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Courtney Love to TMZ -- You're Bats**t!

3/10/2008 1:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Courtney Love admits she's "nuerotic" [sic] but in no way bipolar, as TMZ first reported.

Good luck deciphering it, but on her blog this morning Courtney writes: "God people are batshit. And im not the one who is. and i hear now i am "Bi Polar" uhhhh...thats more nuts than I will ever be. I may be Eccentric, i certainly speak my mind and am slow to put out a record i need to mean the world to ME, and im sur ei am quite Nuerotic but "Bi Polar" . Thats just slander.I shoot straight from the hip and spellcheck has NOTHING to do with REALITY."

A wacked out Widow Cobain was photographed going to the police station on Friday to report she's been the victim of a massive identity theft. Although sources tell TMZ Courtney is simply delusional. Ya think?!


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I agree 100% with Courtney. As someone who has bipolar disorder, I find it scary and offensive to be compared to her on any level.

2409 days ago

Roy Bercaw - Cambridge MA USA    

Regarding Courtney Love as if she has a mental illness, gives to her
all of the protections of city, state and US laws on disability based
discrimination. It is as illegal as racism, sexism, homophobia and
ethnic discrimination. If the police ignore her complaints because
they say she has a disability they are violating all of the laws that
prohibit such bias. That includes but is not limited to the Americans
with Disabilities Act, the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and many other
statutes. It does not matter legally if she actually has a disability.
What matters is that the police think she has one and deny her access
to police services and protection because of their perception. These
laws extend the equal protection of laws, Amendment 14 to persons who
are regarded as having a disability as well as those who have a
disability or have a history of having a disability. Psychiatrists
make up illnesses by consensus. Psychiatry is a business of personal
opinions masquerading as science. It is a means of social control
without due process protections. It is the easiest method of
discrediting a person for theft or to destroy a career or reputation.
I watch TMZ often. I write about discrimination toward persons with
disabilities in the media. But what is an outrage is that government
officials openly violate discrimination laws against persons with
disabilities and no one questions the unlawful abuses. If the TMZ
report is accurate this is an example of the police denying protection
to a person they perceive as having a disability.
The free use of hateful words about persons who are accused of mental
illness is shameful. But few journalists give equal status to hate
against persons with disabilities as they do for persons of color.
That indicates another form of discrimination by journalists.

2404 days ago


Go, Courtney

2392 days ago

Pepper Murray    

You were whacked....OH yeah That was the crack

Then you dressed like a slut.....OH yeah YOU WERE DRUNK

Your mind is always in a fog........You cant even write on your blog....

You think your an eccentric mess.......Id choose bi polar you has been.

Go now just give it up.....Everyone who looks at you wants to throw up.

You give CHICKS a bad name......get it over with...LIFE will remain the same..


2385 days ago


The definition of bipolar is extreme mood swings, manic highs in which the person doesn't make sense followed by fits of severe depression (drugs and then rehab to cope). The subject often has s grandiose vew of themselves and their so-called "talent." Sound like Courtney Love?

2364 days ago

Dick Weed    

1st bitches.

2416 days ago



2416 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

Go, Courtney!

2416 days ago


She is crazier than a s**t house rat.

2416 days ago

Bobo Brasil    

"neurotic" is not incorrect.

2416 days ago

Audra Klida    

She is crazy!

2416 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Screaming whackadoodle.

Hearing from her whackadoodle fans here's gonna be a hoot...

2416 days ago


Wow, she looks really messed up! Doesn't she have any family that could help her? What about friends? I love her, but obviously something is terribly wrong-you can always tell by her appearance. Take care, Ms. Love!!!

2416 days ago


Nice nails....ewwww!

2416 days ago



2416 days ago
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