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Bridget Moynahan: Baby Got Back

3/6/2008 8:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hot mama Bridget Moynahan and her Tom Brady love child, John Edward Thomas, were snapped in Pacific Palisades on Wednesday.

They seem like the happiest fatherless little family.


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Don't feel sorry for her...she has a career, a beautiful baby & she will find the right guy....and to all the people talking about "how she should be holding her baby" I know without asking taht you don't have's always the one's with no kids who have all the useless advise...can it

2387 days ago

tom brady's a douchebag    

Tom Brady is an arrogant, cheating, piece of crap! Bridget is better off knowing how he really is up front. At least she won't expect anything from him in the future and she can move on with her life!

2387 days ago


fatherless family?? They were broken up. How do you know she wasnt trying to trap him?

2387 days ago


Meg-you're telling Tom to keep himself up to date with BC pills? Shouldn't you be advising Bridget on this? How the heck is he supposed to know if she decided to stop taking them and not tell him? And it seems so long as Tom can help it, you will not get to see any pics of him and child, as it should be. The paps stalk him in think he wants that for his kid?

2387 days ago


TMZ- Very rude & so tacky how you wrote fatherless then crossed it out. It would be one thing if she CHOSE to have this baby alone but she didnt. Tom BRady, cad that he is, ditched her for his current flavor of the month. Her and her baby had no choice of being "fatherless" and i think Tom is involved anyhow so the child isnt "fatherless" (really there is no such thing as fatherless child anyhow).

2387 days ago


Let's separate fact from fiction. Bridget knows what she's doing. She's not going to use a baby carrier that's going to hurt her son. We mother's get enough judgements so stop already. Fact- Bridget is raising the baby and Tom is spending his off-season with Gisele. Maybe he occassionally visits John. There haven't been any pics of it and given that he is stalked by the paparazzi and Bridget is photographed going for a walk, I don't think he has seen him more than the one time Gisele was photographed shopping in LA. Photos of Tom and John would be worth a lot of $$$ and I'm sure there's some paps working hard to get them---of course, Tom would actually have to visit John for this to happen. We don't know the details around the pregnancy so it's not fait to blame her. Maybe it was intentional and maybe she was surprised to. She's gorgeous and would have had an easier time gettingg a new guy as a single woman than a single mom. A lot of us really want marriage first and being a single mom is a painful choice. Bridget was working as ana ctress making 3 million a movie. She wasn't desperate for oney. She is working now--because she wants to. The people who see her as a golddigger forget these facts. Last fact--he hasn't emotionally supported her. While B and T have been quiet, G has spoken her mouth numerous times. She wants to be a stepmom, she believes in abortion, she thinks marriage has to come first.

2387 days ago


I agree 100%, Cathy. Gisele obviously never learned how to think before she speaks. I have no respect for Brady or Bundchen whatsoever. She needs to learn how to keep her mouth shut. No one asked for her opinions, and no one really cares about her opinions.

2387 days ago

old news    

ONce a baby has neck control, wearing him/her in a back carrier is PERFECTLY safe and much more cozy for a baby than a stroller.

HUGE props to Bridget for wearing her baby. She knows what is best and babywearing is just that. Keeping her little boy close to mommy is exactly what he needs.

Ignorance is bliss people. Before spouting off like you actually know what you are talking about, do a little research about babywearing.

2386 days ago

old news    

Amy, you're a complete idiot.

2386 days ago


Is anyone else having trouble posting on the Boston Herald site?

I think G is jealous of Bridget and expected that she would naturally be a stepmom and have be with John a lot. I think she has and will continue to pressure Tom to marry her and start a family with her. I can't imagine him in the suburbs and she said she wanted to raise her kids ona chicken farm, so----

I think she leads the PDAs because she is insecure. She was making out with Josh Harkness (or whatever his name is) a few days before she hooked-up with Brady. SHe needs/craves the attention. VS was perfect for her and of course she wanted it back. It's sad. She's like Tom Sr in that he craves publicity to praise his son. Why does he feel it's necessary to defend his salary and losing the Superbowl. Now Tom himself is doing more and more endorsements. Modelling in your underwear is not going to get you privacy. The only pics he truly doesn't allow is him and John and that's because he doesn't visit him. He's changed over the past year and he's sold out.

2386 days ago



I am having trouble positing comments on Boston Herald. website. I do agree with you that Gisele is jealous of Bridget because she had a baby by Tom Brady. It all about competition with Gisele. She think that marriage has to come first before the baby come along. I don't think she realize that marriage can end in divorce too if there any children involved. A lot of divorce mothers raised their children alone or has joint custody with the ex-husbands. Bridget probably did want to start a family with Tom but he wasn't ready to grow up yet. It explained why he haven't bothered to bond with his son lately. She is raising her son alone and doing a good job of being a good mother. Mr. Brady need to grow up and start acing like a real man to take the responsibility as a father.

2386 days ago


If Bridget really wanted John to have his father in his life, she wouldn't have made it so difficult by moving 3,000 miles away. Because of her anger and bitterness towards Tom, their son is going to lose out. Sad and pathetic, really. If she were that desperate for a child and that insistent that she be a single mom, she should have gone to a sperm bank. Remember, this is the woman who dropped like a hot potato her pre-Brady boyfriend of 3 years as soon as she was introduced to Tom. Payback's a bitch, honey. Go Gisele!

2386 days ago


I think it is funny how people hound Bridget because she moved to the West Coast! Tom's mom and dad live out there. If she wanted away from him, why would she move close to his family? I don't know where his sisters live (btw, two of his sisters also have illegitimate children! At least they appear to be pro-life!). It is very convenient for Tom to visit his son IF he wants to. Tom doesn't want to! We all get it!

On a side note, it is really sad how Gisele is so insecure. You would think that with her looks, money and success, she would have a little more confidence in herself and wouldn't have to have Tom PROVE his love whenever they are in public (they are not teenagers), Just as you can read Gisele's insecurity all over her face, you can also read Tom's anger at Bridget in his face.

Grow up Tom and Gisele! (And learn how to control your emotions - if you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.) My theory is the only reason these two are even still together is because everyone is so angry at them for what THEY did to Bridget and little John. This anger has caused them to become "victims" and they have bonded over it! It will eventually peeter out and Tom will come out of his coma and realize that he has a son!

Tom - it is never too late to redeem yourself!

2386 days ago


Do I think Gisele discourages Tom from seeing his son and makes him choose--yes. But Tom either needs to be man enough to stand-up for John and himself or man enough to end it with Gisele if she can't understand the importance of a relationship with his son. Tom's hiding behind the women. He's letting Bridget take the heat for the pregnancy amd he's letting Gisele be the reason he doesn't see his son. I doubt Bridget wants Gisele around John--since she so clearly has claimed her stepmother rights-- and I am guessing that Gisele's responded by making it harder for Tom to see John. She needs to grow-up and so does Tom. Bridget allowed Tom be be there for the birth, took him to NYC for the Giants game and seems to allow visitations whenever Tom wants. I don't blame her for not wanting Gisele around. I think it is different if Tom marries and there really is a stepmother. Gisele has a nasty history of dis-ing Bridget publically from the supermodel onesie, stepmother comments, and all the PDAs, etc.

2386 days ago


bridget looks sooo happy she is a good mother baby john is so blessed to have a mother that is there taking care of him i wonder does tom parents go and see baby john ?

2386 days ago
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