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Still Gettin' a

Piece of Brit

3/5/2008 2:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Adnan Ghalib is still making late-night house calls to Britney Spears -- despite rumors she dropped his ass for sending other ladies racy text messages.


Cameras caught him doing Brit's bidding at a gas station -- picking up an orange soda, Spears' favorite -- and telling paps all the stories about a breakup are "just rumors." He was then seen sliding right into Summit. Where he slid into from there is anybody's guess.


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Brit is a f*ck up    

& that's where she gets her stupid "british accent". Sounds like a 3rd grader speaking.

2388 days ago

Hot Mama!    

Go Adnan!! I love him and Britney being together too--They are so sexy together. I believe he is trying to help her get better. This also goes to show Osama Lufti was a NEGATIVE force in her life!

2388 days ago


How can he see the road with sunglasses in the night!!!

What a dumb

2388 days ago


Looks like an ELVIS IMPERSONATOR.........hey Britney...take your medicine. You won't show signs of improvement until this loser is gone!

2388 days ago


he has to wear the sunglasses or the camera lights will blind him. Put yourself in his shoes

2388 days ago


And do you know what means the "Smet" on his t-shirt?

Smet is the other name of Johnny Hallyday, a creepy french singer...

2388 days ago


She is stuck at home right now, and her dad is letting him come over. She may dump his a** later, she needs someone to chat and have sex with right now..

2388 days ago


He is so ugly and he just wants money and fame. I wonder if he has been out taking photos with his pap friends anymore, or does he think he is a celebrity now?

2388 days ago


does he get sniffed by dogs to make sure he's not a bomber?
he's going to blow up zitnney!

2388 days ago


Alisha is right! Let her be. Who are we to judge her> Anyway, she is doing much better. Britney is one talented young lady, not like loser Blohan, and if she wants it bad enough, she will be entertaining us agin with all of this behind her. In the meantime, he can't be too bad if her parents are allowing him to visit. I wish Britney the best!

2388 days ago

jo baby jo    

I think its pretty ignorant to address his race and insult his culture. Our great country was built on a variety of cultures and all kinds of people. We are better than that, then to be ignorant and judge people on backrounds and strereotypes. God bless everyone for we are all the same!

2388 days ago


Still visiting the Brit? His penis must still work.

2388 days ago

montana mike    

kayla, you're right, she will be entertaining us again, as soon as her dads power runs out. back to sam, and they'll be off down robertson blvd at 100 mph.

2388 days ago


Dump the loser, Britney! He only wants your money like your last loser!

2388 days ago


What amazes me the most is people saying Brit has genuine talent. At lip synching overdubbed songs and squatting and posturing in a sea of preposterous backup dancers who distact attention away from her cartoon act. Y'all are bigger hicks than she is if you think this kind of cheesey s**t is hot.

2388 days ago
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