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Kat Von D -- Hey "Miami," You're Finished

3/6/2008 6:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Think Kat Von D is still bitter over her bitchtastic departure from "Miami Ink?" Just ask her -- we did.

We caught up with the skin-scribbler at JFK yesterday, and when we asked her about the whole racist-signature fracas that TMZ first reported on last month, she suggested that her ex-colleagues in Miami would get their comeuppance once they learned that their show was "canceled."

Oh, really? That'll be news to them: TMZ talked to TLC, and a rep says that the new season is slated to air in late spring/early summer, though they wouldn't confirm or deny if that'll be the end of the needle.


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Robert "Bob" White!    

If TLC cancels any tat should be LA Ink. Miami Ink rocks! Go Ami....kick that freaks (Kat) a**!
BTW....Kat you're a hose hound

2389 days ago

hot snot    

she has to be the most talentless hack/hag piece of trash that sit's with a tattoo machine in her hand.

2389 days ago


Did anyone else not have sound on that? Yes I had my speakers on and I listened to the whole stupid advertisment before hand so I know they were on.

I'm pretty much on the fence about her at this point

2389 days ago


She would still be nobody if Miami Ink hadn't let her be on their show! She should grow up a little bit and give them some respect!

2389 days ago


Come on Kat give the boys some love for at least giving you a hand up on their television show. Yes you are talented, but being full of yourself is very unbecoming.

2389 days ago


I don't plan to watch her show anymore...she seems like a spiteful person. I was Tivo-ing it, but I am going to cancel that now. Also I didn't like her attitude at all on Miami Ink. Now that she owns her own shop lets see how she would feel if one of her employees were to badmouth the shop while inking...i bet she'd fire them too-Ha!

2389 days ago


cant someone please tell me where i can find those sunglasses. whether you hate her or not. im just looking for the sunglasses. thanks.

2389 days ago


And now shes dating Nikki Sixx........ :)

2389 days ago


In the midst of all this hate spewing her way I'd like to say a few things from a personal experience standpoint regarding Kat. I have tattoo from Kat. I got it in November. I spent 6 hours with the girl. She was nothing but a sweetheart to me and my three friends I brought with me to her shop. The tattoo is not a portrait but is still incredible. Again, whatever you may think you know about her personality you simply can't argue with her talent. I asked her about the guys at Miami and it's clear things didn't end well. However, there is a lot about how Ami treated her that never made the show and if true, certainly warrant the way she feels about him. It's mainly Ami to be sure. I'll admit, she cussed him up one side and down the other but never, NEVER a hint of anti-semitism. The others at Miami liked Kat but they have to back their boy and stand behind him. I was there prior to the whole alleged racist comments she supposedly wrote but being an immigrant and of minority heritage herself one might think she would tend not to say racist things. I certainly did not get that vibe at all. All of the people act the same in person as on the show. Corey, Hannah, Pixie, Kim were all as nice as can be so all I can say is props to them and maybe you all should spend some time with her before you lash out when there is absolutely no way you could ever really know what she's about.

2389 days ago


What a stuck up bitch.
She is just trying to prove to everyone how trashy tattos are.
No wonder they have such a bad reputation with a skank like her walking around the way the dresses.
And no wonder my parents are embarresed at the fact that I want to be a tattoo artist when they see slutty Kat walken around on Tv.

1476 days ago
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