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Cops to Booty: S**t, We'll Taze You Again!

2/14/2008 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Josh Booty was so out of control at O.C. Jail, a taser didn't even cramp his style!
Josh Booty
As we first reported, Booty, a FOX sportscaster and brother of USC quarterback John David Booty, was popped for DUI yesterday in the O.C. He was taken to jail, patted down and searched, and then told to pick up his clothes, but Booty wasn't having any of it, telling deputies, "Give me a minute bro ... f**k."

Deputies then forced Booty's hands behind his back and that's when Booty attempted to pull his arms back around and took an aggressive stance -- and the fight was on!

Sources tell us, because of Booty's size, strength and level of intoxication, deputies were unable to control him. They tazed him to no avail -- he wasn't even fazed. So, what to do? Taze him again! That's when Booty fell and cracked his head open. O.C. cops really know how to shake their Booty.

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Brad H    

That's what happens when a gaggle of f***in dorks who have been dorks forever and will always be "abstaining losers" get an opprotunity to take out their frustrations on someone who isn't a dork.I'm sure the truth about what happened will surface soon enough.Until then I guess those "half-shell wanna-be jocko-Homos" will still beat up "non dorks" and prey on unstable women who think these idiots are tough.

2387 days ago

Brad H    

another thing...The "hero cops" stated they couldn't control him due to his level of intoxication? From what I understand he was barely over the limit.I've partied with the guy and he's far from confrontational.

2387 days ago


Josh Booty is a nice kid. This story can't be right.

2387 days ago


Josh Booty is a very kind and well mannered young man.

If he was drinking and driving give him a 502 and be done with it, but

Where does it give permission for any arresting officer (s) to lose control, that is what happen, they lost control, so they decided to beat up a defenseless person?

His injuries were so that he had to go to the hospital?

He did not deserve to be "beaten up by these dirty cops", That is what they are "dirty", and they know it! Just how long

have they been getting away with this kind of treatment to the local citizens? They know.

These cops, need a beaten so they know what it feels like, then they should be thrown off the force, and without pay, for seriously injuring a person that "they claim was drunk".

They could have killed him!

Josh is a victim, of "POLICE BRUTALITY"" and he is lucky to be alive.

2387 days ago

Dane Barnhart    

What is all this talk about "He's a nice guy" and "He would not do anything like that"? No one posting these comments were there so they cannot say or know what happened. As hard as it is to believe........ yes, sometime famous people break the law and then they have to pay the price. So everyone posting these comments about how he is innocent..... wake up!!

2385 days ago


Josh, although arrogant at times, is a decent man who has come from an exceptional family. He made a huge mistake by driving under the influence. However, it is highly unlikely that he deserved to be tasered, especially in a correctional facility. Based on the reported story, it is apparant that he didn't obey orders fast enough and the police resorted to bullying. Naturally, the excuse of his size and strength from being a well known athlete was easy for them to hide behind.

2383 days ago
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