She had better prepare herself!

2445 days ago


every prospective candidates have their offspring on the campaingn trail,,.why not the clintons,,,the anchor douche should be severely chasten for being bias...

2445 days ago


Lenn K., your a boob, just saying.

2445 days ago


"'Pimping out' your kid" is part of popular culture slang. When you put your child to work for you because she looks good working for you, you're pimping them out. re:Dina Lohan, Joe Simpson, Lynne Spears, Larry Burkhead's use of Dannilynn. Hillary DID 'pimp out' Chelsea. While not the best idea to use on a cable news channel, he is correct in context. Suspension to please the Clintons, but surely not a fireable offense.

2445 days ago


6. every prospective candidates have their offspring on the campaingn trail,,.why not the clintons,,,the anchor douche should be severely chasten for being bias...

Posted at 9:28AM on Feb 9th 2008 by RoughDaddy

True. BUT, not every candidate campaigning has their daughter making phone calls and speaking. Photo-ops and meet-and-greets certainly, but not actual campaign work. Putting Chelsea out there, and WORKING HER out there are two very different things. BTW, it should be "chastened" and "biased".

2445 days ago


no its not part of popular culture,,,it is accepted,,,nothing is taboo anymore,10 years ago there would be an uproar over using such phrase,,,were talking about a prominent respected senator's daughter,,,not some wannabe actress/lipsyncer but in actuality wants to be a pole dancer....

2445 days ago


I haven't seen Chelsea Clinton once during the whole don't see why anyone would criticize her parents of "pimping her out." Of course she's going to be supporting them! People are just pissed about the words they used right? People are focusing on all the wrong stuff....

Obama actually called Hayden? Wow. I wonder how many people are going to vote for him just because their favorite celebs are endorsing him as well as the same for other candidates, as if that makes them qualified to determine who would make the best President (as if having the last name Kennedy does, either)...who were we pointing the finger at? Chelsea being pimped out? Gotta be kiddin' me! Step back everybody!

2445 days ago


wrong,,,maybe they are getting chealsea familiar with being a public servant....

2445 days ago


The chelsea story. Give me a break! The clintons are pimps! Hillary needs to realize that she is not the it candidate and to use your child to labor for you is just as bad, if not worse than pimping your child in the red light district of thailand. Then you cry because some reporter had the balls to see it for what it was and now you do not want to debate obama because msnbc is the sponsor. Go republicans!

2445 days ago


I still don't understand how it could surprise anyone that a candidate's closest of kin is actually working hard to endorse them, or the idea that this is a bad thing. Obama's MTV image and friendliness is getting him much farther than a few phone calls are going to get Clinton. Focus on more important things, like who the candidates actually ARE and might become! Look behind the headlines America! Don't vote for someone just because your favorite celebretard is!

2445 days ago
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