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PETA Rats Out Stone for Hideous Oscar Jewelry

2/25/2008 1:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Fur loving Sharon Stone could give a rat's ass about what she wears these days on the red carpet. Literally.
Sharon Stone
Stone showed up to the Elton John party last night wearing an actual rats paw as a broach. And of course, PETA has a few kind words for the animal killer. "Maybe Sharon, passed over by the Academy yet again, was jealous of Ratatouille's Oscar win and thought a rodent paw might go with her haggard look. Her accessories these days are as dead as her career." Meow!


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I don't give a rat's azz what is is - rat, grouse, Scottish, Victorian, antique, maybe even valuable? It's disgusting, and so is she.

2432 days ago


It's the fingers from the Giant Man eating lizard monster that almost ate and killed her X-Husband.
no one messes with Sharon!

2432 days ago


That is a rabbit paw, it is meant to bring good luck to the people who wears it but it is just DISGUSTING.
That is not classy Sharon!

2432 days ago

Just Wondering    

to poster My 2 cents:

LOL funny!

2432 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Looks like an old traditional Scottish or English pin to me. It was probably handed down to her, and it's certainly different.
It's a hoot, just like Sharon. She's never afraid to push the envelope, because she's seen a few years. Lol at the pin.

2432 days ago


It's not a rodent's foot. Rodents have four claws on the front and five on the back. That thing only has three claws. Rodent's claws look very different. I don't know what that thing is but it's revolting. She wears fur or animal print clothing like 99% of the time. Fur is inhumane and disgusting to wear.

2432 days ago


Wow, that outfit she is wearing looks like crap. In terms of the rat, sounds like a publicity stunt to me.

2432 days ago


"I don't like PETA, but the brooch is disgusting and rather creepy! Humans share a large percentage of their genes with other creatures (60% even with a banana), so I would think it was wrong to kill animals with the ability to feel pain and fear as a human might, especially if it isn't a necessary product like food."

don't bananas have feelings, too?

aw shucks. ill never eat one again then.

last time i checked, bananas didn't build the empire state building - monkeys didn't devise the rosetta stone - and rats never found cures for depression. but hey, you never know. maybe someday they will ;)

i think humanity FOR OTHER HUMAN BEINGS is what our world is lacking. now look at the mass genocide in some regions of Africa and b*tch about a paw on a lapel. PETA, DO SOMETHING USEFUL. IF YOU WANT TO BE A REAL TOUGH GUY, JOIN THE PEACE CORP OR BECOME A DOCTOR IN DARFUR.

2432 days ago


Tha is sooo gross. What a freak!!! I saw her lst night and thought it must be a joke. She's just gross!!!!

2432 days ago


#30 is correct. Stone explained when she was being interviewed that it is a traditional piece of Scots jewelry, which has traditionally been worn for good luck. Guess you'll have to chastise people of Scotland for their traditions now.

Let's look at some of the bigger issues, PETA--like people wearing animal hides and fur. Or how about dresses with feathers? Do we think they "pluck" the feathers from live birds, and the birds continue on their merry way?

2432 days ago

To Each Their Own    

There's a difference between animals raised for food, versus killing any type of living being specifically just for jewelry, clothing, shoes and accessories. Do you eat rodents, or, better yet, do you make jewelry out of discarded parts? How "charming". And for those people appointed to speak for the rest of those who chose to eat meat, check-out your own set of teeth; there are four canine teeth in a Human's mouth, we aren't considered Carnivorous. Not all Animals and Mamals are Carnivorous. And speaking of over-population, what are your thoughts about those who have extremely large families, and their children's children, etc, therefore adding to an already serious problem we have on this Planet (economically, polution, starvation, etc).

2432 days ago


I hear Sharon Stone also has a key chain with a lucky rabbits foot-PETA!!! Sharon Stone can have as many rat foot brooches she wants, and there ain't nothing you idiots at PETA can do about it!!

2432 days ago

Dr. Adams    


2432 days ago


that is gross. She is losing it.

2432 days ago


Unless it is a pooty shot of Sharon...I'm not interested!

2432 days ago
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