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PETA Rats Out Stone for Hideous Oscar Jewelry

2/25/2008 1:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Fur loving Sharon Stone could give a rat's ass about what she wears these days on the red carpet. Literally.
Sharon Stone
Stone showed up to the Elton John party last night wearing an actual rats paw as a broach. And of course, PETA has a few kind words for the animal killer. "Maybe Sharon, passed over by the Academy yet again, was jealous of Ratatouille's Oscar win and thought a rodent paw might go with her haggard look. Her accessories these days are as dead as her career." Meow!


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She is just nasty. And that has nothing to do with her wanting to wear an animals paw on her chest. I think she is trying on the voodoo... she'll put a spell on you. Oh wait, could that be why she looks like she is made of plastic?

2409 days ago


Um...rats don't have furry feet. Disturbing, regardless.

2409 days ago

Lucy Phoenix    

Jeez, what's next. A fan of cat's ears? A row of puppy dog tails? Why didn't she just cut off three of her own toes and make a necklace. I never liked the scrawny broad anyway.

2409 days ago


It's definitely a grouse foot pin. I have two (I'm Scottish.) They're dry and don't smell or rot. Really, they're no weirder than pearls or shell necklaces (oysters had to die for those too - but they're not cute so nobody cares). She's no worse than someone who eats a hamburger.

2409 days ago


Wow what a nasty old hag she is! She looks evil and ruthless! I bet she eats her pets too when her big ass is too lazy to go down to the KFC and eat beak and wing nuggets!

2409 days ago


These people should show better judgement and I applaud PETA--someone needs to stand up for all the animals that are abused and murdered needlessly. Keep up the good work and Sharon needs some help...

2409 days ago


She is a total nut job.

2409 days ago

Little Victory    

That's not a rat's foot folks. Some other poor animal decorating her collar, not a rat.

2409 days ago


I've lost even more respect for her now. Didn't think it was possible after "Basic instict II" That brain bleed appears to have affected her judgement

2409 days ago


I have one just like it that I got in Scotland. It is a hawks claw. Evidently not too many people have seen what a rats foot looks like. Maybe PETA needs to GET A GRIP!!!!

2409 days ago


Well, since the peta folks are all comfy and concerned at everyone elses activities, creating assualt with paint at every turn, and speaking like bad gay fashion police in each of their put downs of whoever, I say SCREW THEM.

As I am sure SS and probably every one else would tell them, I will tell them something my old dad used to say, which makes even more sense in todays world. "They don't feed me, They don't ***K me, and they don't pay my bills".

PETA is a joke. What have they prevented??? Nothing. What will they prevent?? Nothing. Oh and by the way PETA, Sharon Stone looks smokin hot, and I believe that is your first problem.

2409 days ago

player hater; game hater    

Ah yes, let us hear from the PETA crowd. Have to take the love for a cute bunny and twist it so everybody has to feel guilty for eating meat. God bless the good ole USA. The PETA crowd got started overseas though, didn't it? I tell ya, so many anoyying lefties AND righties. Soooooooooooooooomany.

2409 days ago


It looks lik the washed up actress will do anyng for attention..

2409 days ago


That's not a rat's paw. For one thing, it's far too large. And for another, a rat's paw is hairless, more like a human hand without a thumb. If anything, it's a rabbit foot.

2409 days ago


PETA sucks huh. Animals feel pain like you an I. Sharon Stone is a skanky women that is a has been.

2409 days ago
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