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'Millionaire Matchmaker'

is the New Heidi Fleiss

3/5/2008 4:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bravo may want to check out muppet-faced yenta Patti Stanger's credentials, because last night's finale of "Millionaire Matchmaker" featured two successful men on dates with educated women of high pedigree and social standing -- like Playboy cybergirls and escorts!

Cidney (left) was made out to be a wholesome Jewish girl with a Masters in Journalism -- but they forgot to mention she models for Playboy and was something called Cybergirl of the Month. While Cidney accepted a marriage proposal from Vegas real estate mogul Paul Murad after just one date, turns out the couple have already split. Shocker!

On the show "Marcela" was said to be a travel agent, in actuality she looks a lot like "Victoria" (right) from the escort website But you don't have to be a millionaire to date Victoria -- she can be all yours for $300/hour!

TMZ contacted Bravo for comment, but have not heard back.


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The one on the right does have that 4am craigslist C umdumpster look to her

2402 days ago


Those pictures look nothing alike

2402 days ago


#17- They are two different chicks. They were the porno/escort chicks that were on the show last night. There's no way that Victoria is only 30 years old. On the show, she looked like she was at least 40.

2401 days ago


I watched the show for the first time yesterday (3/4/08) -- found the show boring and pathetic. Now, after reading this article, I see why .... high-priced hookers. Another reality show that is phoney.

2401 days ago


SLUTS!! I hope if any of those women marry any of those "millionaire men" the guys will wrangle up a serious ass PRENUP!

2401 days ago


There is nothing wrong with being a Playboy model. Big deal. Though it is funny that the show tries to make all the girls look like they're not models or just in it for the cash. Being an escort is a bigger deal and that's what needs to be looked into.

2401 days ago


For you, she can give it wholesale....

2401 days ago


They also had Tonya, the most skanky one of Paradise Hotel on Fox's new slutty show. That took away any and all claims that they are well educated professionals .. professional high paid sugar daddy hunters, that is.

2401 days ago


On one of the episodes there was a girl named Tanya that the guys could choose to go on a date with. I thought she looked familiar, and sure enough she is the slut from Paradise Hotel 2 that was so upset when she did not get a roommate to hook up with right away. Patti and her matchmaking skills are a joke.

2401 days ago


It doesn't surprise me...they are joining a group with the hopes of landing a milionaire. They are essentially hookers who don't walk the streets!

2401 days ago


The show is lame and so are the people on there. Patti needs to find someone to take her ass in. She looks a baboon in some zoo. Come to think of it a baboon looks better. BRAVO needs to pull the show and get something better on there. A&E pulled DOG BRAVO should pull this lame ass show. If I wanted to see hookers getting hitched i'd watch Bunny Ranch on HBO at least they are honest about their profession on that show. WOW i should write for TMZ that would cool.

2401 days ago


28. SLUTS!! I hope if any of those women marry any of those "millionaire men" the guys will wrangle up a serious ass PRENUP!

Posted at 3:38PM on Mar 5th 2008 by Kar
I am of firm belief that if the girls are bogus ,the "Millionaires" most likely are also .Reality tv is unrealistic thats why most people enjoy it ,it stretches truth .Like any good soap opera will do .JMO

2401 days ago

Another stupid story by TMZ's uneducated chimpanzees    

This is an embarrassment for Patti Stanger, to be sure, and I'm sure there will be a lawsuit over this. HOWEVER, this is not the real problem. The real problem is that so-called reality tv shows have employed a bunch of braindead chimpanzees to work on the shows, especially in the fact checking/background checking departments. Let's review:

1) American Idol has a history of bringing on people with shady pasts; gay strippers, people with restraining orders, ex-felons, drug dealers, and criminals.

2) The food network just fired Chef Robert Irvine because he boldfaced lied about his cooking experience; he claimed he cooked for Presidents & the Royal Family in England; turns out he did neither.

3) Now this, with Millionaire Matchmaker. Imagine being a millionaire, and being set up by this matchmaker with a woman who is a PROSTITUTE, who sells herself out for all sorts of nasty sex with anonymous strangers for $300/hour.

It just amazes me how little background checking these shows do, and how blatantly fictitious & dishonest they are. Everyone involved in these shows should hang their heads in shame...

2401 days ago


Tell it, TMZ! I made this observation a couple of weeks ago after I saw that Tanya Norman chick on there. The kicker? She was on there AGAIN last night! And Miss Carson? Dutton? Whatever-the-heck Cidney's last name is....methinks she's done a bit more than playboy. I'll give her that she's well educated, but not too many guys want to marry a gal who's all OVER the Internets. And BTW, that DOES look like Victoria.

Patty,'ve got Heidi beat! That other madam never had her own show!!!!

2401 days ago

There Wont Be a Second Season    

Do a little more homework. I cant see how they bring this show back for a second season. For those of you talking about Sabrina, oddly enough her date Lonnie (from DOLCE) was accused of rape back in December

2401 days ago
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