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"Dateline" Judged by Jury

2/26/2008 6:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A New York judge has refused to throw out a $100 million lawsuit brought by the family of a man who committed suicide after police, accompanied by a camera crew from "Dateline NBC: To Catch a Predator," showed up at his house to arrest him.

The lawsuit, brought by the sister of former Kaufman County, Tex. Districy Attorney Louis "Bill" Contradt Jr., alleges that NBC and police acted with deliberate indifference to Contradt and that cops had a duty to protect him. She says, "Apparently unable to face the humiliation of the public spectacle that faced him, Conradt took his own life."

Cops say Conradt solicited sex from a decoy online posing as a 13-year-old boy as part of a sting operation conducted jointly by "Dateline NBC" and the internet watch dog group Perverted Justice.

Amanda Leith, a lawyer for NBC Universal, had no comment on the ruling. The company previously called the lawsuit "completely without merit."

Bruce Baron, the lawyer for Patricia Contradt, tells TMZ, "This decision sends a strong message to law enforcement officials throughout our country, that you may not subcontract your uniform, badge, and the oath you take."


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I'm gonna sue Chris Hanson! Oops...

2431 days ago


more of these prervert should commit suscide!!!

2431 days ago


Hi, have a seat. What were planning on doing here tonight...............

2431 days ago

get it right    

Wow! I wondered what would happen if someone eventually killed themselves over this show.

2431 days ago


Okay.. It's sad the man took his own life, but he made the decison to do that. No one put a gun up to his head and told him to shoot it. I am a mother of a teenager and I wouldn't want my daughter or son molested by some perverted older man. This man was a District Attorney. He knew it was wrong to contact a minor for sex. The only people I feel sorry for is for the family of the man who shot himself. He was selfish and took his own life, not thinking of the turmoil he left behind. I think this lawsuit is bogus. I should have been thrown out.

2431 days ago


Boo hoo...a perverted, child-molesting piece of garbage took his life when he got caught...I can't help but feel bad for his family, but I rejoice in the knowledge that he will not live to abuse another little girl. GOOD RIDDANCE!

2431 days ago


Dateline should be congratulated if anything, if the result is one less sick bugger roaming the streets I say -- BRAVO, keep up the good work. That's what I call interactive television.

2431 days ago

April Fouels    

Jenny Jones set precident in the PUBLIC OUTING with her FORMER show........

2431 days ago


Sounds like a good reason to throw a GREAT BIG CELEBRATORY PARTY! "Another one bites the dust", yeah!

2431 days ago


1. it was a 13 year old BOY they were posing as. And I think its funny. For all we know this may have saved some little kid's life. I dont car ethat he killed himself. One less child molester in the world.

2431 days ago

GGW Fan    

I think the law suit will go in favor of the paintiff. They went to his house, with a camera crew to arrest him. IIt's another thing to have him come to you, like in the show, but the cops took the camera crew right to him. Either way the guy was in trouble, and is a pervert, but cops can't sell the rights to these videos to the highest bidder.

2431 days ago


The lawsuite is B.S. THE HOLE FAMILY IS A WASTE OF SPACE, FREE LOADERS AND TRASH!!!! She needs to take lessons from her brother!!!! I stand behind DATELINE 1000000000%

2431 days ago


Natures way of weeding out the stupid and perverted!!!!

2431 days ago


So what's the point here, we're suddenly suppose to feel bad for this pediphile that was there to mess around w/ a little boy? because he got caught and was embarrassed then decided to take his own life? Now his family wants to sew over this?????????? HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO what am I missing here? Did dateline give him the gun? Did the police give him the gun? no........... he was a grown man, making the wrong choices, sickening choices got caught and chickened out of facing his penalities................. Sympathy goes out to the family........... but come on!!!!!!!!!

2431 days ago

Lucy Phoenix    

"Apparently unable to face the humiliation of the public spectacle that faced him, Conradt took his own life"

A pervert and a coward. And they made him a District Attorney? He was worthless and deserved the humiliation.
Death was too quick for him. He should have gone to jail and been made someone's bitch!

2431 days ago
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