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One Adult, One Adopted Child, Please

2/20/2008 2:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Fresh from a weekend in the snow, Angelina Jolie and son Maddox spent some time at the movies yesterday. Their flick of choice? "The Spiderwick Chronicles."

Mommy's "naked CGI movie" is long gone from theaters.


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I don't even like SKANK ANGELINA but that was a POOR CHOICE of HEADLINE TMZ!!!! Shame on YOu!!!!!

2435 days ago


This is truly awful. Another new low. I will no longer go to your website. No more "hits" from me. You're disgraceful.

2435 days ago


TMZ COME ON! 1228 stories about Britney. No wonder she's going nuts.She needs to sue these media outlets for harrassment. WHERE ARE ALLTHE PICTURES OF HARRY LEVINS PERSONAL LIFE?? NOW THATS WHAT WE WANTTO SEE!

2435 days ago


Terrible Headline, It should be changed!

2435 days ago


I totally agree with comments #1 & 2. That headline sucks, and if you were trying to be funny, it didn't work.

2435 days ago


Parents should not play favorites and Jolie clearly favors Maddox. She annoys me. Her ego is as big as her IMAX movie theater forehead.

2435 days ago


Now it's OFFICIAL. United Nations reps Jolie/Pitt have definitely sold their biological child. They so play w/the public by exploiting their adopted children... for what? To show they should not have childrren of their own, I assume... no novelty there. Their biological daughter's name escapes me as she's never mentioned. Unfortunately, I do know the names of the U.N. kids due to their exploitation.

2435 days ago


I have both and this is a disgrace. Until you experience it for yourself TMZ you really need to keep your mouth shut. Why do you keep making a point of puttimg these kids in different categories? Biological children come from ourselves. Adopted children come from our hearts and are wanted just as much. Have you ever heard of an adoptive child being an accident? How many of us can say our parents having us was unplanned? Adoption is never unplanned and always wanted. Show some respect for the wonderful children that are wanted so much.

2435 days ago

Adoptive Mother    

I am deeply offended. Max is her child. How he came to be her child is of no consequence to this story. Simply posting mother and child went to see a movie would have been suffice.

What do you achieve, aside from perpetuating an uneducated, prejudicial, and ignorant understanding about adoption, by creating such a title?

When you post about someone's child, there is absolutely no need to say how that child came to the family.... birth or otherwise.

2435 days ago

Just die Joe!!    

"Cutest kid" - now there's an understatement! This mental skank pays more attention to the others than Shiloh. Let's see some real mommy time with Shiloh, unless that's too much to ask!

2435 days ago


#12, If they only knew. There is no difference to me. Yes I will admit I see myself im my bio child. I also see things about me in my adoptive child. My behavior, sense of humor, my laugh. If people hasn't walked in our shoes who are they to judge or label. It is as discrimitive as if someone points out color, race, or gender.

2435 days ago

can't fool me    

Adoption is NOT a permanent state or condition. Maddox is her son. "Adopted" is a word that refers to a legal matter when he was a baby. This is a photo of a mother and son. To term it anything else shows gross ignorance.

2435 days ago


As an adopted child-- your headline stinks! I am just as much my mothers child as if she had given birth to me.!! Shame on you!

2435 days ago


You guys are jerks. Adopted children should not be stigmatized because they were adopted! If a child has loving parents, it makes no difference if they are biological or adoptive parents.

2435 days ago


Angie is our idol.

2435 days ago
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