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Rescue Me, Miley Cyrus!

2/28/2008 2:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

New "Nashville Star" host Billy Ray and paycheck daughter Miley Cyrus have gone too far this time. The pair rescued a lost dog yesterday and cared for the pup 'til the pooch was safely returned to its home. Gag us with a dog bowl!

Who do they think they are, Brangelina?!? Hopefully they picked up this dog's poop!


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This story is ridiculous. Well, not so much the story but the way it is presented. Is it too hard to say "Billy Ray and daughter do a good deed"? Why would you try to tarnish a good story with utter crap? And to say Miley is his cash cow? The man is a country legend in his own right with his own money, not to mention you just said he has a new gig as the Nashville Star host. What makes you think he needs his child to support him? Not everyone is like Britney's parents. Seriously, you guys need to step up and start proof reading these stories written by bitter writers before you print them. TMZ just made themselves look like complete fools trying to make a nice story into something that should be scorned.

2431 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

looks like billy ray and milley decided not to pay for protection. y'all do know TMZ does that right - if you aren't nice and don't give them leads on stories they bash you.

2431 days ago


This is so typical!! Get your heads out of your own butts and find something thats really newsworthy. I cannot believe you would write this garbage about Miley and her dad who by the way is a Super Role Model for our youngsters!
I think someone at TMZ should take a closer look at what is being printed about the good role models out there. It's so sad there aren't more people like the Cyrus'...WAY TO GO MILEY, WE LOVE YOU

2431 days ago


Get a freakin' life TMZ. In the world we live in, there's so much bad going on. How refreshing to know there's still good people that care, especially a celebrity teen. Britney, Lindsey, etc. are pathetic examples of todays youth. I used to enjoy TMZ, but you're getting rediculous. Whoever wrote the comments should be fired.

2431 days ago


big bad wolf...thanks for the info. there is always someone who criticizes the parent for their child's success. look at Mandy moore who was interviewed the other day and asked about how she has kept out of the same troubles as her counterparts....young people do live good lives. She attributed her well balanced life to her family whom she is close to. If I had the money that Miley has I would want to help my family. I think those who complain and use the term "cash cow" when it comes to parents who support their children and their careers are only jealous.

2431 days ago


Yeah, how dare she do that! That definitely isn't something that any animal lover in the world would have done! Who does she think she is doing a good deed?!

TMZ, you are such douche bags.

2431 days ago


i like this site, cool things to read. but lately comments about the stars are a bit mean.... this is a good kid and a father who loves his daughter and making sure she grows up right. Does every thing have to be so mean?

2431 days ago


Why would you mock them, they did a wonderful thing. And yet you praise the idiot Britney to the heavens

2431 days ago


WOW TMZ that's just mean. Miley and her dad seem like good people and really don't deserve all the disdain!!! I think its kind of tacky to attack a little 14-15 year old girl for doing the right thing. SMH!

2431 days ago


What is up with Billy Ray's hair? It is absolutely awful. He would be a handsome guy if he would get a haircut.

2431 days ago


I can't believe that you racist douchebags would compare rescuing a dog to adopting children of color - real nice!

2431 days ago


Geez...what is up with TMZ... This is what nice normal people do...your writers have been crawling in the gutter way too long.

2431 days ago


"#12. Isn't Miley 21 now? She's ALWAYS with her DADDY. I know they're from the south and father/daughter relationships are common in states below the Mson-Dixon line. Just saying,"

She is 14

2431 days ago


Miley is NOT Billy Ray's paycheck. For God's sake, TMZ, you really stoop too low sometimes. Not only is his music career still going strong, the man freakin' WORKS on her show and concerts. I hope the puppy is okay. Kudos to #78: it does sound like Perv Perez is running this site. You know, Harvey, we like to read nice things about the decent stars. You'd get just as many hits, and you can see that most of the bloggers on this story are mad at the way you handled this loving story. You could have turned it around so easily, instead of trying to make a hateful thing out of something sweet.

2431 days ago


Hallelujah - something about some decent people for a change. THIS is the kind of stuff I want to read about, not some airhead, whacked out celebrities that have no business being called that.

2431 days ago
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