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Holy Moly -- Look At That Baby Bump!!

2/24/2008 3:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's no denying it. Brangelina are trying to make the world more attractive, one child at a time!

While the two are still mum on pregnancy rumors -- Angie's belly did the talking for the both of them yesterday at the Film Independent's Spirit Awards. For the record, Brad's rep had no comment. Suuuure.


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It is so sweet how protective Brad is with Angie. They are such a great couple and help real people out there, instead of being totally self consumed. I can't wait to see the newest addition to the Jolie-Pitt family. These kids are so lucky to have such caring parents.

2349 days ago

no name    

wow her belly poppoed up quick.

2370 days ago

Mr. Hat    

Oh my God! I'm first!
I can't believe it. My life is now complete and I can die happy.

2370 days ago

no name    

popped I mean.

2370 days ago


Congrats to the happy couple on their impending arrival! Everyone can throw their two cents in but it's nobody's business but Brad and Angie's as to the size of the family they want. Don't worry - they will get lots of attention and food.

2370 days ago


I guess now they're going to stop stealing children from third world countries?

2370 days ago


So silly to make such a big deal out of the pregnancy. So what.., she's preg., the same as a lot of other people in this world. It's hardly a first! It's hardly a first!!

2370 days ago

Not ! a BrAngelina LOON !    

but.... but .... WHY NOW?! HMMMMMMM??? Is it for publicity? OF COURSE!!!! It always is!

So how will she hate on this biological child?!

P.S Note to brangeloonies STFU & Go back to J.J if you do not like honest opinions !

2370 days ago


Lot's of respect for them, how do they take care of so many kids and still have time to do the stuff they do? Best of luck to Angie and Brad.

2370 days ago


They needed to do something since they are award flops. Not as great as they thought they were.

2370 days ago


When someone does this with animals they are called HOARDERS or COLLECTORS

There is something seriously wrong with these two.

Angelina is bonafide crazy. However I believe that makes Brad MORE crazy as he goes along with her.

Definitely the two people with the biggest EGOS on the planet.

These folks need to be medicated, I would even reccomend Ledgers or Anna Nicoles Doctors. The do need that much medication.

Sick sick sick

Poor kids

2370 days ago

same same same    

get married already....

she likes to one up... anyone! !

no high opinion of her or brad... used to be a fan of both.. but no longer

2370 days ago

oops, you fell.    

UGH!!! Them again.

I wonder how these two cheaters became America's fav's.

2370 days ago


Up next: Brad and Angelina adopt the entire country of Kenya! Film at 11!

2370 days ago

mona lisannt    

AGAIN. ... TO YOU BONEHEADS OUT THERE... the friggin picture is fake! I was there... she did NOT LOOK PREGGERS!!!! Gesh TMZ... your crap crapping out crap and crappy boneheads that read and eat this crappy crap. i need mouthwash.....

2370 days ago
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