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One Adult, One Adopted Child, Please

2/20/2008 2:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Fresh from a weekend in the snow, Angelina Jolie and son Maddox spent some time at the movies yesterday. Their flick of choice? "The Spiderwick Chronicles."

Mommy's "naked CGI movie" is long gone from theaters.


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HORRIBLE HEADLINE! I am not even sure how to take that. Why is it always "adopted" child? Why is that even necessary to bring up?!? TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.

2435 days ago


Okay, "Adoptee" I guess you dont take your family or yourself serious enough. This is a HORRIBLE headline and I am really offended.

2435 days ago

TMZ fan    

I am amazed in the difference there is in respect for Angelina and Britney. Britney created a frenzy for her life and Angelina is a mom first and demands respect. You can even see Angelina putting the seat belt on Maddox. Good Job Angelina!!!!!!

2435 days ago


Disgusting headline. Not funny.

2435 days ago


you people are fooled by tmz.

Shiloh was there with the family in the snow. there are pics in People's website! ha....

2435 days ago


you people take everything so serious. cutest kid? wtf he is fugly. and at one point he had a mohawk made him look stupid. but oh well the poor kid has no chance . is his mom teaching him to cut himself and to sleep with his so called siblings? kid would have been better off where it was.

2435 days ago


TMZ...WTF How can you say that about adopted kids!!! Another low for you...I will say out of all the kids Mattox is my favorite he's sooo cute. I like all kids but he seems to be such a sweetie.

2435 days ago


Nice shot TMZ. Is it just me or this site getting meaner every week? Labelling an innocent child this way is outrageous even for you guys. You called Jacqueline Bisset a librarian earlier this week because she was wearing reading glasses to graciously sign autographs for people, that was rude, but going after a little kid? Or maybe that headline was written by one of the ignorant people who think it's terrible to give a needy overseas child a home. I can't stand Angelina but Maddox has done nothing to deserve such nastiness.
Is he still sporting that dreadful mohawk? I fear this adorable child is being raised to have no self-respect and to think rebellion is cool.

2435 days ago


meme, no we will not "lighten up" and there's no reason we should. What are you, made of freaking cast iron? Maybe you should go work for TMZ, you have the right kind of mentality, nasty and heartless.

2435 days ago


Poster # 107: you are comparing apples and oranges. Angelina
puts herself first. Adopting these beautiful children was just
another role she assumed. just like her temporary interest in needy
people overseas. Having Shiloh was simply a way of trapping Brad and
manipulating public opinion as is this new pregnancy. You watch how
many photo ops she will grab now, there is nothing about her that
deserves respect, she is selfish, attention-seekinig and phony. Brad
is an idiot and you are naive. As for Britney, she is mentally ill,
far more so than Angelina and it is the paparazzi who are creating
the media frenzy, not Britney who can't even leave her home without
being swarmed. No one has the right to assume she likes it.

2435 days ago


Cutest Kid Ever!!!!!! NOT!!!!!!!! Those asian kids are not that damn cute people............I have seen way cuter asian kids than that........The only child of Branglina that is even remotely cute is poor neglected, unloved Shiloh!

2435 days ago


#79, Meanie Winnie. Maddox is adorable. I'd like to see photographs of any progeny of yours that hatched from the eggs you lay. Oh wait, that's snakes who lay eggs.........
#81, Tracy. Again, I'd like to see photographs of any children you might have. In every photograph of that family, they are going about the daily activities of their lives, what you call "parading." You rarely see the nannies caring for the children.
By the way, "Jolie" is spelled with an "e" at the end of it. With the name all over this article, I can see how you would misspell it. Right.

2435 days ago


I don't like the headline either, but I have another question--WHAT IS WITH THE SKIRTS? Before meeting Brad she always seemed to be wearing pants. Now every time you see Jolie she is in a skirt, and usually hanging on to him or hanging behind him, like a scared child. It's like she's gone from being this blood-wearing, tattoo-getting, leather-jacketed tough ass to Little Miss Muffet. People are allowed to change, but she has done a complete 360! It just seems phony and contrived to me.

2430 days ago


Thanks for the great info

2426 days ago
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