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Holy Moly -- Look At That Baby Bump!!

2/24/2008 3:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's no denying it. Brangelina are trying to make the world more attractive, one child at a time!

While the two are still mum on pregnancy rumors -- Angie's belly did the talking for the both of them yesterday at the Film Independent's Spirit Awards. For the record, Brad's rep had no comment. Suuuure.


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I'm trying to figure out how much attention, when mom and dad are always working and I'm not talking 9-5 on the otherside of town, and when that's not going on mom is clear on the other side of the world trying to save it, less the children. I would never think of pawning my daughter off. I changed her diapers, I've done the sleepless nights of flus, colds, I have run behind with the tissues to blow the boogie noses and wouldn't want anyone else doing it. I am in the classroom, do the PTA meetings, the bookfair, etc and even manage to get to the soccer games and Tball, cook dinner, clean the house, do laundry and don't forget the play dates and birthday parties, and I work. That is only one 7 year old. I don't see these 2 doing that. Call me crazy but that's what parenting is.

2377 days ago

whatever tha fu*!/rockergirl    

More Bradgelina babies !? she better take care of em all ! of course they're gonna b good-lookin, but will they b taught well hopefully they won't b a bunch of spoiled brats !! I guess she realized she adopted too many so now she's gonna have her own .

2377 days ago


#38 and you even have time to blog on TMZ wow!!

2377 days ago


I am happy for all these pregnant stars, but why do they all have to play the game of denying being pregnant when they really are......then suddenly showing their "baby bumps" yet not even saying a word about the pregnancy?? This whole "trend" is getting really old.

2377 days ago


i meant #39, god i did it again i need to go to bed.

2377 days ago


#42 I am assuming you mean me #39. As a matter of fact yes, I do and that's because I am outside in lovely 84 degree weather unlike the rest of you, while my daughter is playing right in front of me with her friends. I am not in Iraq finding homes for displaced people saying bye honey I will see you in 3 weeks if I don't get blown up in the process. I'll be back and then in between New Orleans and Hollywood and oh NY maybe we'll spend sometime before, I'm back to Africa and then we can spend a weekend skiing before I'm off again and in the meantime, you'll be staying with supernanny.

2377 days ago

mona lisannt    

yo - Q - ya need to learn how to read.... like my post said... I WAS THERE... it's all fake. The pic... the video. FAKE FAKE FAKE... not real....

i still have something for you Q!

2377 days ago


26. So sorry most of you have nothing to do on a Sunday morning, and so full of hate. Why? Anyone who wants a kid, and will give it love and attention, plus educational options sould be congraduated. That something you must have never gotten from your parents. I have monitoring this page for my thesis, and thank you all. Such hate, for people you don't personally know, and that you believe all you read. Thanks,

Posted at 12:46PM on Feb 24th 2008 by Disappointed
LOL Your thesis? "Congraduated?" "That something? " "I have monitoring? " If this is what you do with one paragraph, I'd love to see the thesis.

Thesis? More like the journal the teacher is making you keep for 7th grade English class, not to mention that parents usually raise children, not a herd of cattle for show, like these two losers are doing.

2377 days ago


Ali, you don't need to go to bed. You were right the first time. The numbers of the comments change all the time here; I think based on when someone posts and then confirms by email or whatever. It's a goofy process. And today comments keep getting posted repeatedly. Oh well, it is what it is.

2377 days ago


beachdiva you sound like a rockin chick love it!!!

2377 days ago


Big would think the last thing these two undertalented, outclassed (by everybody), desperate media-whores need is another "blob" that they just "don't feel the love for" because he/she will be "born into privilege" instead of roughing it for a few years like the adopted ones.
At least little Shiloh will have some company locked up with her at home while the adopted ones are schlepped around to toy stores and amusement parks...

2376 days ago


Disappointed!!! What a fab idea for a thesis. It would make fascinating reading. Why low brow, stupid people, full of hate for people they never met, feel compelled to say ugly things sans spell checker. They sit in their anonymous dark (literal) homes and have access to a computer. WOW. See, no one looks at them or listens to them in real life, but oh the power on line. They use this power of the printed word and think they are powerful. See? I have considered a paper, too!

2376 days ago


Oh boy-another child Angelina will feel is born into a good, just like Shiloh, the child will be ignored and called a lump with no personality(obviously Angelina adopts older kids and has never encountered newborns) and made to feel like an outcast. Gee-Angelina is such a good mother!!!!! Poor kid. Thank goodness Brad pays attention to the child.

2376 days ago


By the way beachdiva, you are right on. I don't know why we are supposed to be impressed by these two. Between the security guards and the nannies, these kids will no conception what it means to be alone when they get older. They are going to think this is normal behavior. I would love to see how Brangelina would look after one week truly alone raising their kids? I really do no begrudge that they have the money to have all these kids I just wish a little honesty would be shown by them once in a while. Publicly thank the nannies or something. That would be real.

2376 days ago


Thank You Robert! I'm not claiming to be supermom either, guess what ALL mothers non Hollywood do this! That's what makes us mom, Alli I assume your not a mom because this seems to be not familiar to you. Your day will come though and then you will see what parenting is.

2376 days ago
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