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Lutfi Drug Probe -- Full Steam Ahead

2/20/2008 9:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the LAPD investigation into Sam Lutfi allegedly drugging Britney Spears is well underway.

We're told the case has now been assigned to Robbery Homicide, primarily because of the sensitive nature of the allegations and the intense media interest in Britney Spears. Sources say investigators have interviewed several witnesses regarding the drugs in Brit's system at the time she was most recently committed.

We're told the investigation had been temporarily derailed because of the death of an LAPD SWAT officer, but it's now back on track.

One source says the investigation will probably be concluded in late March.


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Unless he forced them down her throat how would he be at fault for HER drug addiction problems? Sounds like typical drug addict who hooks up w/ an enabler then blames (or has her parents blame) them for their drug addiction!

2437 days ago


he drugged her to make her look unfit and kevin could get custody. I believe Lufti is on Kaplans payroll!

2437 days ago


She seemed like a meth head.

2437 days ago

She Never Learns    

This guy is bad news. Britney has a bulls-eye on her back with a $ sign. All roads lead to Brits money and this lowlife will do whatever he can get away with to steal her money.

Lock him up.

2437 days ago


he addmitted to putting the meds in her food without her knowledge. He hung himself

2437 days ago

tuna marie    

when is lynn spears going to blame sam for making her skanky daughter show her vag?

2437 days ago

Debbie/grandmother to my ears. Hope they put his ass in jail. The man is a blood sucking leech. What kind of species takes advantage of another human being at their lowest low, who verbally abuses another person, who drugs another person, who controls another person. That's not caring. That is someone without heart or soul. No matter what Mr. Lutfi your bad karma will get you in the end. What goes around comes around and it will.

2437 days ago


Osama Lutfi - lock him down before he escapes the USA. Lock him down as an illegal immigrant.

Let this be a lesson to dem fems everywhere - beware the radical neoliberal lifestyle & the trash it attracts!

2437 days ago


That guy is such a loser- he was living in her house- a jobless bum mooch. Thnak god her dads taking care of her now

2437 days ago


The Lufti on Kaplan payroll thing is an idiotic thing that people just insist on throwing around

2437 days ago


I"m glad to see things are finally being done to prevent Britney's downward spiral. This might be just the change she need's to put her life back together...

2437 days ago



2437 days ago


If he is innocent, then he has nothing to fear from this investigation.
If he is guilty..... NAIL HIS AZZ

2437 days ago


i JUST DONT GET IT, why the blame goes to sam, britney is drugged long before sam comes, it takes two to tango, why the racist judgment, IF SHE DIDNT WANT TO TAKE DRUGS SHE WOULDVE REFUSED, u make her sound like she is the innocent angel... since when britney takes drugs. since she was a teen. so why blame sam for all her problems...SERIOUSLY. BRITNEY IS A DRUG ADDICTED LONG BEFORE SAM

2437 days ago


SURE HE DRUGGED HER BUT HE CAME INTO HER LIFE IN OCTOBER OF 2007. That dosent expalin her bahaviour from Nov 2006 to October 2007 and abonding jayden at 2 months wo party pantiless with paris in Dec 2006 and go to rehab in march 2007 and then work on a hob tour instead of getting back her custody in april of 2007. Hob, ok shoot meltdown and vma was more important to brit well before sam lufti came around. He called her a white trash whoves her pap boyfriend more than her kids and hes right.

2437 days ago
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