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Yoko to Rocker -- Ono You Can't Use Your Name!

2/11/2008 3:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A hard-working heavy-metal-rocker is in danger of losing her musical identity -- all because Yoko Ono wants to bring a silver hammer down on her for using the name Lennon.
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Lennon Murphy, a singer-songwriter whose band is called Lennon, has been sued by Yoko for "tarnishment" of her widow's name and for "fraudulently" registering the name as a trademark.

Ono, claims in court papers that Murphy is (intentionally) exploiting the name and confusing people by using it -- and wants her trademark canceled.

Murphy shoots back on her MySpace page that Yoko and her lawyer were asked back in 2000 about using the name for her debut CD on Arista Records, and they didn't object. Lennon (the band) has since been dropped by Arista, but continues to record. "If Yoko prevails," writes Lennon Murphy, "Lennon might never be able to tour or release records using the name Lennon."

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Yoko John was much loved by people the world over, isn't that more important to you than a name, Lennon Murphy's mother and father were and are obviously Beatles/John Lennon fans. What a wonderful way to honor John. You yourself show John a GREAT Dishonor by trying to sue this young lady and depriving her of her right to use her name in making and promoting her own music. John 's music has brought many people joy and happiness, I truly believe that john would want Lennon's music to be heard and enjoyied by everyone, just his was and still is to this day.

2413 days ago


she is such a punk she needs to just back up from that poor girl and let her music career expand, yoko needs to get laid!!!!!!!!!!

2413 days ago


I agree with Number 12 above. I saw this girls CD back in 2000, and I personally thought the little bitch had a lotta nerve to just call herself "Lennon". She CERTAINLY knew the confusion it would create. However, I DO think that Yoko should have trademarked John's name AND the name "Lennon". Also, John Lennon was usually knows as just "Lennon", and the Beatles songs are published as "Lennon & McCartney". The Lennon Sisters were the Lennon SISTERS, no way to confuse that! I think Yoko's in the right here. Also, a chick named her baby "Chanel" and LOST her case to the corporation "Chanel" years ago. I think this stupid Lennon Murphy ho needs to find another name and make it her OWN. Too bad sucka.

2413 days ago

W T F ?    

Get over yourself, bitch. You don't OWN the name. STFU

2413 days ago

W T F ?    

Me love you long time! Sucky Sucky!

2413 days ago


Lennon is her first name given at birth from her later mother. Lennon should have the same rights as any other artist to publish records using their own name.

2413 days ago


Someone put this cow out of her misery! She needs to just go away. If it wasn't this person's actual name, okay MAYbe I could understand, BUT THIS IS THE WOMAN'S NAME! Stupid bitch.

2413 days ago

Charlie Don't Surf    

THIS WON'T HOLD WATER!! YOKO'S LAWYERS DON'T HAVE A LEG TO STAND ON SINCE THEY (OR YOKO) PREVIOUSLY APPROVED OF THE USE OF "LENNON:" PRESUMABLY WITHOUT RESERVATION. But, you can't help but think this is a publicity move on LENNON's part, though. They don't have a label currently, Arista dropped them, and only now they're getting tagged by Yoko? Something's fishy.

2413 days ago

He's Boring now    

she was at the lame ass Grammys last night. God did that show suck and so did the segment they did for the Beatles, Day in the Life. Too Long, to circus like, too mimed, too everything.

why would we honor Yoko there, I didnt see any other beatles ex wives there. george had 2, ringo had 1 past 1 current,, john had 1, paul had 1, oh wait, she wouldnt show up till court is over.

Yoko has a daughter. how come she's treated by the media like chelsea clinton? where is that daughter, since yoko wont listen to reason, maybe the Paps should go find her daughter and bug her to changer her moms ways.

2413 days ago


Yoko and Heather should be dumped on a deserted island together. Where's Maxwell's Silver Hammer when you need it?

2413 days ago


only comment I have is that Yoko is not John Lennon's EX-wife. They were still married when he was murdered in NYC.

2413 days ago

Yoko's Hairy Bush    

Can you really confuse her for John Lennon??

2413 days ago


Correction: John Lennon was NOT Yoko's ex-husband, they were still married at the time of his murder. He is her LATE HUSBAND. She is his WIDOW!

2413 days ago


who in the hell is this bitch......lennon is a common name....this is bull...she does not even own the name one owns a name......yoko is one bitch that will go straight to hell, along with heather mills..the one legged gimp prostitute

2413 days ago


I want to open up an ugly greedy talentless bitchpickle store and call it Yoko's. There won't be any confusion, will there?

2413 days ago
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